Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors

Ideal for more compact spaces, sliding shower doors allow for easy access to your shower without compromising the space in your suite. A stunning solution when complementing a recessed shower enclosure, a sliding door allows for a large showering space that can be neatly packed between two walls. Our selection of roller shower doors is the ultimate in space efficiency and elegance.

A sliding shower door functions on quality rollers. The door moves along rails when it’s opened and closed. A sliding door maximises space as it occupies the same amount of floor space as the shower enclosure. The door handle is also functional as you can use it as a towel rack. 

Bathroom City offers a wide range of sliding shower doors in various sizes - 900, 1200, 1400 mm, quadrant shower enclosures, and the widely used walk-in showers. 


Elegant Designs

Our exquisite selection of roller sliding shower doors is the ultimate in space efficiency and elegance. There are many different ways to fit a sliding shower screen door. It’s typically fitted onto a shower tray and is suitable for a recessed space. You can fit it onto a special shower floor or straight onto a waterproof tiled floor, You can also customise the height of the doors and side panels to match the dimensions of your bathroom.

Impeccable Quality

The multiple bespoke options and extended guarantee make the sliding shower door a great feature for any luxury bathroom. The best feature of contemporary sliding shower screen door designs is they come with concealed fixings. Durable soft-closure mechanisms ensure easy open/close operations. The shaped track inners provide extra smooth door action. The neat, streamlined design and translucent seals prevent stray water splashes from landing outside the shower enclosure.

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Sliding Shower Door Screens – Frameless Sliding Shower Screen Doors

Sliding shower doors are the perfect solution for bathrooms or ensuite shower rooms that need to save space.  The shower sliding door slides along a straight track in line with your shower tray whether it’s a curved corner sliding door or a straight square or rectangle shower cubicle.

Were hinged doors of both pivot and fully hinged when opened take up vital space outside the shower tray area. So, if you’re looking to save space the sliding shower door is the best option for you.

Sliding door sizes are generally available in the following sizes.

Straight 1000mm  1100mm 1200mm 1400mm 1500mm 1600mm 1700mm plus

Curved 800mm 900mm 1000mm

Sliding Shower Screen Glass Thickness?     -     4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm

Slider Shower door colours options? Gold Black Chrome

The Most important part of a sliding shower door is the rollers which are the running wheels that your shower door rolls along to open and close they are attached to both the top and bottom of your Glass shower door and fit into the track of the enclosure.

What are Quick Release Rollers

Yes, there are many different types of rollers, so the very best are quick-release shower door rollers as they are specifically manufactured from quality material generally stainless steel and hard plastic wheels just like car tyres.

The quick-release rollers are the best new fitting to any shower screen sliding door so before buying your new shower door or enclosure read the below benefits and make sure your sliding door has quick-release rollers fitted as standard.

The main advantage is the ease of removal Simply press the spring-loaded button on the top of the roller at the bottom of the shower sliding doors and you can push the door inwards giving you plenty of room to clean the running track and wheels to remove any grime or mold.  there are plenty of commercial cleaning shower track cleaning products available from your local stores or you can always try the home remedy of bicarbonate soda and white vinegar mix.

The top rollers will be secure, so you do not have to worry about the door falling. But you can remove the entire door for deep cleaning by pressing both the top and bottom roller quick-release buttons to access both shower tracks.

Shower door rollers can wear out and need replacing this is generally on the cheaper roller fittings but even these are available online to buy and replace before buying a replacement try a little maintenance cleaning and oiling your running track and rollers to ensure the sliding mechanism has a smooth unhindered roll.

Diagram showing quick release shower door rollers

Types of quick-release shower door rollers.

Single shower door rollers

Double shower door swivel action for curved shower doors.

20mm 23mm 25mm 27mm wheel diameter which is available for the 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm glass sliding doors. Both single or double for straight or curved sliding doors.

Bathroom City's range has a luxury for less shower door enclosure range that includes sliding doors both straight and curved for you to choose from with a quality quick-release door system

Along with the prestigious Radiance Sliding Shower Enclosure from Matki Showering, the New Unity Sliding Shower Enclosure from Heritage Bathrooms, and the Venturi 6 Sliding Shower Enclosure from Aquadart, catering to various bathroom settings.