Overflow Bath Filler

Modern & Unique

Overflow bath filler is a modern way to fill water into your bath. Compared to traditional taps, this bathroom fixture combines bath filler and waste in one efficient dual function, allowing for a tapless bath.

The overflow filler is capable of filling your bath as well as removing extra water. This is all thanks to its unique mechanism that connects both the water pipe and the waste pipe.

A perfect addition to overflow bath filler is to combine it with a shower head. Through the same valve, you can switch between showering or filling up the bath.

Versatile Filler Taps

An overflow bath filler will require a lot less space and do away with the unsightly hardware spout. With its modern pipe design, installing a filler tap is also fast and easy.

Finally, the control valve allows for the perfect temperature while you’re soaking. Upgrade your bathing experience with the combination overflow bath filler.

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