Square Bath Screens

Space Efficient Bath Screens

A square bath screen provides an impressive style and practical functionality to your bathroom. These space-efficient bath screens are available in three different designs – fixed, hinged, and foldable.

The square shape adds a minimalist and clean look, enhancing the bathroom’s overall visual appeal. This superb addition to any traditional or contemporary setting not only provides an excellent watertight seal but also evokes a spectacular bathroom focal point.

Besides serving the practical function of keeping stray water droplets at bay, this space-saving bathroom accessory offers a luxurious, designer look. Also, its compact dimensions make it perfect for small, awkward spaces.

Improved Showering Experience

Say goodbye to the wet floor in your bathroom! And welcome gleaming style and water protection.

A square bath screen creates a dedicated shower space within the bath. This simple innovation prevents stray water droplets from splashing onto the bathroom floor, improving your overall showering experience.

You need not worry about size mismatch, as these elegant and affordable bath screens fit most standard-sized baths. The fixed, hinged, or foldable option allows you to maximise your space without compromising on style.

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