Wall Hung Vanity Units

Efficient Space-Savers

Wall Hung Vanity Units are excellent Space-savers and help use the bathroom space more efficiently. Tiny bathrooms are incredibly challenging to design afresh or remodel. With the progressive reduction in bathroom size these days, it’s difficult to keep it clutter-free and add aesthetic value to it, as well. In this backdrop, wall-hung vanity units with basin are indeed a boon.

The wall-hung basin vanity unit conceals the unsightly plumbing lines beneath your basin. This unit also provides valuable space to store toiletries and other bathroom essentials. The most important function of this compact unit is it adds aesthetic value to your bathroom.

Range of Options

The space-saving wall-hung vanity units are available in dozens of creative, carefully considered designs. This multi-functional unit presents you with the perfect option to transform your small bathroom. The 500 and 600mm vanity units are just two of the sizes available in this vast range.

You have several other options starting from the pint-sized 360mm wall-hung bathroom unit. The biggest unit in this selection is the luxurious 1700mm vanity unit, which is ideal for a larger bathroom. These units are available in several colour options. Also, the high-gloss finish of these units will complement your bathroom with stylish simplicity.

Affordable Prices

The installation of a wall-hung basin unit in your bathroom is a smart design decision. And it’s an affordable one, too, as these ultra-modern units are priced competitively. You have several choices in both contemporary and traditional designs.

An important point of note is these space-saving units are affordable for any budget. Wall-hung units are available at every price point. The price range is broad, and prices start right from £125. The selection in the mid-range is vast, and these units are priced reasonably from £549 to £779. The vanity units in the premium range are simply exquisite.





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Save Space with a Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Wall Hung Bathroom Sink Cabinets

Bathroom City’s huge collection of stunning vanity units are available in a single or double basin and offers storage, style and functional appeal for your bathroom, with products from the world’s leading brands as well as homegrown designs made right here in our factory in Birmingham. The new double basin wall hung range is a superb example of quality at its very best with only top quality high gloss acrylics and 15mm glass basin options your bathroom design will be unique. 

More often then not the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the modern home, which sometimes means that we have to select our bathroom furniture wisely in order to make the most of the small amount of space on offer.

Of course, even in larger developments, it’s always good to create the illusion of space in order to exaggerate the openness of the bathroom, so a wall hung vanity unit provides a multitude of benefits for all types of suite.

Whether you’re looking to add a functional complement to a compact space or a large wall hung vanity unit to a big family bathroom, Bathroom City offers a wealth of stunning solutions that suit any setting.