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Large Vanity Units

Bathroom City’s range of large vanity washbasin units spans traditional, contemporary and modern classic designs from some of the world’s leading brands, each delivering its own unique style and functionality available in single basin units and double basin vanity units options. Vanity basin sink units are an essential complement to your bathroom suite and provide generous storage space for your bathroom in a wide variety of colour and size options. How about taking a look at our twin basin bathroom units, giving you his and hers washbasin. With a range of accommodating vanity units that include stunning units from around the world as well as high-quality homegrown designs made right here in our Birmingham factory, Bathroom City has a huge selection that will enable you to find the perfect addition to your bathroom.

The Beauty of a Large Vanity Unit

Create a Focal Point with a Large Vanity Unit

Many believe that a bathroom suite should tend to be one bland colour, matching, unexciting and functional.

Well, the function is of course very important but the others aren’t necessarily essential in creating your bathroom dream and adding a traditional bathroom vanity unit to your suite can really change the overall design in a positive way.

Being creative is key, and with so much on offer, it would seem easy to choose a suite in a showroom which suits your basic needs and once fitted serves no more than its purpose.

At Bathroom City, we want our customers to enjoy their bathroom as a relaxing escape rather than a room used only for its function, so recommending products that will benefit our customers' overall design is one of our primary focuses.

You may trawl the internet inspecting luxury homes and their inspiring suites, but all seem so far away from your modest space, white ceramic finishes and budget; but fear not, there is an affordable solution for gaining the luxury look.


Pelipal Loa Bathroom Vanity Unit Available at Bathroom City

The Loa Vanity Unit and Basin from Pelipal is a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers thanks to its generous storage and simple elegant styling, perfect for catching the eye of your guests in any modern bathroom suite.

Having a primary feature in your bathroom suite is a great way to add character to your design, and Bathroom City’s range offers a wealth of traditional and contemporary styles to suit any setting.


Why Choose a Traditional Large Bathroom Vanity Unit?

A large traditional vanity unit could be the addition your bathroom renovation needs to both maximise storage and create a focal point which will have your friends and family in awe of your magnificent furniture selection.

A robust traditional vanity unit doesn’t need to match your existing suite in colour, doesn’t need to carry the same mod cons as a modern vanity unit and doesn’t require you to remortgage your property to own one. A traditional vanity simply requires a bit of imagination.

There is a huge range of traditional bathroom furniture on offer and our showroom is a great sanctuary for traditional bathroom vanity units, from natural wood features to wall hung vanity units to suit smaller spaces; either way, you are sure to find a piece which will create the ambience you desire.

The key to discovering a piece which will suit your lifestyle is finding something that not only has the storage capabilities that you require but also has enough character to stand as a central piece in your bathroom.

We highly recommend looking at furniture from ImperialHeritage and Burlington, as each brand offers a vast array of bathroom vanity units which not only offer style and character but various sizes and finishes, to suit your bathroom interior.

When selecting a traditional large vanity unit we think that selecting the right basin for your unit is crucial, and we find that a simple round counter top basin gives you a number of options when selecting your vanity; and also provides that feeling of simplicity which can only be experienced with furniture of yesteryear.

Why Choose a Modern Large Bathroom Vanity Unit?

Bathroom City is home to a wealth of modern bathroom furniture and our vast collection of large bathroom vanity units stands out as one of our most comprehensive collections, as we have a number of the worlds leading brands on board, as well as our own bathroom vanity units being made every day in our Birmingham workshop.

Certain brands such as Pelipal really stand out from the crowd as bathroom vanity unit specialists, being a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers and quite rightly so due to there meticulous attention to detail, elite craftsmanship and ability to customise several aspects of the bathroom vanity units to suit any contemporary bathroom suite.