600mm Vanity Units

600 mm Vanity Units with Basin

Are you struggling for storage space in your guest bathroom or en-suite? For smaller bathrooms, 600 mm vanity units provide simple, practical storage in a variety of styles. Fitting carefully under your basin, these vanity units for small bathrooms enable you to store your bathing and beauty products for future use.

Perfect for tighter spaces and water closets, our 600mm vanity units will tie in with your existing design. You'll also be able to store all your everyday items away to avoid clutter around your basin. The 600mm units have been designed to provide maximum storage in minimum space. 

Need something smaller? Try our 500mm small vanity units.

Range of Colors, Styles & Designs

Are you unsure of what to look for in vanity units for small bathrooms? Do take the time to look through our collection. We are always bringing in new looks and styles. If you'd like some helpful guidance and tips in choosing a small vanity unit, don't forget to read our specialist tips about the Top Five Small Vanity Units. Easy to set up and great for tidying up even the smallest of spaces, our 600 mm vanity units will add class to your bathroom suite. Make sure to contact our team, too, if we can help in any way.

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