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With a wide range of bath designs and ideas, including designer, freestanding baths  and contemporary, we have the right bath for every one of our customers.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of stunning bathrooms products , providing baths is central to who we are. At Bathroom City, you can Buy Bathrooms Suites and take them away the same day.  We sell a wide range of shower baths, corner baths, Jacuzzi baths, freestanding baths, designer baths and more, ideal for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Due to the bath’s pivotal role, it is vital to pick the right one for your bathroom. Every bathroom is different, some are large and open, while others are small and neat. But typically, we find that it is the main bathroom, i.e the one upstairs, which is of significant importance when it comes to a renovation.

Key variables that impact bathroom buying decisions tend to be bathroom shape and layout. Shape and layout are important because they will either limit or expand your bath options. For example, if you are looking to install a bath in a large bathroom, you will have a wider choice of baths to choose from slipper baths roll top bath, large baths, and all freestanding baths). However, if you’re bathroom is smaller, you’re options will naturally be more limited (l shaped baths, p shaped baths, small baths etc.

In some instances, there may be bathrooms where a corner, l shaped or p shaped bath are necessary. We tend to find these bath designs are chosen when customers are looking to utilise a corner or offset space. The beauty of l shaped or p shaped baths lie in their capacity for both bathing and showering. They're also quite interesting to look at too. Compared to other generic shaped baths, they create more of a unique look.

On the other hand, if a bathroom has lots of space, there may be the potential for something more luxurious, freestanding baths or roll top baths for example. These type of double-ended baths warrant themselves as key focal points and are typically positioned centrally inside the bathroom.

Get the bathroom of your dreams at the right price

Aside from layout, the next important variable is price. Each customer is different, and because of this, not every customer’s budget will be the same. Here at Bathroom City, we have a wide range of baths for every budget, so no matter what your means, we're confident we’ll be able to cater for your individual needs.

It’s important to remember that baths are typically the most expensive part of a renovation and Basins are generally the least expensive. View our Cheap Bathroom Basins for ideas and styles. Whether you’re looking to spend big on a wonderfully luxurious freestanding bath,or you want to save space with a corner bath, you should be aware that a substantial part of your budget will be spent on it. We have plenty of baths at great prices here.

Our range of bathrooms stretch from branded to non-branded, and low priced to high. Meaning we’re bound to have something for you. We also provide a range of finance plans that allow you to pay for your bath when it's suitable for you. This way you don’t have to suffocate financially, and are able to pay back more comfortably.


Choose a bath that maximises your bathroom's potential

Buy the Right Bath for Your Bathroom and the Rest is Easy

Perhaps the last variable to consider when purchasing a new bath is style. This is by far the most exciting element of a bath purchase, as it is solely concerned with appearance and aesthetics. Since the bath is widely considered as the main part of the bathroom, your bath’s style will influence the rest of the bathroom. Naturally customers with older properties tend to choose a traditionally styled bath, whereas customers with more modern properties tend to go for more of a contemporary look. Perhaps this indicates the influence the bath has on any bathroom.

Choosing the bath you want for your bathroom renovation first will make the rest of the process easier. As the rest of your bathroom’s décor will naturally follow suit. Sometimes the vision you have for your new bathroom isn’t always clear. When this is the case, the best thing you can do is seek professional advice. This can be done by obtaining ideas through websites, magazines, or consulting with a member of the Bathroom City team.

Formoso 1690 X 800 Nth Avant Garde CollectIon Bath N2a

The Formoso Avant Garde Bath from Clearwater creates a luxurious bathing experience. Made from high quality material, this modern freestanding bath is both durable and stylish. What‘s more, is that its hardwearing material enhances its value by making it a bathroom investment that will last for years to come.

• Modern Design - The Formoso is unique because it is a freestanding bath with contemporary style. Its single panelled design gives it a minimal and timeless look meaning it will create appeal and allure in your bathroom for the long run.

