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Either recessed into the wall, ceiling or as part of a riser rail, Bathroom City’s range of shower riser rail kits provide the ideal shower solution which complements any installation.

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Choosing a Rigid Riser Rail or Slide Rail

After deciding on the style, shape, and size of your shower enclosure it’s only natural to start thinking about coordinating showerheads, shower handsets, and shower arms in order to complete your shower installation. With such a wide choice of fixed showerheads, shower roses, hand-held showerheads, low-pressure handsets, and shower arms on the market, how do you decide what is the most suitable solution for your shower enclosure?


What is a Fixed Showerhead?

A fixed showerhead is fixed securely to a shower arm or wall arm to your shower wall and cannot be moved or adjusted. These types of showerhead are designed for shower enclosures and bath shower installations, fixing neatly to the wall for a stylish and functional solution to showering. A fixed showerhead is a great way to achieve a streamlined look, however the fact it is attached to the wall can restrict where you can direct the jet of water.

What is a Shower Arm?

Shower arms are small components that attach the showerhead to the water supply behind the wall or ceiling. As well as the functional use, shower arms can act as decorative touches and are available in a wide range of styles. You can easily update the look of your shower by replacing a fixed showerhead simply by unscrewing it from the shower arm and then screwing on another one.

What is a Shower Handset?

If a fixed showerhead doesn’t give you enough flexibility then a shower handset is a great choice. Shower handsets, commonly known as hand-held showerheads, are attached to the water supply by a hose and either held in a holder or directly in the hand so you can direct the jet exactly where you want it.

By mounting the handset on a slider rail it acts just like a fixed showerhead. Although unlike a fixed showerhead the sliding action of a rail means the showerhead can be lowered or raised to suit the height of the person showering. The hand-held showerhead can also be removed from the holder for precision showering along with other tasks such as cleaning the shower area.

At Bathroom City we stock a wide range of complete shower sets that come with both a fixed showerhead and matching shower handset so you get the best of both.

What is a Multi-Function Shower Handset?

Having a shower handset as part of your shower installation is a massive convenience in itself, so adding a multi-function shower handset is a fantastic choice. Multi-function shower handsets provide a number of different jet options, providing users with a soft massage, a deep scrub or a sensual mist, plus many more.

What is a Shower Rose or Rose Showerhead?

Echoing traditional artistry and timeless chic, rose showerheads are a classic look that resembles a rose shape and are a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers. Adding a shower rose to your shower enclosure is a fantastic way to capture the essence of yesteryear and ensure that your shower stands the test of time.

What are Low-Pressure Handsets and Low-Pressure Showerheads?

There’s nothing worse than having a shower when the water jet isn’t strong enough to wash off the soap suds. A quick solution to this problem is to purchase a special low-pressure showerhead. Low-pressure handsets and showerheads are compatible with low-pressure systems or gravity systems (0.2 bar) and provide a good water flow without the need for an additional shower pump.

Showerheads and Shower Arms at Bathroom City

Whichever type of showerhead you select, your choice must complement the style of your bathroom interior. Vintage installations will benefit from a period design such as a traditional shower rose. Sleek, angular designs are also available to suit a more cutting-edge, minimalist look. At Bathroom City we have a huge range of showerheads, shower handsets and shower arms in both traditional and contemporary styles from all the leading brands. So whichever type of showerhead you choose, you will be able to find the perfect one at Bathroom City.