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A toilet is a crucial part of any bathroom and there are many more factors to consider than you may first think. There are aesthetic concerns such as type of toilet, modern or traditional looks, toilet height & more, hygiene & water efficiency factors auch as rimless verus rimmed toilets, and finally budget considerations. When it comes to Toilets, there are various practical considerations also such as the fitting and positioning in the bathroom in relation to your soil pipe, and most importantly whether your bathroom toilet has a constant water source flowing to it. Get this wrong and you may need a new ceiling downstairs.  Our informative Toilet Buying Guide has been written to simplify and assist you in the process of buying a new toilet.

Compact & Efficient Designs

We offer Close-coupled, Back-to-wall, Comfort Height, Wall-hung, Bidet, and Rimless Toilets. We also offer various Toilet Set Combinations such as Toilet and Sink Sets, Back To Wall Toilets & Cabinet Sets, and Toilet Accessories. Our elaborate collection of affordable and quality Bathroom toilets should address most of your requirements.

Durability Guaranteed

Our Bathroom Toilet products are well-built, durable and will last you for years to come. All Bathroom Toilets are proudly manufactured in the UK and are tested for quality. These toilet products come with a minimum guarantee of one year or more.For any questions, you can speak with our friendly in-store sales staff, read our helpful toilet buying Guide, or get in touch with our helpful customer service team.

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Luxury toilet Designs

Toilets and bidets are an important element of the bathroom, providing practicality as well as communicating the room’s personality through decoration. Whether you’re looking to purchase a close coupled toilet,

a back to wall toilet, a wall hung toilet, a low-level toilet, or a high levels toilet, our product range is second to none.

The toilet is a bathroom essential and at Bathroom City, we’re focused on making sure our range provides both high-level performances as well as aesthetic quality to suite Traditional Bathroom Suites and Modern

Our range of toilets is both wide and varied, which means we are able to guarantee that we’ll have the perfect toilet for your bathroom. So whether you’re looking for a high-level toilet for your traditionally styled bathroom, or you’re in the pursuit of something more modern and simple, we’re confident your new toilet is sitting in our warehouse right now.

As it stands we currently provide close coupled toilets and  WCs, Back to Wall Toilets and WCs, Wall Hung Toilets and WCs, Low-Level Toilets and WCs, High-Level Toilets and WCs, Bidets, Standard Bidets, Wall Hung Bidets, Ensuite Cloakroom Sets, Toilet Seats and Cistern Fittings and Wall Frame Support.

Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

Our expert knowledge stretches further than just providing products. As one of the leading bathroom experts in the UK, we also offer product advice. From how to install your brand new toilet to handy tips on how to clean your toilet properly, we offer a product education.

Modern or Traditional Style Toilets

When it comes to the toilet, choosing the right one is important because it is an essential component of your bathroom. Often customers will have something in mind in terms of what they want, so we make it our mission to supply the best toilets on the market.

Bathroom toilets such as wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets and high-level toilets are styles that tend to be thought of before purchasing, but often customers are open-minded in terms of their toilet options.

Perhaps the easiest way of deciding what toilet would be best for your bathroom is based on the existing bathroom décor.  If your bathroom is currently decorated with more a modern theme, then a close coupled toilet, back to wall toilet or even wall hung toilet qualify as potential styles for success.

On the contrary, if your bathroom is decorated in more of a traditional style, we recommend expanding on this theme by purchasing a high-level toilet or even a low-level Traditional style toilet that will enhance the classical theme of your bathroom. Our range of Basin Units offers vintage and modern designs.

It's always good to plan your design and practicality needs before you decide on your choice of the toilet. This will also influence your look and final finish to your bathroom. Preparation is key. We believe the following key questions are a good place for anyone looking to purchase a toilet to start with.

Q: What type of design and style do I want?

Q: What type of cistern do I need?

Q: What walls, fittings, or furniture do I need?

Q: size and shape of your bathroom?

This guide will cover all of the above points and give you a great insight with what lavatory to buying and making the best out of a simple thing we all take for granted. After all, we spend an average of 42 minutes a week sitting on the toilet.     

