Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height Toilets are taller than Standard toilets. An increase in toilet height allows the user to sit in a more comfortable position and reduces the stress on knees and joints.These high-rise toilets are easier for the elderly and disabled to get up and down. Raised toilets are also great for tall people and for those who simply prefer a higher toilet. Shop from our affordable mix of Comfort Height Toilets.

Looking for a Standard Toilet instead? No problem. Check out our Full Range of Toilets.

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All our Comfort Height Toilets are built from high quality materials. We stock high rise toilets from leading UK Bathroom Brands as well as manufacture our own products in the UK . If you're looking for a Comfort Height Toilet for yourself or a family member, do check out our selection. We offer FREE delivery on all orders over £399, to most parts of UK.

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