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Shower Riser Rails

Either recessed into the wall, ceiling or as part of a riser rail, Bathroom City’s range of shower heads and arms provide the ideal shower solution which complements any installation.

Shower Rail Kits For All Styles 

Shower heads and arms are an essential component of the shower installation and our wealth of style options span traditional, contemporary and modern classic designs.

How you decide to attach your showerhead to the wall of your shower enclosure is a factor that impacts on the functionality of your installation. Do you want a showerhead to be fixed or would your household benefit from being able to adjust the height of the head?

Rigid riser rails and slider rails are two options, but which would suit your household the best?

What is a Rigid Riser Rail?

A rigid riser rail holds the showerhead in a fixed position when it is installed. This means you must ensure the showerhead is set at your preferred height as you are not able to adjust it afterwards. In some cases rigid riser rail kits can come with a handheld shower handset which gives more flexibility over the direction of the water jet.

What is a Slide Rail?

A slide rail allows the showerhead to slide up and down, meaning it can be adjusted to the perfect height for each member of your household. This gives more flexibility than a rigid riser rail and makes a slide rail kit a great choice for family bathrooms where people of different heights will be using it.

At Bathroom City we have an impressive range of rigid riser rail kits and slide rail kits in both traditional and contemporary styles to suit your interior.

Choosing a Rigid Riser Rail or Slide Rail