Quadrant Shower Trays

Quadrant & Offset Quadrant Shower Tray Sizes
The standard quadrant shower trays sizes start from around 800mm x 800mm 900mm x 900mm 1000mm x 1000mm Offset quadrant shower trays come in a larger range of sizes, 1000mm x 800mm and 1000mm x 900mm 1200mm x 800mm 1200mm x 900mm they are also handed right-hand trays or left-hand. the more unusual sizes of offset quadrants that are also available are 900 x 700, 900 x 760 900 x 800, 1000 x 700, 1000 x 760, 1000 x 850, 1000 x 900, 1100 x 700, 1100 x 760, 1100 x 800, 1100 x 900, 1200 x 700, 1200 x 760, 1200 x 800, 1300 x 760, 1400 x 760, 1400 x 800 & 1650 x 700 / 912
Tray Waste Positions
The waste position can vary between manufacturers it can be at the back corner or in the curved front position It's vital you check the position of your existing water outlet pipe before purchasing. I If you have a concrete floor you will need to fit the waste above ground so you will need to purchase a tray with a riser kit.
Shower Tray Easy Plumb Riser Kits
What is a tray riser kit? generally, your tray will come with adjustable legs that raise the tray off the floor enough to fit your water waste outlet trap to your plumbing outlet. the riser kit is similar to a flexible acrylic skirting board that sits under the edge of the shower tray and conceals any unsightly plumbing riser kits are very easy to install.

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