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Washstands offer a unique look that exudes class and lasting sophistication. Besides their functional importance in any bathroom, their sleek design means they save space as well as add style.

Bathroom City’s wide assortment of basin washstands spans traditional chic, modern and contemporary vogue, making them ideal for any bathroom installation.

If you'd like to read up some advice & tips on choosing the right bathroom sink for your needs, please review our helpful Guide To Bathroom Basins & Sinks.

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Our products are composed of premium quality Ceramic, a range of work-top materials such as Marble, Stainless-steel, and Black granite, come in a stunning range of regular and high-gloss white, black, chrome, and grey finishes.

Many of our products are proudly built in the heart of England or sourced from Bathroom Supplier Experts such as Imperial BathroomsBurlingtonHeritage, and many more.

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1. What Is a Washstand? What Are the Benefits of Having One? 

A washstand (earlier known as simply a basin stand) is a supportive metallic – aluminium, chrome, or stainless steel – frame that attaches to the bottom of an existing and compatible washbasin. 

The frame typically attaches at the four corners of the washbasin and at two (or four) points on the wall. It also uses a pair of legs for support on the bathroom floor.

The major advantage of having one is that its striking metallic structure provides a sense of drama, adding to the grandeur of your bathroom. Also, its robust structure provides support for the basin and acts as a handy storage for towels. Some innovative models even have open shelves.

2. What Is the Difference Between Washstands and Vanity Units?

Washstands and vanity units are somewhat similar functionally, as both provide additional storage space in the under-sink area. 

The major difference is that while a vanity unit consists of an elaborate, fully enclosed storage unit with shelves and drawers, a washstand consists of a bare metallic frame, with some models featuring a single shelf.

3. Do Washstands Come with Integrated Sinks?

Yes, washstands always come with integrated sinks.

At Bathroom City, we have only one model of washstand that’s available without an integrated sink. You’ll need to purchase a compatible sink separately for this stainless steel frame.

4. Do Washstands Work Well in Both Modern and Traditional Bathroom Designs?

Yes, washstands work well in both modern and traditional bathroom designs.

A traditional washstand comes with an integrated traditional-style sink. You can include traditional-style taps to this fixture to ensure the design is truly timeless.

Likewise, you can achieve a contemporary look. All you need to do is add the latest mixer taps to a contemporary washstand to ensure an added layer of elegance and sophistication.