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The bathroom is a private escape, a place where you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your bath or shower, so to give your Bathroom Suite a warm ambiance, it's important to add a towel rail or bathroom radiator to your installation to make your bathroom the perfect temperature. Providing storage, style, and warmth, Bathroom radiators, heated towel rails, and warmers are the perfect solutions, with a range of sleek designs such as flat towel rails, curved towel rails and designer towel rails, each providing a look that will complement any suite.  Read the Bathroom City latest Bathroom Heating Guide it will address any questions you may have regarding this important Bathroom topic.

Range of Heating Options

We offer a selection of Designer Radiators, Electric Bathroom Radiators, Heated Towel Rails, Underfloor Heating and Radiator Valves. Most of our Bathroom Radiators come in a range of sizes to cater to both large and small bathrooms, and are available with attractive guarantees.

Electric or Central Heating Radiator

What's the difference between electric bathroom radiators and central heating radiators?

A dual-fuel radiator is a type of radiator that can be connected to either a central heating system or an electric power supply, offering flexibility in how it is operated and allowing for heating options beyond traditional water-based systems. Here's how it works:

  1. Central Heating System: Like a standard radiator, a dual-fuel radiator can be connected to a central heating system. In this configuration, hot water from the central heating boiler flows through the radiator, heating it and warming the room.

  2. Electric Heating: Dual fuel radiators also can be independently powered by electricity. They are equipped with an electric heating element, which can be connected to the mains electricity supply. When using electricity, the radiator functions similarly to an electric heater, generating heat directly through the electric element.

The ability to switch between central heating and electric heating offers several advantages:

  • Flexibility: Dual fuel radiators provide flexibility in heating options. They can be used as part of the central heating system during colder months when the boiler is running and switched to electric mode during warmer periods when the central heating may not be needed.

  • Zoned Heating: They allow for zoned heating control, as they can be operated independently of the central heating system. This means you can heat specific rooms or areas of the house as needed, without having to turn on the entire central heating system.

  • Seasonal Use: Dual fuel radiators are particularly useful in seasonal transitions when central heating may not yet be required but some heating is still desired. For example, they can provide supplementary heat in bathrooms or utility rooms without needing to activate the central heating system.

  • Energy Efficiency: Using electricity to heat the radiator can be more energy-efficient in certain situations, especially if the rest of the house doesn't need heating. It allows for targeted heating where and when it's needed, potentially saving energy compared to heating the entire house with the central heating system.

Overall, dual-fuel radiators offer versatility and control over heating options, making them a popular choice for modern heating systems, particularly in homes where flexibility and energy efficiency are priorities.




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Bathroom Heating Guide

What Type of Heating is Available?

Although the design is important, we believe practicality to be the most crucial element of a bathroom radiator purchase. The main purpose of a bathroom radiator is to keep the bathroom warm, and this should never be forgotten.

Before the design of the bathroom radiator is chosen, we advise customers to verify the size of their bathroom, and the amount of heat required to heat it.

The best way to judge the amount of heat needed is related to bathroom size. The smaller the bathroom, the less heat is required. The larger the bathroom, the more heat is required.

Choosing Radiator Style

Our 30 years of industry experience have taught us that it's better to purchase a traditionally styled radiator with a traditionally styled bathroom, and likewise, a modern bathroom radiator with a modern styled bathroom suite here few to styles to choose from...

Although that sounds obvious, many people can lose sight of it when shopping, and purchase solutions that don’t do their bathroom justice.

After the radiator style, the next thing to consider is the radiator valves. Just like the alignment of radiator style with bathroom style, radiator valves should align themselves with their corresponding radiators.

 Radiator valves typically come from the bathroom floor or wall. As a rule of thumb, floor valves tend to be straight, while wall valves tend to be angled.

Bathroom Heating That Satisfies Your Needs

So whether your bathroom consists of cutting-edge modernity or is simply and traditionally styled, our wide range of bathroom heaters is built to satisfy your needs.

The bathroom is an important room to keep warm, and our heaters are designed to increase performance, storage capacity, and storage space.

Most important of all, our bathroom heaters are built to make you feel comfortable inside your bathroom.

Heated Towel Rails

We currently boast a range of heated towel rails and towel warmers that provide the best quality in the bathroom market.

