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A Vast Collection of Bathroom Lighting Options With the right lighting, a bathroom suite can exude the warming romantic ambiance needed for a truly relaxing bathing experience. Bathroom City’s wide range of bathroom light solutions provides the perfect atmosphere, with a range of bathroom wall lights, bathroom ceiling lights, shower lights, and mirror lights that illuminate your reflection.  Whether you're searching for elegant LEDs or substantial ceiling lights for a large family bathroom, Bathroom City supplies a number of solutions from leading brands.

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Versatile ceiling lights at Bathroom City

An essential addition to any suite, Bathroom City’s array of bathroom ceiling lights offers a wealth of styles spanning period artistry and contemporary vogue. 

With a range of size options from different leading brands, Bathroom City offers ceiling lights to suit any bathroom setting. 

Ceiling Light Style

With lighting comes a beautiful irony. You often need the light to be on in order to see its design. Luckily for you, we boast an accommodating range of designs that are both effective and pleasing to the eye.

Additionally, it’s always important that every bathroom component harmonises to create a unified bathroom design. Of course, ceiling lights are included in this. Like any other accessory, they’re one of the small details that can make a big difference to a renovation.

On the whole, we find ceiling lights tend to adopt a modern & minimal design, but there are traditional designs that can work well too particularly with Imperial.

Ceiling Light Positioning

It’s always important to position your light in a conducive place, typically in a central position. However, it must be mentioned that there are particular ceiling lights that are made for specific parts of the bathroom, and therefore need to be positioned in their proper places. Perhaps the best product to demonstrate this point is a shower light. 

Bathroom Wall Lights of all Shapes and Sizes

Bathroom City’s range of bathroom wall lights are considered as beautiful lighting and offer a wealth of both traditional and contemporary styles that provide a solution for any setting.

With leading brands offering a wealth of different designs, Bathroom City is home to plenty of bathroom wall lights at the forefront of quality, styles and functionalities.

Bathroom wall lights create perfect bathroom ambience, conjuring a cosy and warm feeling inside your bathroom. At Bathroom City, our range is incredibly diverse, and collectively we have a wide variety of solutions from world-leading brands

If you’re thinking of purchasing a wall light, we’ve got the best the bathroom industry has to offer.  Yet despite this, we often find that customers are prone to making mistakes & failing to get the most out of their bathroom experience.

To help you, we’ve consulted our experienced sales experts to provide you with the three most important points before you purchase a wall light.


Style of Bathroom Wall Lights

Wall light style varies dramatically at Bathroom City. From our ultra-sleek Shavolites right through to our Astoria wall lights, our selection continues to grow & expand. The key is to choose something you believe will be best for your home.

Modern or Traditional

One of the key things to decide when choosing wall light’s style is whether you want to acquire a modern or traditional theme.  Traditional wall lights are often characterised by their shades, whereas more contemporary wall lights tend to adopt more of a trim & aerodynamic shape.

The position of Your Wall Lights

Where you put your wall light is often down to bathroom style. As a rule of thumb, we find that traditional wall lights tend to situate themselves either side of the bathroom mirror. On the other hand, modern wall lights, tend to be positioned above your bathroom mirror.

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