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Kitchen Taps and Douch Kits

Designer Kitchen Taps

Bathroom City has a vast variety of kitchen taps from premium brands, we also provide a full range of kitchen mixer taps and douche kits to further complement your home.

Traditional and Modern Kitchen mixer tap Designs 

Offering both traditional and contemporary designs

Although seemingly unimportant, kitchen taps play a pivotal role in your kitchen’s appearance and function. Always positioned above the kitchen sink, a kitchen tap moulds your kitchen’s personality, enhancing its modern or traditional appeal. Our range is both wide and diverse. We provide kitchen taps from all over the globe and use our expertise to help you make the right decisions for your home. more

Kitchen Taps

Abode Drinking Water Tap Gosford Aquifier

Designed for a more traditionally themed kitchen, this wonderful drinking tap from Abode provides the perfect blend of period design, performance and quality. Featuring all the benefits of every tap in the aquifier range, the Gosford Aquifier helps to reduce limescale, and provides crystal clear tap water 24 hours a day.

Additional Information:

  • Made of Brass
  • Available in both Brass and Nickel
  • High Flow rates
  • Simple DIY connection
  • Long-Life 6 Months

Abode Project Hot and Cold Drinking Water Tap

Satisfy all of your drinking water needs with the Abode Project Hot and Cold Drinking Water Tap. Secured by a 5 year manufacturers guarantee, this sleek British designed tap provides a number of clever features that mean you always have instant access to PH balanced, limescale free, filtered water.

Additional information:

  • Rondeau Mix Tap
  • Parboil Filter
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Brass Made
  • Chrome Finished

Vado Chelsea Exposed Sink Mixer Single Lever With Swivel Spout

With its distinct long spouted design, the Exposed Sink Mixer with Single Lever and Swivel Spout is a functional and stylish addition to any modern installation.

  • Contemporary design
  • Chrome finish
  • Wall mounted
  • Works with systems with a minimum operating pressure of 1.0 bar
  • ¾ inch x ½ inch x 40mm eccentrics
  • Swivel spout
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Water flow aerator
  • Water flow straightener
  • Easy to use and install