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Gold Accessory Make Over

Makeover your bathroom by simply changing your bathroom accessories. The new look is a brushed gold theme. all items you will need are available from the Ria range of gold accessories. Includes a gold toilet roll holder toothbrush and brushed brass towel rings. 

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I'm looking to change my bathroom taps and accessories from chrome to gold what is available:

  1. Taps and Fixtures: Upgrading your bathroom mixer taps, showerhead, and other fixtures to brushed gold is the first stage of changing colours. This is usually an easy DIY task. 

  2. Towel Bars and Rings: Replace your existing towel bars and rings with brushed gold and new towels are always a bonus. 

  3. Toilet Paper Holder and Robe Hooks  Install brushed gold robe hooks on the back of your bathroom door or on the wall to keep your robes neatly organized and easily accessible.

  4. Shower Caddy or Shelf: Consider adding a brushed gold shower caddy or shelf to store your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower essentials in style.

  5. Soap Dispenser and Dish: Upgrade your soap dispenser and dish to brushed gold for a sophisticated and coordinated look on your bathroom vanity.

  6. Light Fixtures: Replace your bathroom light fixtures with brushed gold ones to tie together the overall design aesthetic of your space.

  7. Mirror Frame: If you have a vanity mirror, consider adding a brushed gold frame to elevate its appearance and tie it in with the rest of your bathroom accessories.

  8. Cabinet Hardware: Swap out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for brushed gold ones.

  9. Bathroom Accessories Sets: Consider purchasing a set of brushed gold bathroom accessories that includes multiple items such as a toothbrush holder, etc buying in full sets are usually a cheaper option . and they also match.

Brushed brass and gold bathroom accessories are both stylish options that can add elegance to your bathroom decor, but they have some differences:

  1. Finish: Brushed brass typically has a matte or satin finish achieved by brushing the metal surface, creating a subtle texture and softening its appearance. Gold accessories, on the other hand, often have a shiny, reflective finish that can range from polished to satin.

  2. Color: Brushed brass tends to have warmer, earthier tones with a slightly yellow or brownish hue, resembling aged brass or antique gold. Gold accessories, meanwhile, have a brighter, more vibrant color with a distinct yellow or golden hue.

  3. Appearance: Brushed brass accessories often have a more understated and rustic look, suitable for both traditional and contemporary bathroom designs. Gold accessories, on the other hand, make a bolder statement and can add a touch of opulence and glamour to your bathroom.

  4. Versatility: Brushed brass accessories can blend well with a variety of color schemes and styles, from industrial to farmhouse to modern. Gold accessories, while versatile, may be more suited to luxurious or high-end bathroom designs.

  5. Maintenance: Both brushed brass and gold accessories require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. However, brushed brass may show fewer fingerprints and water spots due to its matte finish, while gold accessories may require more frequent polishing to keep their shine.

Ultimately, the choice between brushed brass and gold bathroom accessories comes down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your bathroom. Whether you prefer the warmth and subtlety of brushed brass or the boldness and glamour of gold, both options can add style and sophistication to your space.