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No bathroom is complete without a bath panel which defines the bathroom suite and adds even more character. Bathroom City’s range of Straight and L-Shaped bath panels, end panels and front panels are ideal for most standard sized baths, with a vast range of finish and colour options to add a consistent look and feel throughout your suite. The latest colour available is the High Gloss grey acrylic bath panel. 

With a wide range of furniture, our Bathroom showroom proudly displays all types of bath panels, both traditional and contemporary designs, with finishes including solid oak, walnut, high gloss white, black and much more. Other options include acrylic panels and panels suitable for straight, offset, corner, and L-shaped bath panels.

Our water-resistant Bath Panels are extremely strong and long-lasting compared to other bath panels on the market. The versatile bath panels come in standard sizes between 500mm to 1600mm but may be cut down to comfortable fit any bath size within the range.
Different Sizes and Styles
Available in various colors, designs, and materials, bath panels are ideal for giving baths an updated appearance. Bathside paneling helps to conceal any pipes or fixtures that might otherwise be visible from outside the bathroom. They also prevent potential damage by ensuring that any water escaping from the tub doesn't leak under the floorboards. The range covers the most common sizes so they’re great if you need one but don't know which size to get.

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Versatile Bath Panels at Bathroom City  

The main purpose of a bath panel is to hide the plumbing and underside of your bath. Most bathrooms will only really require the side bath panel, but depending on the layout you may also need the end panel.

Panels are carefully designed to bring not only the aesthetic beauty but also practicality and ease of function to your bathroom.

Bath panels are generally made using the same acrylic that the rest of your bathroom suite comprises of, however, there are some exceptions.

Some panels are made from an MDF type material which can then be modified easily to your bathroom by either staining or painting.

On some of the more expensive bathroom suites, bath panels are made out of wooden materials, but staining MDF in colours like oak and walnut is very popular.

How to Choose the Correctly Sized Bath Panel

Sometimes the advantages of being able to choose every single detail of your bathroom’s design can also be its downfall, with customers sometimes forgetting certain aspects or getting overwhelmed by choice when shopping online.

This is particularly apparent when investing in products that require a number of different components such as baths and shower enclosure, so choosing the right bath panel for your new, can sometimes be confusing.

One common misconception when purchasing a bath panel for your bath is matching the brand of the bath panel with the brand of the bath. Of course, this isn’t the case, with Bathroom City supply a number of different sized bath panels to suit any installation.

Most standard baths come in a range of widths, 560, 700, 750, 800, 900, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1900; Bathroom City offers all these widths in a number of different designs, simply filter using the selection box to the left of the products to choose bath side panels of your width.

The filter will now only display products relevant to you and make it easy to choose a suitable bath panel. So whether you’re after a versatile white finish, a natural wood finish, frosted glass inserts or other variation, you will swiftly find what you are looking for.

Similarly choosing the end panel for your bath requires a similar process. Simply select the width using the coordinating filter and select a matching bath end panel to your bath side panel, this time ensuring that you choose from the same brand and finish to get exactly the same colour.