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Hinged Door Shower Enclosures

A stylish Hinged Door Shower Enclosure is the essence of contemporary design. Some of these standalone products are specifically designed to fill an alcove. Shower doors with a hinge are available in a wealth of size options, ranging from 700mm to 1900mm. A hinged shower enclosure is nothing, but a hinged shower door fitted with side panels. The sleek, long-lasting construction features concealed fittings.  

Easy Accessibility

Unlike other Shower Enclosures, the Hinged Shower Enclosure offers easy accessibility. The door swings out to open, presenting you with a generous showering space. Some hinged shower doors also offer reversible versatility. They can be fitted for left-hand or right-hand opening. A hinged shower enclosure is typically coupled with an inline panel. The added luxury of the door opening outwards provides the enclosure more width.

Affordable Designs

The safety glass enclosure is available in several special finishes such as black-tint, green-tint, low-iron, blue-tint, bronze-tint and satin/frosted. The patented non-slip hinges are the main feature. They ensure the door stays firmly in place for years on end. Other features include high lustre aluminium wall mounts and durable brass fittings. The breathtaking designs are not only affordable but also stylish and functional.

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What is a Hinged Shower Door?

The hinged shower door when closed seals the water inside the shower enclosure and opens outwards. When choosing this type of door you need to ensure you have enough space for the door to open fully. If you don't have the space then take a look at either the pivot shower door or bifold shower door that takes up less external floor space. 

Shower door heights start at a standard height of 1850mm height then you need to add the height of your shower tray to see the overall head space in your room. 

If the height is a problem and you need a low-height shower door enclosure then there is an alternative special range of Radiant reduced height shower doors and enclosures 1750mm in height you may wish to consider. 

When choosing a hinged shower door, it's important to consider your bathroom's available space. Bathroom City simplifies the online shopping process, offering various door sizes and optional side panels for corner installations or inline panels for wider recess configurations to suit your needs.