• White Finish - Like nearly all baths, the Formoso has a pristine white finish that makes it look fresh, sleek and in tune with any bathroom style. The Formoso’s two chrome taps create a wonderful contrast against its vitreous china.

• Generous Size - The Formoso bathing experience is improved by its size. With an accommodating height of just over 800mm and a generous width of 1690mm, this bath provides a generous size meaning it will be difficult to not enjoy bathtime.

• Easy to install- Lastly, the bath is easy to install, reducing stress whilst performing the bathroom renovation.

Ascot Roll Top Free Standing 1690 X 750 Bath

The Ascot Roll Top Free Standing bath from Clearwater epitomises traditional bathroom luxury. Delivering all the premium qualities that a traditional bath design should, this Ascot Roll features a romantic design purified by a crisp white finish. Constructed from a high quality Lucite and then toughened by cast-mix and fibreglass, this beautiful bath will serve your bathroom for years to come.

• Traditional design - The beauty of the ascot roll top freestanding bath stems from its period design, this bath is the classically traditional bathtub.

• Choice of 0, 1 or 2 Tap Holes - This bath can also be tailor fitted towards your exact requirements. Whether you need 0, 1 or 2 taps holes.

• Choice of claw, arc or classic feet- Clearwater offer customers the opportunity to choose from 3 styles of bath feet.

• Displaced Water Capacity of 130 litres - Considering how light this bath tub is, its displaced water capacity is extremely high.

• Light Infrastructure- Weighing only 45kg this traditional bath tub is easy to install.

Galaxy Whirlpool Square Bath 1700 x 700

Embrace bathroom luxury with the Galaxy Whirlpool Bath. Ideal for customers wanting more out of their bathing experience, this Jacuzzi bath is designed to be both practical and luxurious. Its high gloss material means your bath can stay warmer for longer, and its bespoke whirlpool system means you have complete configurability over your bathing experience.

• Plain bath panel optional- The beauty of the Galaxy Whirlpool Bath stems from how much you can customise it. If you would prefer a plain bath panel, you have the choice to implement one.

• Bespoke Whirlpool systems installed by our team  Embrace the very best of any bathing experience, with our bespoke whirlpool system designed and manufactured in our own factory.

• Pneumatic on/off button including air control- This on-off button is easily identifiable and easy to use.

• 6 jet whirlpool system- Meaning you tailor your bathing experience

The Palermo Stone Bath 1790 X 750 X 555

The Palermo Stone Bath completely redefines what a designer bath is. Made from natural materials, this stone bath is ideal for a bathroom in the pursuit of the cutting edge design. This branded bath, from bathroom specialists Clearwater, offers a simple and deep design that is ideal for any style of bathroom. It comes complete with a stone construction, and a roll top design that make it as strong as it is beautiful. The perfect way to indulge after a long day, the Palermo is endowed with deep curves that make it appealing in any kind of installation.

• Integral Overflow – The Palermo Stone Bath comes with an integral overflow meaning your bath will never overspill.

• Made from Stone- Because this product is cast from a natural stone, it qualifies as a real bathroom investment.

• 10 Year Guarantee- Clearwater are so confident in their product, that they offer 10 year guarantee on it.

• Sleek Finish- Contoured with sleek edges, the Palermo stone bath boasts an organic and natural shape.

EcoSquare Bath 170cm X 85cm X 70cm

The Ecosquare Bath from Cleargreen is the perfect design for those looking to embrace the benefits of a shower bath. Completely versatile, this designer bath provides an abundance of space for both showering and bathing. Like all shower baths, the EcoSquare bath is able to utilise bathroom space, but also encompass a compelling design.

• Contemporary Design- the EcoSquare is simple, sleek and modern. Its clinical white finish means it is adaptable around any bathroom décor.

• Reinforced Design - The EcoSquare Bath is equipped with a reinforced design that aids in bath and heat retention. This means your bath is able to stay warmer for longer.

