Traditional Vanity Units

Classic Designs

A Traditional Vanity Unit is both stylish and practical and enables you to create a timeless bathroom design. This unit adds a touch of traditional glamour and sophistication to your bathroom. Soft-close doors, chrome-plated metal handles and generous storage space are all given features. A traditional bathroom vanity unit allows you to indulge in true bathroom luxury.

This vintage furniture piece covers you on two fronts: you can make a design statement as well as create a stylish storage solution. These standout units are available in an assortment of sizes, styles, and finishes and suit all tastes and budgets. Read our expert recommendations of the Top 5 Small Vanity Units that are high on functionality. 

Excellent Quality

Traditional Sink Vanity Units are carefully crafted. These units are highly versatile and present a refreshing finish. Waterproof materials are used to give the unit extra protection. These premium furniture pieces are also coated with a layer of sunlight-resistant paint to minimise colour fading. A traditional vanity unit is guaranteed bring sophistication and refinement to your bathroom decor.

Affordable Prices

Traditional sink vanity units aren’t expensive as people think. This status symbol is affordable for any budget. The price of the basic floor-standing model is £266. The mid-range collection is huge, and these models are priced reasonably from £708 to £1,840. The vanity units in the premium range (price range: £2,076 to £3,652) are simply magnificent.

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1. How Do Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units Differ from Modern Style Vanity Units?

Traditional vanity units capture the elegance of the past with intricate woodwork, ornate hardware, and luxurious finishes. Crafted with premium materials, they exude timeless charm, adding period-style character to your bathroom.

On the other hand, modern-style vanity units prioritize clean aesthetics, functionality, and minimalism. They feature sleek surfaces, subtle finishes, and a minimal color palette, offering understated luxury. These units often include modular storage, motion-detection taps, and integrated lighting, catering to contemporary lifestyles.

2. Why Should I Choose Traditional Vanity Units Over Modern Vanity Units?

The choice between traditional and modern vanity units depends on your bathroom's overall decor. It's essential to ensure the selected unit complements other bathroom accessories like shower enclosures, bathtubs, radiators, and towel rails. If your bathroom leans towards a traditional style, a traditional vanity unit with detailed paneling is suitable. Conversely, a modern vanity unit with clean lines suits a contemporary space.

3. Do Traditional Vanity Units Come with Sinks and Taps Included?

While some traditional vanity units include sinks and taps, most offer them as separate optional accessories. Various basin options, including color and tap hole configurations, are available. Some models also feature chrome or gold handles and taps.

4. Are There Any Integrated Mirrors or Mirror Cabinets for Added Functionality?

Traditional vanity units may offer additional accessories like bathroom mirrors. For instance, the Pelipal 6040 1030mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit with an Optional Mirror Cabinet & Tallboy includes an optional illuminated mirror cabinet for added functionality.