Traditional Towel Rails

Elegance and Timeless Appeal

Traditional towel rails are mostly based on Victorian designs.

Victorian-style towel rails came to be highly regarded towards the end of the 19th century. Sadly, these traditional towel rails went out of fashion for several decades. 

Plain, white panel models replaced them and became the norm. However, they are back in the reckoning now and are hugely popular.  The main reason for this is traditional towel rails exude a sense of elegance reminiscent of classic design aesthetics. They effortlessly complement bathrooms designed with vintage or period aesthetics.

Add a touch of timeless splendour to your bathroom with traditional towel rails, available in a stunning choice of colours and finishes.

Warmth and Comfort

Traditional towel rails offer the practical advantage of warming towels, blankets, or clothing. This essential bathroom accessory enhances comfort during colder seasons and creates a luxurious experience.

Victorian-style towel rails perform as well as they look. Many of these models are produced using cast iron, which is an exceptional heat distributor.

While the energy-efficient cast iron towel rails take slightly longer to heat up than those made of other materials, they also take much longer to cool down. Hence, they stay warm and continue to keep your bathroom comfortable even after they’re switched off.

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Traditional old-style radiator 

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