Wall Hung Bathroom Cabinets

Smart Storage

When it comes to smart storage solutions that don’t take up any floor space, nothing can beat wall-hung bathroom cabinets. The unique design of these units maximise floor space, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Bathroom City’s collection of minimalistic wall-hung cabinets is creative, classic, and perfectionist. The crisp, neat lines and stunning finish add a sophisticated elegance to your bathroom interior.  

Bathroom cabinets combine beauty and utility. The Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide will give you valuable information that will make your buying decision easier.

Size Options

These units come in various sizes. The range is truly vast, with the width ranging from 300mm (11.81 inches) to 1200mm (47.24 inches), depth from 112mm (4.41 inches) to 330mm (13 inches), and height from 670mm (26.38 inches) to 1680mm (66.14 inches). 

With such a wide range of size options, it’s easy to find the perfect cabinet size for your bathroom. Besides the variety in size options, wall-hung cabinets are also available in different colours, including grey, white, black, and more, ensuring a perfect fit for any bathroom decor.  

Amazing Features

Wall hung bathroom cabinets elegantly fuse together practicality and aesthetics. They are designed to store bathroom essentials of all sizes. Some cabinet models also feature movable shelves that provide flexible storage options.  

Narrow depth wall hung cabinets are designed to make optimal use of tight spaces. They provide efficient storage solutions for smaller bathroom essentials like combs, shaving razors, shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more. 

Many bathroom storage cabinets also feature integrated mirrors, serving both storage and grooming needs.

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