These days, heated bathroom towel radiators are no longer a luxury. Instead, heated towel radiators are becoming more of an essential.  The towel rail you choose should be based on both practicality and design. 

With our range of branded and non-branded products, you can be assured the bathroom heater you buy from us will give you the quality and assurance needed for your bathroom’s long-term success.

Our wide range of towel rail radiators means we boast a variety of styles. From flat radiator designs to curved radiator designs, right the way through to small heated towel rails and electric heaters. With us, you will be able to find the perfect heated towels for your bathroom.

Choosing Your Designer Radiator

If you’re looking for a bathroom radiator that will set your home apart, our range of designer radiators is truly exquisite.  Typically made from brass and finished in a variety of finishes, our designer radiators can look good in any room and are considered just as much of a piece of art as they are a bathroom radiator.

Choosing the Right Electric Heater for Your Bathroom

Electric heaters provide an alternative bathroom radiator but are equipped with the benefits of a gas-fuelled heater.  Electric bathroom radiator towel rails work from an electric point and don’t need any of the piping that would feed into a traditional heater, yet they still offer that high performance to keep you warm.

Wonderfully versatile and conveniently affordable, electric heaters are an economical heating solution as well as a stylish complement to any suite, providing total comfort in a huge range of styles.

The Best Bathroom Radiator Buyers Guide For Heated Appliances

Those cold winter chills in the early morning, make it almost impossible to get out of bed. The struggle from a warm cozy bed, into a cold bathroom is not something most people look forward to. We can help you change that into a moment you look forward to each morning, using our featured bathroom radiators range.

There is no doubt that walking into a heated bathroom on a cold winter morning is a little slice of paradise. Having the transition from warm and asleep to awake and still warm is pure bliss. All you need to do after that is just add coffee.

In case you have not looked into bathroom radiators and the function they perform let us walk you through in this buyer's guide.

What Types of Heated Bathroom Appliances Are There?


Starting with the type of bathroom radiator that you might need, you will understand what you have and what you need two very valuable points to decide before buying what you do not need.

What do you have?

Knowing what you are working with helps you identify what radiator system will complement your bathroom. Multiple bathrooms and showers are not so uncommon and we have also seen kitchens used with radiator systems.

What do you need?

Explaining the different types of bathroom radiators is fairly straightforward. The system provides heat in a space where the radiator's fans are pointed. To provide some insight into the different types of bathroom radiators and heating appliances we have broken down the most popular choices.

We do not take custom order requests. In the following sequence, we will outline the types of radiator systems we can assure you will complement any suite.

Bathroom Radiators

Stylish heated rooms are the creation of the bathroom radiator. Using radiator systems, it is possible to warm the atmosphere of a bathroom shower area to improve comfort levels. The warmth provides a more enjoyable temperature to undertake the showering duties in.

Chrome Radiators

Using chrome radiators provides heating at the same intensity and warmth as the standard bathroom radiator but it looks much more stylish in the sleek chrome variation. These systems are very popular with residential consumers.

Curved Radiators

Curved radiators provide the same functions as bathroom radiators but they do it in style with curves. Having curves does not statistically provide any more benefit to the delivery of the heat but it does look pretty interesting.

Tall Radiators

The tall radiator variation creates an impact visual installation that is noticeable but not out of place. A tall radiator is often a more powerful systems used for larger bathroom spaces, capable of heating without pulling on more power.

Heated Towel Rails

You may have come across these heating appliances when staying in hotels. Now it's becoming more and more popular to use these towel heaters in residential homes. There is also a growing trend for using these to not only dry towels but for drying clothing in general. We offer electric towel rails as well as traditional plumbed towel rails.

Under Floorboard Heating Systems

As the name of this system suggests, it sits under the floorboards and provides heating to the bathroom. This system is an out of sight no mess radiator unit, by being under the house it doesn’t impact any functionality or prohibit the power of the system.

These are the more popular types, for more precise bathroom theming contact our store and have a customer service representative help you with product selection. We provide a wide range of radiators of all shapes and sizes, our sales team knows the product range intimately enough to recommend the best.

Bathroom Radiators

The style in your own bathroom is now even more affordable with the bathroom heating brought to you by Bathroom City. Taking the finer things in life and adding them into your private escape is your own luxury. What benefit could a heated towel rail or a bathroom radiator add Ambience, comfort, and increasing relaxation all of these are positives.

