3 Sided Shower Enclosures

3 Sided Shower door enclosures - No Corners

Your bathroom layout doesn't give you a suitable corner for a normal corner shower installation. so why not look at the 3-sided showers?  These can be fitted to 1 flat wall no need for building false walls. It is a door and 2 fixed side panels Choose from a hinged slider pivot or bifold and leave the rest to us. If you don't need a sealed shower door a look at the walk-in shower that also fits to one wall. 

Quality Shower Door

Made from premium easy clean, toughened glass and high-lustre anodised aluminium frames. The stainless steel tracks are hard-wearing and come with a mirror-polished finish. Every component of this shower enclosure is durable and built to last. The extended guarantee means you can enjoy this robust shower enclosure maintenance-free for decades.

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What is a  3-sided shower Enclosure or U-shaped shower enclosure?

When deciding to develop our bathroom suite with a shower enclosure, it is standard procedure to fit it into the corner of the installation. But Wait you no longer need a corner. 

Our exclusive range of 3-sided enclosures can be installed anywhere in the bathroom with just 1 flat single wall. It can be a centerpiece of your bathroom.  One door and two side glass shower panels with or with stabilising brackets.