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Bathroom Furniture


Bathroom furniture is the ideal way to complement and accessorise your bathroom, providing both aesthetically pleasing and practical pieces for your bathroom space.When implemented correctly, designer bathroom products can really enhance the practicality and design of a bathroom. See our bathroom furniture buyers guide for more ideas. 

As one of the UK’s leading bathroom furniture manufacturers with unique designer bathroom furniture designs, you will find we provide fitted bathroom furniture, bathroom vanity units, bathroom wall cabinets, bathroom vanity units, bathroom wall cabinets , reduced depth fitted furniture, bath panel’s  back to wall units, fitted furniture sets , wash stands, bathroom worktops and more. 

Furniture is rarely considered in the early stages of an installation. It's only after central features like the shower or bath are installed that furniture begins to get attention.

The first variable to consider when looking for new furniture is bathroom size. 

If you have the luxury of a larger bathroom, you may have the choice of freestanding bathroom furniture. But if your installation is tighter, then small bathroom furniture or even wall hung bathroom furniture may be perceived as better options.

After size, the next thing is the layout. What is your bathroom's layout? A bathroom's shape will always influence its furniture, so take this into consideration when shopping. Choose something that will synchronise with what you already have.

If you’re looking to utilise a particular space, i.e a corner or a space that is slightly offset, our range of fitted or even storage bathroom furniture may be worth having a look at.

In terms of practicality, the purpose of your furniture is also important. Do you want furniture that is solely for storage?  Or furniture that allows you to perform day-to-day grooming like vanity units with basins or even mirrored bathroom furniture.

With our wide range of Vanity Units Online to choose from we have something for every lifestyle, so really consider what you want before you go out to buy.  The colour the shape and style needs to be considered. 

Take a look at our range of Cheap Bathroom Suites to give you some pointers.


Maximise bathroom space potential

As soon as the size, layout and purpose of your bathroom have been considered, you can begin to look at style.  The style of your furniture will be related to your overall bathroom style. So if your bathroom is traditional, traditional bathroom furniture will naturally be your best option. Likewise, if your bathroom style is already modern and contemporary, buying modern bathroom furniture will work better.

Unless you have a specific idea, we wouldn't recommend installing traditional bathroom furniture into a modern bathroom, but it is possible and can work really well in certain instances.

 Tuning your furniture in line with existing bathroom style is not only rewarding, it creates a complete bathroom look. There is plenty of information on bathroom style that is readily available, so read it and take inspiration where necessary.

Whether you choose oak bathroom furniture, black bathroom furniture, or even freestanding bathroom furniture, educate yourself on what will be the best for your bathroom.

Using instinct also helps, remember to follow that gut feeling; it's usually on to something.

Important bathroom furniture information

As soon as the style of your furniture has been chosen, you’re nearly there. However, there are few things to consider before purchasing. The first is whether you want to position your furniture underneath a window.

Why is this important?

Compared to walls, windows attract different levels of condensation which can affect furniture material. This is why it's important to seek advice on which materials are most suitable for your bathroom. We have over 30 years’ experience in the bathroom industry and would be more than happy to help.

Another thing to think about is where your plumbing is located. Your bathroom layout should work in sync with the position of the bathroom pipes. Changing the position of your pipes is possible, but it requires more work and more money, so we would advise working with what you have.


Next is colour. Traditionally, the colour that comes to people’s mind when they think of a bathroom is white. Yet more and more bathroom furniture defies this tradition and is available in a range of other colours. Our range of furniture colours varies from dark tones to light pastels so feel free to experiment and defy convention.

Colour is naturally linked with mood, so be aware of this when purchasing. Think about the colour and style of key bathroom features such as the bath and shower cubicle. The colours you choose for your bathroom will come naturally, but if you do find yourself struggling, do some research or seek advice. And remember, we’re only a phone call away.


Bathroom Furniture that will take your bathroom to the next level

Hacienda 1500 Fitted Bathroom Furniture Pack

This vanity unit is the complete bathroom furniture solution. Designed and manufactured in our own factory, this bathroom furniture piece features everything needed for complete bathroom usability.

Important Points

• The Hacienda 1500 comes with a vanity unit and an integrated basin meaning that your storage and washing area are subtly combined as one. The beauty of the Hacienda 1500 stems from its simplicity. Each part of the furniture pack gels perfectly together, making it both stylish and practical.

• High gloss white acrylic unit fronts not only make your bathroom look great, they also increase bathroom quality. This means buying the Hacienda is a good financial investment because it is bound to last.

