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Compact Back To Wall Toilet Units

At Bathroom City, we have a variety of bathroom furniture. Back-to-wall toilets and back-to-wall WC units are the perfect solution to concealing a cistern, providing a furniture design that can be mixed and matched with other elements of the suite with a range of finishes and designs.

Stylish Space-Saving Designs

Moreover, choosing a back-to-wall WC unit can also provide a space-saving solution, ideal for installing in smaller compact suites, such as en-suites and cloakrooms.  Bathroom City’s vast range of back-to-wall units provides a solution for any bathroom setting, with a collection of different shapes, sizes and style options to choose from.

Investing in a back-to-wall unit reaps a wealth of benefits that may not be completely clear on the surface of it, with many of us believing it’s just a unit to conceal the cistern. In many ways back to wall toilet units are simply a furniture solution to conceal your toilet's cistern, so why have it you might think?

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1. What Is a Back to Wall Toilet Unit? 

A back to wall toilet is a modern space-saving solution. It securely attaches the toilet bowl to the wall, concealing the cistern within a unit or wall. This design creates a tidy, streamlined appearance, with only the toilet bowl visible. It offers an alternative to standard toilets where the cistern and drain pipe are exposed.

2. What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Back to Wall WC Unit?

Back to wall WC units, which house concealed cisterns, feature minimalist, stylish designs that enhance bathroom aesthetics. They provide a neat look, acting as decorative covers for the cistern and drain pipe. Some units offer additional storage space on their tops.

3. Does a Back to Wall Toilet Unit Include a Cistern?

Back to wall WC toilet units typically include both a cistern and a toilet seat. However, standalone back to wall toilets may come with a soft-close toilet seat, requiring a separate cistern purchase.

4. Are There Water-Saving and Eco-Friendly Options Available for These Units?

Eco-friendly back to wall toilet units incorporate water-saving features like dual-flush systems. These models use less water per flush, typically 3/6 litres, promoting water conservation.