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No bathroom is complete without a bath panel which defines the bathroom suite and adds even more character. Bathroom City’s range of Straight and L-Shaped bath panels, end panels and front panels are ideal for most standard sized baths, with a vast range of finish and colour options to add a consistent look and feel throughout your suite. The latest colour available is the High Gloss grey acrylic bath panel. 

With a wide range of furniture, our Bathroom showroom proudly displays all types of bath panels, both traditional and contemporary designs, with finishes including solid oak, walnut, high gloss white, black and much more. Other options include acrylic panels and panels suitable for straight, offset, corner, and L-shaped bath panels.


Our water-resistant Bath Panels are extremely strong and long-lasting compared to other bath panels on the market. The versatile bath panels come in standard sizes between 500mm to 1600mm but may be cut down to comfortable fit any bath size within the range.

Different Sizes and Styles

Available in various colors, designs, and materials, bath panels are ideal for giving baths an updated appearance. Bathside paneling helps to conceal any pipes or fixtures that might otherwise be visible from outside the bathroom. They also prevent potential damage by ensuring that any water escaping from the tub doesn't leak under the floorboards. The range covers the most common sizes so they’re great if you need one but don't know which size to get.

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Bathtub Panel Replacement?

Replacing an existing bath panel is usually an easy DIY task.  Remove the old bath side panel if it is a wooden bath panel or mdf they are usually fixed with screws as acrylic is simply attached with clips.

Once removed you will have all the information you need regarding shape and finished size. You will have a perfect template for your new bath panel as your new bath panel may need to be cut to size. When replacing an existing bath panel the height of the existing bath is vital!  You may need to purchase a bath panel plinth to fit the height of your existing installation otherwise you will need to re-fit your entire bath to suit the panel.. always buy a bath panel to fit the height of the bath, not the other way around.

Does any bath panel fit any bath?

No-bath panels in the UK are available in many different heights and widths. Generally, a standard UK bath panel size is 1700mm long by 500 heights as most baths sold are 1690 wide which means you’d buy a 1700mm panel. But bath panels are readily available in 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 and 200mm wide.  The rule of thumb measure the length of your bath and buy the nearest larger size panel this will enable you to cut the panel down to fit exactly to your actual bath size.  When buying a new bath and panel be sure to get the technical dimension of the bath before choosing a panel as most baths may be called for example an 1800mm bath panel but it may be 1798mm technical specification. Bath panel plinths are available in all sizes should you require a higher bath finished level.

Do bath panels need a frame?  We always recommend you build a 1.5” – 2” baton frame under the lip of the bath to the floor this will give added strength and support to the panel.

Is fitting a bath panel easy And hold it in place? 

Yes, there is an alternative to building a frame!  buy an easy-fit Unipanel bath panel fixing kit 

e kits come with all upright supports velcro pads so no screws are needed this can be used with all bath panel shapes and materials and is a strong alternative to a frame-fitted bath panel,

What materials are Bath Panels Made From

Acrylic bath panels are made from lightweight plastic usually between 3mm and 5 mm thick and are molded to shape to the design and size both length and width) of a specific bath. Curved bath panels and corner bath panels including P-shaped bath panels are normally only available to buy from acrylic and are always preformed to a particular bath shape.

Acrylic is a formed plastic that is waterproof and very easy to fit as it simply clips to the underside of the bath lip. On the downside acrylic bath panels are very thin and can crack easily if bent or damaged.

What are MDF bath panels made from are they waterproof?

Medium Density Fibreboard is made from wood chipping both hardwood and softwood sawdust and other wood waste and sawmill reside. These by-product wastes are processed to form a high-density smooth surface MDF board that is very common in bathroom industry products.  The boards are not in themselves water resistant as no wooden product is. But when the board is processed heated pressed and bonded to an acrylic material then it is very much a moisture-resistant material and is standard for bath panels.  The overall thickness of an MDF wooden bath panel ranges between 16mm and 18mm thick.  The MDF bath panel boards are very straight and flat and ideal for straight bath panel manufacturing they are also available for L-shaped baths usually supplied as a 3-piece that is cam locked together to create the L-shaped bath panel.

What is a Wooden bath panel made from?

These bath panels are available in the UK and manufactured from walnut pine oak beech and many more types of soft and hardwood. Real wood bath panels have a distinctive individual tree grain pattern and as such they a normally stained oiled or painted panel to bring out the grain as a feature.  Styles variety from 1 piece 2-piece wooden bath panels to shaker style beaded range raised and recessed designs giving the bath panel the great option to suit traditional bath panel or modern bath panel style. It is, however, important to realise these types of wooden bath panels need regular upkeep and yearly resealing maintenance to ensure the real wood does not absorb any water from the bathroom environment.