Large Vanity Units

Generous Storage

Large Vanity Units provide functionality and generous storage space for your bathroom, in a wide variety of colour and size options. Read through our helpful Large Vanity Units Guide to help you learn everything about buying one.

Your bathroom basin naturally creates an overhanging space. This space can easily end up being wasted if you’re not careful. Large Vanity Units with sink makes optimal use of this spare space. These Vanity Units blend a sink with a large stylish cupboard with doors or drawers into a single compact unit.

A large bathroom vanity unit is also an extremely practical option for creating more storage space. And regardless of the size of your bathroom, having extra storage space is always helpful. You do need a lot of space anyway to stash away all your facial and cleaning products.

Different Styles

Bathroom City’s range of large vanity units spans traditionalmodern, and contemporary designs from some of the world’s leading brands, each delivering its own unique style and functionality available in single-basin vanity units and double-basin vanity unit options. Further, our Large cloakroom vanity units come in various colours and stunning designs. You can also create your very own design with Bathroom City’s bespoke design service. Your choice is truly unlimited.  

From the 600mm freestanding vanity unit to the 1500mm freestanding vanity unit and everything in between, finding the size that fits your bathroom to perfection is simple. If you’re not interested in a traditional freestanding unit, you can pick from an exclusive selection of wall-hung vanity units with basins. You can also explore the huge collection of double-sink vanity units or Combination basin and toilet units present you with more variety.

Range of Options

Large bathroom vanity units typically come with doors or drawers for storage purposes. In both designs, the stylish basin combines flexibility with luxurious design. However, a vanity unit with drawers provides better functionality compared to one with doors.

For one, you can organise your beauty and grooming products better in a vanity unit with drawers. The other thing is drawers with separators allow you to keep all your things upright. Plus, it’s easier to retrieve them quickly when you need them. Vanity units are also available in a range of colours – white, grey, pearl grey, dove grey, indigo, gold, black and more.  

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1. What Are the Benefits of Using a Large Vanity Unit?

Large vanity units provide ample storage space, helping declutter your bathroom and enhancing functionality. They are ideal for family bathrooms and help maintain an organized and clutter-free environment. With multiple shelves and drawers, you can neatly store toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and other essentials. Additionally, a large vanity unit with two washbasins accommodates multiple users simultaneously.

2. What Features Should I Look for in a Large Vanity Unit?

When choosing a large vanity unit, consider storage capacity, which depends on the unit's depth. Standard depths range from 390 mm to 460 mm, with some space-saving options at 250 mm to 320 mm. Double basin units provide extra countertop space for convenient storage. Premium models may include LED profile lighting with motion sensor technology.

3. What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Buying or Installing Large Vanity Units?

Common mistakes when buying or installing large vanity units include not accurately measuring the bathroom space, leading to difficulties in accessing drawers and shelves fully. To avoid this, measure your bathroom space and consider extra room for drawer and shelf access. Ensure plumbing compatibility by planning the unit's placement based on existing connections for maintenance and repairs.

Please read the Large Vanity Units Buying Guide for useful tips on how to choose the right large vanity unit.

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