Can You Install a Sauna in Your Home? All You Need To Know

Installing an indoor sauna is the rage these days. And it’s understandable too. As the design and technological advancement of home saunas continue to improve, it’s much simpler to install one in your home today than it was just a few years ago. More and more people in the UK are taking inspiration from the Scandinavian nations, especially Finland, which has more than two million saunas. And thanks to almost non-existent sauna regulations here, an indoor sauna has become an increasingly popular choice.

Would you like to have a sauna installed in your home? Then read on.

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  1. What Does a Sauna Do?
  2. How Many Different Types of Saunas Are There?
  3. What Are the Health Benefits of Saunas?
  4. How Many Calories Do Saunas Burn?
  5. How Many Saunas Per Week Is Healthy/Good for You?
  6. Can You Install a Sauna in Your Home?
  7. How Much Does an Indoor/Home Sauna Cost?
  8. Shop Indoor Saunas

What Does a Sauna Do?

A sauna is a small interior space. This space is fitted with an uninterrupted water supply and heated to create a hot, steamy environment for people to relax and relieve muscle pain. The technology is simple. A sauna works by using the dry heat generated by a heater in a small enclosed space. More people are realising the health benefits that frequent sauna use delivers. And they look to the old-fashioned, Finnish-style sauna as the best place to achieve this.

The advantage of this traditional sauna is that you can release damp heat at periodic intervals by sprinkling water on the heat source. And in this warmth, your muscles relax and the accumulated toxins find their way out of your body through the open pores in your skin – thus, making a sauna session an exquisite health and beauty treatment experience.

How Many Different Types of Saunas Are There?

There are mainly four different types of saunas:

  1. Traditional Finnish Sauna – The humidity inside this wood-lined sauna is controlled by adding water onto heated rocks. When the temperature inside the sauna increases, the humidity decreases.
  2. Dry Sauna – This sauna is identical to the Traditional Finnish Sauna, but water is not sprinkled onto the heated rocks. In comparison, the humidity is low, and the temperature is high inside this sauna.
  3. Steam Bath – The humidity in this sauna is close to 100%. But the temperature – around 120º F – is much lower than in the other types of saunas. Tiles, glass or acrylic is used inside the sealed space of this sauna to maintain this temperature. The high humidity inside the sauna makes you feel hotter, although the temperature is not all that high.
  4. Infrared Sauna – This sauna is distinctively different as the humidity inside is zero. This sauna heats your body by enveloping it in a heat glove. 

An Image Showing Different Types of Saunas in One Frame

What Are the Health Benefits of Saunas?

The sauna benefits for your health include increased metabolism, detoxification, increased blood circulation, weight loss, pain reduction, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, better stress management, relaxation, improved immune function, and improved cardiovascular function. Let’s look at 5 major health benefits of regular sauna use.

  • Benefits with Respect to Weight: A 15-minute sauna session will increase your heart rate as well as metabolic rate. And even after a few hours, your metabolism rate will be higher. This is how you can sustain long-term weight loss in a sauna.
  • Benefits with Respect to Skin: Your heart responds to the heat inside a sauna instantaneously. Your pulse rate gallops by 30% or more, and the amount of blood your heart pumps each minute nearly doubles. Most of this extra blood flow is directed towards your skin. At the same time, the size of your pores gets bigger. The toxins trapped in clogged pores are flushed out by sweat, resulting in smoother skin.
  • Pregnancy: There’s little research on sauna use during pregnancy. The NHS advises women to avoid saunas during pregnancy because of the real risks of dehydration, overheating, and fainting.
  • Heart Conditions: Sudden cardiac death is a worldwide public health concern, accounting for 15–20% of all deaths. Recent research has clearly demonstrated the sauna benefits for heart health. Sauna bathing leads to beneficial levels of cardiovascular markers and circulating hormones.
  • Arthritis and Other Joint Conditions: Infrared sauna promises safe, effective, natural, and lasting pain relief from arthritis. Since the therapeutic infrared heat penetrates more deeply into the body compared to other types of heat therapy, it decreases inflammation and gives greater relief from joint pain.

Health Benefits Of Using a Sauna

How Many Calories Do Saunas Burn?

A sauna helps your body to burn calories by forcing it to work harder to regulate temperature. As a result, you sweat a lot in the heat, and your pulse rate increases. The blood circulation kicks up a notch, and your metabolism rate also increases.

The general consensus on the number of calories a person burns in a typical 30-minute sauna session is approximately 1.5 times more than their base rate. The number of calories burnt by a person weighing 150 pounds when sitting idle for 30 minutes is approximately 56 calories. So this person would burn 84 calories (56 x 1.5) in a 30-minute sauna session. Although this isn’t a significant increase, the increased rate of metabolism over the next few hours means extra calories are burnt even after the sauna session.

How Many Saunas Per Week Is Healthy/Good for You?

How many times in a week you use a sauna is a personal choice. If you are a first-time sauna user, it’s advisable to take it slow. Use the sauna twice or thrice a week to start with. You can then gradually increase the frequency, allowing your body to adjust. It’s alright to use a sauna every day as long as you don’t experience any discomfort.

Can You Install a Sauna in Your Home?

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a truly authentic sauna experience in your home? Well, it’s possible. Installing a prefabricated indoor sauna is pretty straightforward as you don’t need any Planning Permission. However, you still need to follow all the rules that apply for a residential building. Your home sauna can be installed in one day. But you will need to enlist the services of a professional as this isn’t a DIY project.

How Much Does an Indoor/Home Sauna Cost?

A home sauna is a luxury product and an ultimate one at that. For the last several decades, experiencing sauna benefits within the confines of one’s home was viewed as the supreme indulgence reserved for the super-rich. But that’s not the case these days, as the price isn’t a barrier any longer.

The Jaquar Relaxo Home Sauna is a compact home sauna, priced competitively at £3,607.00. This generously sized relaxation centre features an easy-to-use touch control system and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

At the high end, you have the premium Artize Bio Home Sauna (£14,838.00), a luxury home sauna cabin, crafted from high luster materials.

You can also choose from among three other models within this price range.

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