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Large baths are perfect for a deeply relaxing soak at the end of a long day. Available in a range of shapes and sizes including 1600mm, 1700mm, 1800mm & 1900mm, large and extra-large baths are perfect for large families with children, or to just add an extra touch of luxury and comfort to your bathing experience.

Bathroom City’s huge selection of single-ended and double-ended big baths allows our customers to choose a style, shape, and size with robust acrylic construction. We offer large baths from some of the world’s leading brands such as Heritage Bathrooms, Clearwater Baths, and others. Read our helpful Buyer's Guide to the Perfect Bath to learn more about what factors to consider when buying a bath for your Bathroom.

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Nowadays, when we look to develop our home, it’s not entirely about what we want, other factors can dictate our choices. One of which is the resell value of the property- we want to create a home that'll sell if it is required to do so.

The quintessential property features a bathroom with a bath and so the property market almost requires your home to meet this standard if you’re thinking of selling your property, especially if you want the best possible price.

It’s not just the property market that dictates a bath within the criteria of a good home but it’s also the people looking to view your home and their expectations – you don’t necessarily want to present potential buyers with a bathroom that they need to redevelop to their expectations.

Investing in a substantially large bath is a great way to make a statement in your bathroom and give potential buyers the wow factor that your bathroom deserves; not to mention the purpose it will serve during your time in the property: which leads us onto our next point.

Although the humble shower is overtaking the bath as the go-to method of washing, the bath will always be an essential feature in the modern bathroom, delivering a sensual bathing experience that cannot be matched by a shower.

The modern bathroom is a place to unwind at the end of a long day so buying a large bath is the best way to create the soothing ambience you desire to transform your bathroom suite from a place used purely for the function to a have in your home.

Large baths offer a comfortable bathing experience whether you’re looking for a double ended bath for two people to enjoy at the same time or a single ended bath for you to bask in your own company.

Bathroom City’s vast collection of large free-standing baths are extremely popular amongst our customers in the showroom and online with a wealth of designs from leading brands as well as more cost-effective solutions that mirror the same quality.

Single Ended Baths at Bathroom City

Single-ended baths offer the same luxurious bathing experience as double-ended large baths accept with the obvious difference that it is preferred to bathe at one end of the bath.

Bathroom City offers a wealth of single ended baths that offer a sumptuous design from budget large baths right up to extravagant large baths from top brands.

Similarly, the Harrington single ended bath also from Imperial is at the forefront of vintage vogue, defined by its stunning natural wood bath panels and spacious bathing area, beautifully designed with the contours of the human body in mind.

For a modern alternative, Imperial also supply baths with a stylish contemporary design that exudes class in any modern installation, These baths are as eye-catching as they are well made.

Tucking neatly into a corner this contemporary bath installation can suit all bathroom styles, whether sitting at the stand-alone feature in your suite or integrated with a shower in a larger family bathroom.

With a stunning collection of large baths that ranges from luxury double ended baths to quality single ended baths in both traditional and contemporary styles, 

Double Ended Baths at Bathroom City

Bathroom City offers a huge choice of large baths to suit any bathroom setting, whether it’s a timeless traditional style bathroom suite or a cutting edge modern design at the forefront of contemporary vogue.

Taking into account the placement of other features and the space you have to work with, it’s time to decide whether you’re looking for a double ended baths or a single ended bath.

For a large bath that ticks all the boxes in terms of cost, quality and comfort, the Stratus Duo Extra Large Bath is a double ended bath that’s designed to suit the contours of the human body, making for an ultra comfortable bathing experience that two people can enjoy at the same time.

As cost-effective as it is stylish, this extra large bath demands attention with its ultra-low price – it’s hard to believe the level of quality, with its 5mm thick acrylic and generous bathing space.

Alternatively, the Vernwy Double Ended Large Bath from Jax Bathrooms is a straight bath that utilises every inch of the bathing space with its simple double ended slope and generous dimensions.

Made from high-quality acrylic reinforced with an encapsulated baseboard, this stunning large bath is a secure investment that captures the eye of Bathroom City customers in our showroom and online.

Hard wearing, stylish and available in a wealth of size options, the Vernwy large bath can suit any bathroom setting, providing a lavish bathing experience for one or two people.

For a traditional alternative from Imperial Bathrooms blurs the lines between the truly classic and modern vogue, delivering a look that takes the timeless elements of yesteryear and combines it with a sleek contemporary design.

With the taps located in the centre of this large bath, it allows you to bathe at either end of its interior or for two people to bathe simultaneously, for a bath that mirrors the same high quality of one found in a luxury hotel or spa.