Combined Bidet & Toilets

Bidet toilets, also known as Shower Toilets, are becoming more popular as they offer many benefits over regular toilets. These toilets use a spray of water as an eco-friendly alternative to paper. Bidets offer a hygienic approach to using toilets and are an excellent solution for anyone interested in this style, or for people with mobility issues. Bidet toilets are generally made in the same way as other toilets, with a tank above the bowl and a water supply pipe leading to the spray nozzle. The Bidet Seat is usually located on the right side of the Toilet.

Not Sure If a Bidet is right for your Bathroom? Here are 5 Reasons To Own a Bidet Toilet.

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At Bathroom City, we offer a good selection of Bidet Toilets at budget-friendly prices, for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. These toilets are easy to install and many of them come with generous guarantees. Not interested in a Bidet, No problem. Check out our extensive collection of Bathroom Toilets, Close Coupled Toilets, and Back To Wall Toilets.

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