Mixer Showers and Complete Shower Sets

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Bathroom shower sets focus on form, functionality, and style. The pleasing design, minimalist lines, and compact shaping, all work together to maximise the shower space available. 

Complete shower sets include all the essential components needed for a complete shower experience in one package. 

These eye-catching and sophisticated shower sets deliver exceptional water flow and temperature safety. The integrated diverter makes switching between shower heads fast and simple. 

The deceptively sleek designs guarantee durability and an unforgettable all-in-one shower experience. Premium models are available in a striking chrome or nickel finish. 

Searching for small coordinated shower parts need not be time-consuming and expensive. Bathroom City has a wide range of bathroom shower sets in stylish designs and functions at every price point.

Excellent Quality

The shower sets are produced using sturdy, high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or brass. The fixtures offer excellent quality for durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity. 

The assortment of inspiring designs and luxurious finishes will enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. The shower sets are suitable for all plumbing systems. You can choose a shower package that offers a personalised showering experience with multiple water spray and temperature settings.

Most models are equipped with a built-in, fail-proof safety feature – an anti-scald device to keep your family members safe from hot water fluctuations. Maintenance is also easy, as you don’t need to re-plumb the whole valve. 

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Explore Our Diverse Range of Shower Mixers at Bathroom City

At Bathroom City, we offer an extensive selection of mixer showers and complete shower sets from renowned brands like Matki and Vado, catering to various preferences and settings.

Choosing the right mixer shower or complete shower kit is an essential step once you've finalized your shower enclosure, tray, side panel, and door. Your selection should align with the overall style of your bathroom, whether it's classic or contemporary.

Mixer showers provide various functionalities, allowing you to customize your shower experience with options like body jets or temperature and spray controls.

When purchasing a mixer shower online, it's similar to making an in-store order; unfortunately, you can't test it out beforehand. Here are some common questions our customers often ask in our Birmingham bathroom store:

  1. What is a Mixer Shower?

    • Mixer showers combine hot and cold water supplies, offering an easily adjustable temperature using a valve or lever handle. They generally provide a stronger water flow compared to electric showers.

    • Some mixer showers are compatible with any water system, while others work best with low or high-pressure systems. Bath and shower mixers allow control through bath taps.

  2. How Does an Exposed Shower Mixer Differ from a Concealed Shower Mixer?

    • Exposed shower mixers are visible, attaching to the riser rail and shower head, while concealed shower mixers hide all pipework for a sleek finish.

    • Exposed mixers eliminate the need to embed the valve in the wall, minimizing disruption and mess.

  3. What is a Complete Shower Set?

    • A complete shower kit includes all the necessary components for a perfect shower area in one purchase. It typically consists of a shower mixer, fixed showerhead, removable handset, and rigid or slide rail.

    • Bathroom City offers complete shower sets in both traditional and contemporary designs to complement various bathroom styles.

  4. What is a Thermostatic Shower Panel?

    • Thermostatic shower panels integrate all shower functions into one user-friendly design, featuring a shower head, handset, mixer, and sometimes body jets.

    • These panels are a favored choice among Bathroom City customers due to their straightforward design and modern aesthetics.

Select the perfect shower mixer or complete shower set to enhance your bathing experience, considering your water system and design preferences.