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Small Space Pivot Shower Door

A Pivot Shower Door opens and closes by rotating on a pivot. The pivot point, however, is not located at the end of the door. The door swings outwards to open. Most of these aesthetically-pleasing shower doors don’t use a plastic or metal framework. The primary advantage of these doors is moisture accumulation isn’t an issue at all. Hence, you don’t need to worry about harmful mould and mildew.

Space Saving Design

The unique design of a shower pivot door allows some part of it to open into the shower enclosure. This means the whole door does not swing out into the enclosure’s exterior space. So the door does not intrude into the rest of your bathroom when it’s opened. This feature is especially useful in a small bathroom as the adjacent accessories won’t be obstructed.

Value For Money

A glass Pivot Shower Door is the perfect fit for a small, tight space. The door can be fitted easily on any surface. Another bonus is the crystal clear glass is low on maintenance. The base model is priced at just £166.00. The number of options in the mid-range – £286.00 to £502.00 – is truly vast. Even the premium models are competitively priced.

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What is a Pivot Shower Door?

When choosing a shower door, consider the available space in your bathroom. Pivot shower doors are an excellent space-saving option when there's not enough room for a hinged door to swing outward. Pivot shower doors swing half in and half out of the shower enclosure area.

Pivot shower enclosures feature pivot points at the top and bottom of the door frame, allowing part of the door to pivot into the showering area, saving exterior space. In contrast, hinged enclosures require more surrounding space.

Pivot Shower door heights standard height of 1850mm height then you need to add the height of your shower tray to see the overall head space in your room. 

If the height is a problem and you need a low-height shower door enclosure then there is an alternative special range of Radiant reduced height shower doors and enclosures 1750mm in height you may wish to consider.