• The handles on the Hacienda 1500 are made from brass and finished in a pristine chrome finish. The good news is that solid brass never falters, so you get the sturdiness of brass and the good looks of chrome in one well-designed handle.

• The beautiful walnut trim gives it contrast. Whereas the gloss white fronts offer a sense of vibrancy, the walnut trim settles everything down.

• Hacienda 1500 isn’t suited for smaller bathrooms, so if you’re looking to decorate a smaller bathroom, this unit isn’t for you.

Old England Vanity Unit 105 and Basin

The Old English Vanity Unit 105 and Basin is a classic piece of oak bathroom furniture. Simply designed with two front doors, this Old English Vanity Unit cleverly merges quality material with quality craftsmanship. Most of all, this vanity unit adds a country rusticness that every traditional furniture piece should have.

Important Points 

• The Old English Vanity Unit 105’s basin is made from oak and vitreous china to add both quality and luxury to your bathroom.

• What makes this unit so interesting is the use of modern handles on what is outwardly a traditional unit.  This contrast has a profound effect, making it unique but still true to its traditional roots.

• This unit is designed and made in our own Birmingham factory, meaning this product is exclusive to Bathroom City.

• The soft handles door hinges don’t just improve user experience, they protect the unit from getting damaged. This qualifies it as a central feature that will last for years to come. 

• Suitable for a traditionally designed bathroom.


Insolito Carolla 1 Door Bathroom Storage Unit (Charcoal Grey)

Ideal for ensuite or cloakrooms, the Insolito Corolla 1 Door Bathroom Storage Unit is the perfect slimline vanity unit for storing bathrooms bits and bobs. Made from American White Ash, and finished in a charcoal grey coating, this unit sits in the interesting void between modern and traditional bathroom furniture.

Important Points

• This storage cupboard is made from an industry respected material. American White Ash wood is famous for its sturdiness and quality, so you can be assured that buying this unit will create long-term satisfaction.

• This particular cupboard comes pre-assembled so there is no need to worry about constructing a flat-pack, the work is already done for you.

• The cupboard comes with a stylish door knob that adds both character and personality.

• This bathroom storage unit doesn’t just come in charcoal grey, it’s also available in Whisper Grey and French Vanilla finishes.

• If you’re looking for that complete bathroom look, there’s a matching vanity basin and bathroom mirror also available.

SolitAire 7005 Vanity Unit and Basin with Led Light 2 Drawer 2 Door

This wall hung vanity unit and basin comes with a LED light and two deep draws that make it both appealing and functional. Designed for a modern bathroom, this vanity unit and basin comes in a range of finishes and colours. If you’re looking to equip your bathroom with style, storage and valuable floor space, then the SolitAire is the cabinet for you.

Important Points

• This freestanding bathroom furniture unit and basin unit is available with a range high gloss unit fronts. The variety of colours mean that no matter what the colour or mood of your bathroom, there will be an option ideal for your home.

• Each of the mineral marble washbasins is available in white, grey metallic or black metallic. Again, this gives you control over what your unit appearance.

• The Solitaire 7005 has soft close door mechanics which enables it to improve user experience and protect the doors themselves.

• The Solitaire offers two types of designer handles. Both styles are made from brass and filmed with chrome, but both vary in terms of image.

• The beauty of Solitaire unit is how easy it is to install. This unit doesn’t require any work at home apart from fixing it to your bathroom wall.

Oslo Max Corner Unit

The Oslo Max Corner Unit is the perfect piece of corner bathroom furniture. Providing a sleek storage solution as well as a basin counter top surface, this unit organically curves around corners to make the best use of them. This bathroom furniture piece is an ideal bathroom asset for both storage and style.

The Oslo Max Corner Unit is a stylish piece of furniture that features a cast marble top. Other features include soft close doors and two deep drawers.

• The Oslo natural cast marble stone worktop adds quality and luxury to your bathroom.

• The Oslo is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

• The plinth is included in this corner unit, so you can be assured that you only make one purchase.

• This unit is only ideal for a bathroom corner, so be aware of this before you purchasing.

• This unit works better in a modern designed bathroom.


Although not as essential as other parts of the bathroom, furniture plays an important role in a bathroom’s overall success.Our range both is wide and varied, stretching from vintage bathroom furniture and contemporary bathroom furniture to fitted bathroom furniture and space saving bathroom furniture.

The key things to remember with furniture are the style, shape and purpose of it. Once these three important factors have been addressed, you’re now on the way to achieving bathroom excellence.

For more information on bathroom furniture, call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, come in and visit our Tyseley showroom open Monday to Friday 09:00:17:30, Saturday 09:00:17:00 or Sunday 10:00: 16:30. 

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