• Bath Shower Mixer – The EcoSquare is designed to be fitted with a bath shower mixer. This is the best way to utilise this product.

• Bath Panel Optional- The beauty of the EcoSquare comes from the fact that it can be customised. A Bath Panel is optional.

Seen as a standard feature in the modern bathroom and particularly decisive if you’re looking to sell your home at some point, a good quality bath is the perfect way to unwind after a long day, as well as increasing the value of your home.

If you’ve got a fairly substantial room to work with, investing in a large bath is a great way to utilise the space available and place a focal point in your bathroom suite that not only delivers function and style but a haven to bask in your own company.

There are a number of bath types that can stand as the prime focus in your bathroom suite, designer baths, freestanding baths, roll top baths and stone baths.

Stone baths may sound like they could be rough, hard and cold to the touch but that couldn’t be further from the truth, with them offering a wealth of benefits to our customers. 

One of the most beneficial traits of the humble stone bath is their robust design, making them a long term investment that will suffer very little defects over the years, ideal for those looking for a permanent solution.

Speaking of defects, if your stone bath does get damaged, they are very easy to repair, only requiring a good scrub with a scourer to rub out any scratches or blotches that may appear over years of use.

If you decide to invest in a stone bath then it will require slightly more maintenance then their acrylic counterparts but it is worth your time, with stone baths delivering a beautifully smooth and comfortable interior and eye catching look.

Also, stone baths are by far one of the best baths to indulge in, nothing beats filling it with deep hot water and bubbles and unwinding after a long day. So, it’s particularly important that stone baths retain heat brilliantly, allowing you to bask in their luxurious dimensions for even longer.

As you can see from Bathroom City’s sumptuous selection of stone baths, oval stone baths are a popular design within the category, offering sleek smooth lines and an eye catching minimalist style.

Moreover, Bathroom City offers a wealth of other stone bath designs from leading brands that offer an alternative to the standard oval concept.

Stone Baths at Bathroom City

With our vast collection of stone baths on offer, Bathroom City is a lot of customer’s first choice when it comes to making such an important purchase.

Supplying elite brands such as BC Designs, Clearwater Baths and Balteco you are guaranteed the highest quality and the best price if you buy from Bathroom City.

Delivering timeless style with its quintessential stone bath design, the Cian Tasse Stone Bath from BC Designs is a stunning oval bath that stands as the centre of attention in any contemporary setting.

BC Designs are famed for the Cian material they use in constructing their high quality stone baths. Cian is a highly durable scratch and stain resistant solid surface material that supplies a wealth of benefits outside of its robust nature, including its non-yellowing design, easy to repair and non-porous design.

For an equally comfortable yet slightly more versatile stone bath, the Formoso Avant Garde Collection Stone Bath combines a sumptuous curve that can be located as the focal point in a modern bathroom, delivering a minimalist design at the forefront of modern artistry.

With its central waste and double ended design, the bath requires floor standing taps, providing a generous bathing space for two people to enjoy at the same time.

Alternatively, the Patinato Avante Garde Collection Stone Bath also from Clearwater, tightens up the angles further and delivers a more rectangular stone bath design that can looks great as a centre piece of a bathroom suite or back against a wall to sit alongside other features.

Designed to suit the contours of the human body, the Mezzo Stone Bath from Balteco offers a higher back at one end so that one person can soak in absolute luxury amongst the bath’s generous dimensions.

When it comes to buying a high quality bath, investing in a stone bath is a great way to create a primary focus in your bathroom suite, oozing class with their stunning designs and unrivalled quality.

The bath plays an integral part in your bathroom’s success. With over 30 years’ of industry experience, we are able to hone in our knowledge and provide bath expertise on an as-and-when basis. From small baths to designer baths, double ended baths to single ended baths, we have everything necessary for bathroom excellence. For more information on any of the baths we provide, call today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom open Monday – Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00-17:00, or Sunday 10:00- 16:00.