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Wonderfully versatile and affordable, electric heaters are efficient radiators and are a great economical heating solution as well as a stylish complement to any suite, providing total comfort in a huge range of styles.

Bathroom City’s vast array of electric bathroom heaters spans both traditional and contemporary styles, providing a look and functionality for any setting. 

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In recent years. Electric Towel Rails have become increasingly important. Not only are they a source of heat in your bathroom they’re also a fantastic platform for bathroom storage design.

At Bathroom City, our range of bathroom radiators is wide and diverse. In fact, compared to other product categories, our radiators are perhaps the most diverse range we have.


Bathroom shape is an important factor when it comes to any bathroom purchase, but it’s even more crucial for electric towel heaters. Towel radiators are important because of their two main benefits: Heat and storage.

If you’re looking to equip your smaller bathroom with an electronic towel heater, then its shape is going to be incredibly important. Space is tighter in smaller bathrooms, and therefore it’s more valued. You need to choose a towel rail that is large enough to do the job it’s supposed to, and small enough so that it minimises bathroom clutter.

Power Supply

An electric towel heater’s power is measured in Watts, so be aware of this when you’re looking to purchase. Like anything else, it’s important to take your bathroom size into consideration. Obviously, the larger your bathroom, the more watts you need. The smaller your bathroom, the fewer Watts necessary.

With an electric radiator heater towel, it’s important it’s powered in a safe way. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to make sure you can position your radiator where your electrician can fit the necessary electrical supply suitable for the bathroom. Please always use a qualified electrical fitter who complies with the current fire regulations. 


Last but not least is the design of your electric towel heater. Like any element of decoration, your heated towel rail should work in sync with your bathroom synchronisation. However, towel rails are perhaps the easiest to buy because each design is so similar.