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A toilet is a crucial part of any bathroom and there are many more factors to consider than you may first think. There are aesthetic concerns such as type of toilet, modern or traditional looks, toilet height & more, hygiene & water efficiency factors such as rimless versus rimmed toilets, and finally budget considerations. When it comes to Toilets, there are various practical considerations also such as the fitting and positioning in the bathroom in relation to your soil pipe, and most importantly whether your bathroom toilet has a constant water source flowing to it. Get this wrong and you may need a new ceiling downstairs.  Read Bathroom City's informative Toilet Buying Guide has been written to simplify and assist you in the process of buying a new toilet.

Compact & Efficient Designs

We offer Close-coupled, Back-to-wall, Comfort Height, Wall-hung, Bidet, and Rimless Toilets. We also offer various Toilet Set Combinations such as Toilet and Sink Sets, Back To Wall Toilets & Cabinet Sets, and Toilet Accessories. Our elaborate collection of affordable and quality Bathroom toilets should address most of your requirements.

Durability Guaranteed

Bathroom City Toilet products are well-built, durable, and will last you for years to come. All Bathroom Toilets are proudly manufactured in the UK and are tested for quality. These toilet products come with a minimum guarantee of one year or more. For any questions, you can speak with our friendly in-store sales staff, read our helpful toilet buying Guide, or get in touch with our helpful customer service team.

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Choosing the Perfect Toilet

Toilets and bidets are essential bathroom elements that combine functionality with style. Our extensive range includes close coupled, back-to-wall, wall-hung, low-level, and high-level toilets, catering to both traditional and modern bathroom suites.

Our diverse toilet selection ensures there's a perfect fit for your bathroom. Whether you prefer a high-level toilet for a classic look or a more modern design, we have you covered.

Types of Toilets:

  1. Close-Coupled Toilets: These are the most common types, with the cistern sitting on the back of the toilet pan. They offer a modern appearance and efficient flushing technology. There are two fitting types.  Open back allows for your existing soil pipe to be fitted from any direction or there is the closed back toilet fully back to the wall where the soil pipe is either straight out of the wall or floor.  the pan will conceal all the soil pipes. close coupled is often referred to as a 2-piece toilet one piece being the cistern and the second the actual toilet pan. 

  2. Back to Wall Toilets: Ideal for small bathrooms, they hide the cistern within the wall or a back-to-wall toilet cabinet. All back-to-wall toilets are fully closed back and sit flush with the wall or cabinet.  The concealed cistern is hidden within the wall or the cabinet. 

  3. Wall Hung Toilets: A stylish and modern choice, these toilets are attached to the wall at any height to suit your family's needs. The best way to fit a wall-hung toilet is to buy a toilet wall frame and concealed cistern that is fitted within the wall. offering a clean and space-saving solution.

  4. Traditional Toilets: These toilets embrace classic styles, perfect for vintage-themed bathrooms. They come in high-level and low-level options with various finishes the high level has the cistern high on the wall with water pipes running to the pan for flushing usually in a chrome or brass finish. The low level is as its name the cistern is not high on the wall but a lower version of the same product. 

  5. Comfort Height Toilets: This is a term for the height of the pan  Designed for comfort and accessibility, these toilets are taller, making them easier to use for people with disabilities or those who prefer a more comfortable height. Comfort height toilets are available in close-coupled and back-to-wall styles. 

  6. Short Projection Toilets: When space is limited, these toilets provide a compact solution, creating more floor space in your bathroom. the projection from the wall is much smaller than standard toilets.  If you have a small cloakroom or gally-style bathroom these are an ideal space saver, 

  7. Rimeless Toilets: This is all about the toilet pan bowl shape and how the water flushes around the pan. The rimeless design has no hidden rim and offers improved hygiene and easier cleaning since there are no hidden areas where bacteria can accumulate.



Toilet Seats :

Toilet seats are the finishing touch to your toilet, available in various designs and materials. Consider options like top fix for easy installation, wrap-over for a seamless appearance, wooden seats for a traditional look, or soft-close seats for added convenience. The top fixed toilet seats are highly recommended as they are easy to remove for cleaning.