Let's set the scene, you step out of the shower and grab your perfectly toasty warm towel. When the warmth of the fabric of the towel hits your skin you are instantly transported to a feeling of bliss no matter how cold the weather is outside. This slice of heated goodness is just one of the little comforts a bathroom radiator can bring into your life.

No longer reserved for luxury hotels heated towel rails are within reach and easily

accessible on our online store. Bathroom radiators take a little more planning to understand the best system for your bathroom. Is having a bathroom radiator or heated towel rail a necessity, no it is not. Will installing a bathroom radiator heating system improve your mood on a cold morning the answer is yes.

Understanding the Role of Radiators

To understand how the bathroom radiator fits into your happiness at home you need to

brave a frosty winter. The cold mornings are a friend to no one, the morning struggle from a warm sleep in a bed to getting up and ready for your day is a constant battle. A battle between staying in bed and getting up to use a cold bathroom.

The bathroom radiator fits in right here, providing a safe haven. Shielding from the cold weather and helping provide a comfortable temperature in the cold mornings and chilly nights. The equipment used for a bathroom radiator is not complex and is designed to

provide comfort. Controlling how your bathroom feels is the main function of a radiator heating system.

Trendy, fashionable, stylish all describe the design of the radiator heating systems. We wouldn’t have you think that installing a bathroom radiator system means you had to have a hideous metal chunk on your wall, far from it in terms of design.

Having advanced considerably over time the bathroom radiator is a must-have for bathrooms that can be improved with design and temperature. The expansion of comfort is triggered by adding a heated towel rail and a second radiator unit in some cases. You can use a bathroom radiator and a heated towel rail in conjunction.

Consider Your Wall Space

Selecting a type of bathroom radiator will also need a space of your bathroom space set aside for the installation of the radiator system. The exception is under-flooring radiator systems that work underneath the flooring if this is an option of course.

Heated towel rails are quite space-effective as they take up slightly more space than the traditional towel rails in most houses. The difference is slightly thicker bars but noticeable unless you were paying close attention to the finer details.

Vertical bathroom towel radiators. 

The Vertical bathroom radiator wall hung is the best option for maximum floor space and heat output.  They are available for anything up to 2 meters high. and all colour options.  

Tall radiators will require the most space as they take up a set space on the wall. These radiator systems run from the ground up and are available in an assortment of sizes and widths  The standard bathroom radiators don’t take up much space at all quite slimline and in most cases provide an attractively designed system casing. The design can change as the curved, chrome and all versions are available for use.

Look for a space on your wall that you don’t mind losing to the radiator system and mark it out when you plan the placement for your new radiator bathroom system.

Wall-mounted systems can also fit above storage furniture so you don’t compromise the entire wall space and can still have functionality in your bathroom space. The narrow rail designs can even be installed behind doors to conserve space.

Find the Right Style

We carry an impressive variety of chrome radiators, curved radiator designs, tall radiators, and column radiators. Our bathroom heating systems are for all types of bathrooms.

Unfortunately, we do not accept custom requests. You can, however, speak to one of our customer service representatives who can recommend the nearest product to your request.

Your focus should be to get the ideal one that matches your bathroom theme.

White-themed bathrooms would naturally be best-suited design-wise to our white radiator

systems For instance. Aesthetically this makes sense and can create an incredible combination. While overlooking the design and style of your new bathroom radiator can make or break your bathroom space.

Choosing the Radiator Finish.

Selecting a polished metal or matte finish for your radiator is a small touch of class. The finer details like this go unnoticed but are a nice touch to the overall theme of the bathroom space.

Chrome finish radiator designs are popular among residential customers, the combination of chrome and curved has shown a significant increase in orders over the last 6 months.

The ever-chic white and black finish also provides a strong design element to finish off a radiator system. The choice is yours and we can help you if you can not decide.


We have the range and size that you need and if you can’t figure out how to pick the

perfect heated bathroom system for you. Having heated bathroom appliances is no longer reserved for fancy hotels, give your bathroom a new functionality that rivals 5, star hotel bathrooms. When winter kicks in you will look back at the moment you decided to buy a bathroom radiator heating system, and completely agree that it was the best investment you made for your home.

Speak to one of our very knowledgeable in-store team members who can help you find the perfect bathroom radiator.

Stay warm keep cosy, see you in-store.