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Wash Stands

Bathroom Designer Washstands

If you're looking for great deals, washstands offer a unique look that exudes class with its sleek styling that saves space as well as adding style. Whether you choose a washstand with Queen Anne legs or tubular modern chrome, you will have a timeless classic for many years to come.

Wonderfully elegant and available in a range of sumptuous styles, Bathroom City’s range of basin wash stands spans both traditional chic and contemporary vogue making them ideal for any bathroom installation.


Why Choose a Wash Stand?

Bathroom City is home to a large range of cloakroom products designed to fit in compact, smaller spaces without affecting floor space. These products, such as cloakroom toilets and cloakroom vanity basins, are practical as they are stylish.

For Small Cloakroom and Ensuite Suites in all Styles
At Bathroom City, our expertise spans across every aspect of bathroom excellence, from the furniture we make to the design of our pans and cisterns.

Bathroom City has everything to realise your smaller bathroom ambitions, from accessories and components, through to the tools to perform an entire small bathroom makeover.

Cloakroom Toilets and Basins

Unlike regular toilets and basins, cloakroom toilets and basins are specifically made for smaller and cloakroom bathrooms. Featuring all the benefits of regular toilets and basins, our cloakroom sets still manage to provide style, elegance and personality to your bathroom. 

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home 

Providing access from your bedroom ensuite bathrooms are often viewed as a luxury. Ensuites typically provide the ultimate functionality and a high level of convenience because of where they are situated. They also tend to be decorated in conjunction with how their partnering bedroom is decorated, and work most effectively when they are thoroughly thought out in terms of layout.

more advice on how best to design your small bathroom suite, read up on our tips on how to maximise smaller bathroom potential.