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Bathroom Radiator Towel Rails On Sale Now!

Bathroom Radiators


Bathroom Heating 

The bathroom is a private escape, a place where you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your bath or shower, so to give your suite a warming ambience, try adding a towel rail or bathroom radiator to your installation to make your bathroom the perfect temperature.

Providing storage, style and warmth, heated towel rails and warmers are the perfect solution, with a range of sleek designs such as flat towel rails, curved towel rails and designer towel rails, each providing a look which will complement any suite.

Although design is important, we believe practicality to be the most crucial element of a bathroom radiator purchase. The main purpose of a bathroom radiator is to keep the bathroom warm, and this should never be forgotten.

Before the design of the bathroom radiator is chosen, we advise customers to verify the size of their bathroom, and the amount of heat required to heat it.

The best way to judge the amount heat needed is related to bathroom size. The smaller the bathroom, the less heat required. The larger the bathroom, the more heat required.

Choosing Radiator Style

Our 30 years of industry experience has taught us that it's better to purchase a traditionally styled radiator with a traditionally styled bathroom, and likewise, a modern bathroom radiator with a modern styled bathroom suite here few to styles to choose from..

Although that sounds obvious, many people can lose sight of it when shopping, and purchase solutions that don’t do their bathroom justice.

After radiator style, the next thing to consider are radiator valves. Just like the alignment of radiator style with bathroom style, radiator valves should align themselves with their corresponding radiators.

 Radiator valves typically come from the bathroom floor or wall. As a rule of thumb, floor valves tend to be straight, while wall valves tend to be angled.

Bathroom Heating That Satisfies Your Needs

So whether your bathroom consists of cutting edge modernity or is simply and traditionally styled, our wide range of bathroom heaters are built to satisfy your needs.

The bathroom is an important room to keep warm, and our heaters are designed to increase performance, storage capacity, and storage space.

Most important of all, our bathroom heaters are built to make you feel comfortable inside your bathroom.

Heated Towel Rails

We currently boast a range of heated towel rails and towel warmers that provide the best quality in the bathroom market.

These days, heated bathroom towel radiators are no longer a luxury. Instead, heated towel radiators are becoming more of an essential.  The towel rail you choose should be based on both practicality and design. 

With our range of branded and non-branded products, you can be assured the bathroom heater you buy from us will give you the quality and assurance needed for your bathroom’s long-term success.

Our wide range of towel rail radiators mean we boast a variety of styles. From flat radiator designs to curved radiator designs, right the way through to small heated towel rails and electric heaters. With us, you will be able to find the perfect heated towels for your bathroom.

Choosing Your Designer Radiator

If you’re looking for a bathroom radiator that will set your home apart, our range of designer radiators are truly exquisite.  Typically made from brass and finished in a variety of finishes, our designer radiators can look good in any room, and are considered just as much of a piece of art as they are a bathroom radiator.

Choosing the Right Electric Heater for Your Bathroom

Electric heaters provide an alternative bathroom radiator, but are equipped with the benefits of a gas fuelled heater.  Electric Heaters work from an electric point and don’t need any of the piping that would feed into a traditional heater, yet they still offer that high performance to keep you warm.

Wonderfully versatile and conveniently affordable, electric heaters are an economical heating solution as well as a stylish complement to any suite, providing total comfort in a huge range of styles.


How to Choose the Right Bathroom for Your Home

Curved Chrome Radiator

Ideally suited for a modern styled bathroom, this Curved Chrome radiator is a beautiful bathroom asset. Perfect for bathrooms looking to create something a little bit different, the curved chrome radiator is able to combine a sturdy and practical construction with an intelligent and compelling design that makes drying towels quicker and easier. Perhaps the most attractive characteristic  is its brass construction that is laminated with a stunning chrome finish.

Important Points

- Simple and Practical Design: The Olivia’s design is made to put practicality first, but still maintain a sleek and contemporary feel.

- Available in a range of sizes

- Sleek Chrome Finish: 

- Round Radiator Valves: Completing this bathroom’s smooth and sleek finish, this particular radiator is equipped with beautifully round valves.

Luxury  1100 x 500 Chrome Radiator

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then this could be for you. This intricately welded brass constructed designer towel rail creates adequate storage space and as well as an interesting designer piece.

Important Points

- Brass Made: The fact that the Vogue tap is made from brass means you get a high quality construction.

- Chrome Finish: The chrome finish means your bathroom will glimmer for years to come.

- Unique Designer Shape: A design like no other.



Victoria 952 x 479 White and Chrome Radiator

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date technology, with the best historical style, this period radiator bathroom towel rail creates both Victorian and modern feeling. The traditional Victoria radiator is a real eye-catcher. Merging quality craftsmanship with time-honoured design, this glimmering chrome radiator’s classic white midriff is bound to impress.

Important Points

- Size H952 mm x W479mm

- Made from quality brass

- Bathroom City’s vast array of electric bathroom heaters spans both traditional and contemporary styles, providing a look and functionality for any setting.


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