1700mm Baths

1700mm Baths | Various Styles | Freestanding, Double-Ended, Single-Ended

A 1700 mm bath is a unique addition regardless of the size of your bathroom. This elegant bath is available in an assortment of varieties, shapes, and designs – single-ended, double-ended, P-shaped shower bath (left and right-handed), whirlpool shower bath, Jacuzzi bath, L-shaped shower bath (left and right-handed), straight bath, B-shaped shower bath (left and right-handed), freestanding bath, and several more. 

Worried your bathroom is too small for this large-sized bath? You don’t need to. 

The main feature of this bath is it’s shaped to fit in the tiniest of areas and yet maintain a stylish look. And this bath makes for a stunning focal point, as it presents a perfect balance of style and durability. You can also choose a traditional or a contemporary design to suit your taste. 

But why buy a large bath? Is it a worthwhile investment? Sure, it is. A large bath makes a statement and gives your bathroom the wow factor it deserves. And you can count on a large bath to deliver a sensual bathing experience every single day for decades.  

Whether you pick a sublime traditional design or a trendy contemporary design, a large bath simply exudes class. Check out all the options. 

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