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Bidet: Standard & Wall Hung

With a huge range of stunning toilets, including back to wall concepts and more traditional designs, bidets are the ultimate convenience and are becoming more commonplace in the modern suite.

Bathroom City’s huge collection of bidets offers traditional, contemporary and timeless designs from some of the world’s leading brands.

Complimenting your suite with a carefully chosen bidet installation is a fantastic way to add functionality and style; great for family bathrooms.

What is a Bidet?

There are many tough decisions to make when developing a new bathroom. Bath or shower? Wall-hung or freestanding? Even the addition of a bidet can pose a problem when planning your design.

There are many advantages of owning a bidet, the primary one being that it is a lot cleaner. Using a bidet decreases the chance of bacteria germinating after using the toilet.

As well as providing a deeper cleanse then regular toilet paper, the humble bidet actually extinguishes the need for toilet paper altogether! Great news for your wallet especially if you have a big family.

Also, as a bidet is completely hands-free it eliminates the spread of germs and bacteria, providing the purest possible cleanse and preventing illness or infection in your family.

The bidet market has a lot to choose from, each blending into a range of suites with matching toilet and basin combinations.

From sleek minimalist styling to traditional grandeur, Bathroom City’s bidet range offers the full spectrum of designs.

Depending on your bathroom suite, our comprehensive collection of bidets covers all bases, including unique designs which exude classical artistry with elegant details and easy to use designs.

Moreover, subtle traditional chic is achieved with the Belmonte, Dorchester, Rhyland and Granley bidets from Heritage, an affordable investment considering the convenience each provides, not to mention a stylish complement.

After WWII, the Japanese started importing American made toilets and bidets and then decided to improve the product. The Japanese liked the style of the American toilet that allowed you to sit and invented a device that you attach to your existing toilet which shoots water through a jet valve and cleans without the use of toilet paper.

Bidets are used in many European and Asian countries. In continental Europe, the usefulness of the bidet is fully understood and they are considered to be as important in the bathroom as the toilet and bath - no well-equipped home is without one.

Heritage Belmonte Bidet at Bathroom City

If a sleek contemporary look is more to your taste then our collection of modern bidets range from the stunningly curvaceous, the truly unique and angular and wall hung vogue designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Could a bidet installation be for your new suite? Or maybe you are looking for a stylish and practical complement to your current bathroom? Bathroom City has a huge collection on offer, what better way to try something new?

The Origins of the Bidet

Originating in France, the bidet was just a bowl that you squatted over which then evolved into a separate porcelain toilet with taps, but you still had to squat over or straddle it.

In the mid-1900s, UK toilet manufacturers improved the bidet as a porcelain bathroom device, but the UK did not adopt it and it was mostly exported to other countries. Bidet means small horse, and the bidet is so-called due to the straddling position one takes in order to use one.

Modern Bidet

The Modern Bidet is used in many of the world's religious cultures and is known as the Muslim Shower used before Wudu ceremony.
The latest trend is to have a Wall Hung Bidet giving you a lot more floor space.