Types of toilet


A close-coupled toilet is where your cistern sits on the back of the toilet and flushes through directly to the pan. Most lavatories these days are close-coupled giving a modern fresh look. In days gone by, toilets had cisterns hung above on the wall where gravity was used to create a strong flush. With modern technology, fitting encapsulated in the cistern do all the work needed.

There are a few different types of toilets of late to hit the market and are proving very popular. A fully back to wall close coupled w/c means the gap at the back of the toilet conceals all of your pipes, giving a sleeker look. This also helps when it comes to cleaning as there are less annoying areas for dirt and grime to hide. The downside to this style is the pipes are hidden and the toilet may have to be moved out of position for maintenance.

The opposite of this is an open back close-coupled toilet. They are easier to plumb and maintain but provide more pesky areas for grime to sneak into.  Check out our range of Close Coupled Toilets here.

Close-coupled pans/toilets are fitted to the floor using floor connectors and screws through the bottom side of the pan Generally, most toilets come complete with cistern fittings. We advise you to check on a purchase that your toilet comes with all required fittings as some may not. Also check your dimensions, as this style of coming in a huge variety of dimensions depending on style, look and range. Some brands, like Burlington, even offer portrait or landscape cisterns meaning you can make the most of your bathroom.

For maximum aesthetic impact, you may be able to complete your look with a matching basin and pedestal.

Back to wall 

Sitting on this type of toilet means your back is to the wall not against the cistern.

Back to wall toilets are a neat solution for a small bathroom that maximises space A cistern (sold separately) is normally situated within the wall, hiding the plumbing. Another extremely popular option is to utilise a piece of back to wall furniture making the cistern hidden from view. A push-button then will be fitted for flushing. A back to wall toilet is mounted to the floor using floor fixings with the cistern being fitted accordingly to your design.

As you can imagine, with all the plumbing concealed, this gives a clean contemporary look which lends itself to a modern bathroom and makes cleaning a cinch. You may choose a back to wall toilet to match the shapes of your bathroom and can come in a range of sets with basins and pedestals to complete the look.


Wall hung toilets

Wall hung toilet is the ultimate in the modern designer look. A firm favourite with many hotels, there is no reason why you can’t bring this luxury to your own bathroom. Wall hung toilets are exactly what they say on the tin, A toilet is hung on the wall with an accessible flush panel. Like back to wall toilets, the cistern and pipework are hidden in a wall.

The wall hung toilet has created an inventive use of space, as well as making it easy to clean.

I bet you are thinking how can I sit safely on a toilet that hangs off the wall, and what about the fitting? A decent wall hung toilet should be able to withstand 200kg

This design doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg depending on what brand and quality you select, and start from as little as £120. If you are looking for the ultimate in performance,   Gebrit with their extensive range of quality cisterns will be able to meet any need, with unrivalled performance for years to come.

A wall hung pan may cost a little extra to install but will be worth it in the end. Make sure you have a professional plumber to install your unit. The pipework will be hidden but must be accessible. The last thing you want in your finished bathroom is a leak you can’t get to. Access plates will provide you with all the access you may ever need. Most good plumbers will have experience installing this type of toilet. Take a look at bathroom city wall hung toilets

Traditional Toilets

Traditional toilets have a periodic look that matches the style you would associate with houses from the Victorian or Edwardian era. More and more these days people are buying this type of lavatory to mix contemporary clean looks with traditional stylings

High level and low-level cisterns are supplied with your usual traditional toilet. Bathroom City has a variety of ranges from stainless steel to porcelain. Your lavatory will either come with a lever or a push-button depending on the finish you are trying to achieve.

You will have to purchase a flush kit to go with your toilet, of which there is an extensive variety. You may also have a choice of ornate brackets to complete the look, which may cost extra. The cistern fittings inside the cistern are generally the same as any other cistern. We advise you to always check what is, and is not supplied, with your retailer.

