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Bathroom furniture is the ideal way to complement and accessorise your bathroom, providing both aesthetically pleasing and practical pieces for your bathroom space. When implemented correctly, designer bathroom furniture can really enhance the look and design of your bathroom. Our beautiful bathroom furniture comes in a variety of options to suit all bathroom sizes, styles, and budgets. So, whether you're looking to create a modern designer bathroom or a classic traditional one, we have sizes & styles that will surely suit your tastes. 

Please refer to our exhaustive Bathroom Furniture Guide to help you understand the different furniture types, space requirements, furniture shapes, styles, and materials available.

Extensive Range & Combination Sets

As one of the UK’s leading Bathroom Furniture specialists, we stock an impressive range of Vanity Units, Fitted Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Wall Cabinets, Bathroom Suites, and much more. We also stock a collection of budget-friendly Combination Sets. All bathroom units are available in a range of styles including freestanding and wall-hung vanity units and storage cabinets. We also manufacture bespoke bathroom furniture which is made to measure and allows you to design a bathroom as per your specific needs and personal taste!

Exceptional Quality

We carry a range of premium designer bathroom furniture in traditional, modern, and contemporary designs, helping you find the right combination of style and function. We stock unique and popular options such as oak bathroom furniture, grey & black bathroom furniture, white high-gloss furniture, and slimline fitted furniture. Finally, we also stock Furniture from the UK's most renowned Bathroom Brands such as Heritage BathroomsBurlington Bathrooms, and many more. All our bathroom units are available in different colors, styles, and sizes to suit the shape and dimensions of all sizes of bathrooms. With our extensive selection, we are sure that you will be able to design your dream bathroom, no matter what the shape or size of your space! 



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