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Luxury toilet Designs

Toilets and bidets are an important element of the bathroom, providing practicality as well as communicating the room’s personality through decoration. Whether you’re looking to purchase a close coupled toilet,

a back to wall toilet, a wall hung toilet, a low level toilet, or a high levels toilet, our product range is second to none.

The toilet is a bathroom essential and at Bathroom City, we’re focused on making sure our range provides both high level performance as well as aesthetic quality to suit Traditional Bathroom Suites and Modern

Our range of toilets is both wide and varied, which means we are able to guarantee that we’ll have the perfect toilet for your bathroom. So whether you’re looking for a high-level toilet for your traditionally styled bathroom, or you’re in the pursuit of something more modern and simple, we’re confident your new toilet is sitting in our warehouse right now.

As it stands we currently provide close coupled toilets and  WCs, Back to Wall Toilets and WCs, Wall Hung Toilets and WCs, Low Level Toilets and WCs, High Level Toilets and WCs, Bidets, Standard Bidets, Wall Hung Bidets, Ensuite Cloakroom Sets, Toilet Seats and Cistern Fittings and Wall Frame Support.

Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Our expert knowledge stretches further than just providing products. As one of the leading bathroom experts in the UK, we also offer product advice. From how to install your brand new toilet to handy tips on how to clean your toilet properly, we offer a product education.

Modern or Traditional Style Toilets

When it comes to the toilet, choosing the right one is important because it is an essential component of your bathroom. Often customers will have something in mind in terms of what they want, so we make it our mission to supply the best toilets on the market.

Bathroom toilets such as wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets and high level toilets are styles that tend to be thought of before purchasing, but often customers are open minded in terms of their toilet options.

Perhaps the easiest way of deciding what toilet would be best for your bathroom is based on the existing bathroom décor.  If your bathroom is currently decorated with more a modern theme, then a close coupled toilet, back to wall toilet or even wall hung toilet qualify as potential styles for success.

On the contrary, if your bathroom is decorated in more of a traditional style, we recommend expanding on this theme by purchasing a high-level toilet or even a low-level Traditional style toilet that will enhance the classical theme of your bathroom. Our range of Basin Units offer vintage and mordern designs. 

Where Is Your Soil Pipe Situated?

The next important variable is to do with where your soil pipe is situated. The positioning of your soil pipe will influence the type of toilet you can choose. Typically, bathroom soil pipes are either positioned on the wall, or from the floor.  And therefore, our advice is to consult with a member of staff about which type of toilet will be best for your bathroom.  Each home is different, so it is best to find out which toilet will be best for your bathroom on an individual basis.


Toilets at Bathroom City

Astoria Deco Low Level Cistern with Pan Round Bowl White including Ceramic Bend Connect White Including Seat

This luxurious noir low level toilet comes complete with a beautiful ceramic cistern and pan. Inspired by Victorian opulence, this traditionally style toilet is definitely a favourite amongst Bathroom City customers.

What makes this toilet so appealing is its black and white toilet seat to pan contrast – which is invigorated further by its chrome plated soil pipe.

Furthermore, each element of this toilets design has been thoroughly thought through, from the contoured ridge of the pan, to the beautiful detail that cascades around its flush chain.

- The Ideal Traditional Bath - a product from British bathroom makers Imperial Bathrooms, this toilet is the ideal traditional styled toilet.

-  This particular seat is also available with a white seat if necessary.

- Spacious Design- With dimensions of W515mm, H1228mm, D672mm, this toilet provides the adequate space to perform well.

- Supplied with ceramic bend connect – The particular toilet comes with a ceramic band that creates an easier installation.

- Superior quality ceramic ware from Imperial Bathrooms

Carlton High Level Pan and Cistern

Create a truly wonderful bathroom feature with the Carlton High Level and Pan and Cistern. A product of the period of enlightenment, this Carlton High Level Pan and Cistern creates a beautiful bathroom feature.

The wonderful thing about the Carlton High Level Pan Toilet is its timeless decoration. It can never become outdated, and because of this, this high level toilet is a real bathroom asset.

Featuring a chrome traditional high level flush pipe, a fulcrum level and a chain pull with steal decorative support.

- Period Design- This beautiful high level toilet comes is statement of idyllic Victorian design

- Long Flush Pipe – The elongated flush pipe is made from stern, high quality chrome.

- Includes chrome cistern support brackets-

- Features wooden seat

- Height 2180, Width 470, Depth 460

- 5 year Guarantee

Emma Wall Hung WC Complete


The perfect wall hung toilet for the modern bathroom, this Emma wall hung toilet is perfect for saving space and promoting a sleek affect inside your bathroom. This contemporary bathroom suite comes with in pure white porcelain and specialised soft seat mechanism to enhance user experience.

The beauty of the Emma wall hung bathroom stems from its ability to create an illusion of more space inside a smaller bathroom. 

- Contemporary wall hung toilet

- Finished in white

- Dimensions: Width 380mm, Height 370mm, Depth 540mm

- Includes wall hung pan

- Supplied with a soft-closing toilet seat and cover

- Part of Phoenix’s Emma range


At Bathroom City, we understand the important nature of the toilet inside bathroom. Our range is both wide and diverse, so no matter your toilet requirement is, we’re bound to have something for you. For more information, call us today 0121 753 0700 or alternatively, come in and visit our showroom open Monday-Friday 09:00- 17:30. 


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