Depending on how much you would like to pay, there is a bevvy of brands to you’re your needs, from traditional suppliers such as Burlington, through to premium brands such as Imperial. Why not finish your traditional look with a wooden seat see bathroom city’s Traditional toilets

Comfort height toilet and short projection – For people with disabilities, restricted movement, or just those that prefer a more comfortable experience, a comfort height toilet may be appropriate. A conventional toilet stands 14 – 15 inches from the floor whilst a comfort height toilet will stand 17-19 inches. This makes the toilet easier to sit on and stand from.

Our affordable suggestion for this comfort height toilet is the compact deluxe pan from bathroom city.

Short projection pans are used when space is at a premium in your bathroom. A special shorter toilet, short projection pans provide more floor space in your bathroom. The compact close-coupled pan by bathroom city does this well, with the projection of the toilet being a few CM shorter than most other toilets.

Toilet seats

The finishing touch to your toilet, and an opportunity to let your personality shine through, there are more designs of toilet seat than could ever be listed.  From bespoke seats to designer seats, to those that look like they have the London bus on, remember toilet seats don't come in sizes, but they do come in shapes. For this reason. A toilet seat is normally purchased with your toilet. Never throw away the receipt as some parts on a toilet seat are classed as perishable items and will not be cover under the manufacturer's guarantee. A record of your purchase, with the name of the toilet, will help you when you need to replace these parts.

Top fix – No more messing around trying to screw nuts underneath your toilet and trying to get the perfect alignment. No more messing about with 5 years of grime with the fixing of your seat. Try a top fix toilet seat, manufacturers are gearing towards this solution making them simple by inserting your connectors into the top of the toilet and simply attaching the seat. Yes, it’s really this simple.

Wrap over – A wrap over toilet seat give the effect of slick lines and no joins the top wraps over the bottom part of the seat, giving a homogenous look.

Wooden – A traditional option, when buying a wooden toilet seat, make sure it’s solid wood, as there are some imitation toilet seats that can be vinyl wrapped. Wooden seats are normally more expensive and are made of oak.

Throne – If you are going for the ultimate traditional look, brands like Imperial and Burlington do this very well. Attaching a throne seat to your high level or low-level toilet will give it the look of days gone by fit for a king, Made of wood, some other attachments or a special type of pan may be needed to complete the look.

Thin seat – For the ultimate in modern minimalism lookout for lavatories at bathroom city with ultra-thin toilet seats. They remain just as easy to fit like a normal toilet seat.

Soft-close toilet seat – An indispensable function. The soft-close function means your toilet seat comes to a gentle close using special hinges. Perfect for bathroom frequented by the heavy-handed or children, they mean no more trapped fingers or cracked seats. Whilst appearing trickier to install, if you follow the manufacturer's guide, they are as easy as any seat listed above.  

see bathroom city’s seats

Pick a cistern

At the start of every bathroom design, you will decide on shapes, colours, designs. The last thing on your mind is a flushing mechanism for your toilet. Most Closed Coupled toilets will come with the fitting and cistern inside the tank and are very simple to fit, but back to wall and wall-hung toilets will require you to purchase a separate cistern. This gets a little more specialised and you will need to consider things such as access and flow rate.

High level and low-level cisterns are attached to the wall, you will need to ensure your wall can support the weight of a cistern filled with water. Make sure you have sturdy walls for fixings and check if they are stud walls or exterior brick walls. Most cisterns will tell you what type of wall they are compatible with.

A few other things to consider:

  • Is it wall hung or floor mounted,
  • how high do you want you flush button
  • what types of bends and brackets do you have to cater for
  • types of flush button and do you want it to operate by a sensor, different cisterns normally have their own range of pushbuttons.

Gerbrit is the market leaders in sanitary technology they have a range of benefits from environmentally friendly to easy to install, Geberit concealed cisterns are the classics of modern bathroom installations and have been installed around the world for more than 50 years. They are known for their reliability. Every cistern is leak-tested before it is delivered. The 25-year guaranteed spare parts availability provides long-term security. The flush volume of the Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 12 cm can be limited to 4.5 litres. It’s therefore exemplary in terms of water consumption and has achieved consistently high scores on the Water Efficiency Label. there is a minefield of options to choose from. Will your cistern has to be fit into a wall? See bathroom city’s cisterns