• Large Vanity Units Buying Guide

    Large Vanity Units Buying Guide

    A large bathroom vanity unit comprises a washbasin on top and a small cabinet at the bottom and is usually ideal for large bathrooms. Choosing the right style for a large vanity unit for the main bathroom is an important decision for a new home owner. To help guide your decision, we...
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  • Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

    Bathrooms are one of the most important personal spaces in a house where we usually begin and end our days. They are a safe space that provide calm solitude to relax and unwind from the strain of life stresses at the end of the day, with a pleasant hot shower or a warm bath. So, when...
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  • Guide to Bathroom Heating

    Buyers Guide to Bathroom Heating

    When making changes to your bathroom, there is never a single radiator that will fit every type of bathroom. Times have changed and there is a diverse range of radiators to fit any bathroom now. In this guide, we will help you understand the different types of radiators, and also help...
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  • Finest Freestanding Baths

    Fashionable Freestanding Baths for you

    Capturing the spotlight for many people looking to upgrade their bathrooms, freestanding baths have almost become a must for people looking for a luxurious bathroom. Being adaptable to a variety of bathrooms, we at Bathroom City hope you will understand them better while helping you...
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  • Top 5 Small Vanity Units

    Top 5 Small Vanity Units

    Created to make your bathroom more space-efficient, Small Vanity Units are a very popular choice among buyers. Small Vanity Units are like normal Vanity Units which are simply a wash sink (also referred to as basin), with a cupboard underneath. These vanity units are designed to fit in...
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  • Bathroom Trends 2019

    Bathroom Trends for 2019

    Yes, 2019 is finally here, and if one of your new year resolutions was to get your bathroom up to date with the times, Bathroom City can help. Maybe you have a bathroom you are mostly happy with, but want to make it a little more trendy. for some people, a total bathroom renovation is...
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  • Top 5 Bathroom Suites

    Bathroom Suite Buying Guide for all Budgets

    Finding a budget Bathroom suite can seem like a daunting task, but have faith! Even with a small budget, it is possible to find a suitable bathroom suite that matches your style and requirements, allows you to make the most of your bathroom space and lasts for years to come....
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  • How to fit a Bathroom

    Ask Dave - Donkeys guide to fitting a bathroom

    Please note we are not professionally trained fitters and are not liable for any alterations to your bathroom. But we may have some interesting DIY ideas. These are our own experiences and may provide small tips that may help you fit your bathroom and provide some advice when having...
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  • How to design a perfect shower room for your bathroom

    How To Design and Plan your Perfect Shower Room

    How To Design and Plan your Perfect Shower Room Advice and Tips for UK Bathroom Makeovers After 35 years of designing, manufacturing and supplying bathrooms to both the trade and consumers. I’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to folks converting their homes. Most turn out...
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  • The history and Evolution of Bathrooms

    History of Bathrooms: Greek & Roman to Modern

    Have you ever wondered how modern bathrooms came to be? Records show that our love of bathing dates as far back as 3000 BC – a time when water had significant religious value for its perceived ability to cleanse and purify. Indeed, baths were very much a part of community life at this...
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  • How to Choose the best Illuminated Mirror cabinet for you bathroom

    How to Choose the Best Mirror For Your Bathroom

    A good wall mirror is a staple of any modern bathroom. How many bathrooms have you been into that didn’t have a mirror over the sink? Mirrors are an essential bathroom item, both for vanity and visual effect, and finding the right one to suit your needs can be an art in itself. With so...
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  • Find The best toilet for your bathroom

    Guide to Finding the Best Toilet For Your Bathroom

    Shopping for a toilet is rarely an exciting venture – after all, many of them look much the same. Whether you buy a toilet for £100 or £1000, both will do the job, but you ultimately get what you pay for. Size, height and functionality are all key points to consider when choosing a...
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  • Bathroom Trends 2018

    21 Gorgeous Bathroom Trends Taking Over in 2018

    It doesn’t take a massive overhaul to transform the look and feel of your bathroom. A few simple touches here and there: new light fixtures, a fresh reel of wallpaper, one or two plants, and improved storage can make a real difference to the tone and atmosphere of your bathroom. Of...
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  • amazing designs to remodel your shower and shower cubicle

    10 Amazing Shower Designs to Inspire Your Remodel

    Choosing a shower design for your next remodel doesn’t have to be boring. Even in the smallest of bathrooms, it’s possible to create a beautiful space that will make taking a shower the best part of your day. While beauty is certainly subjective, there are common themes that will help...
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  • Lands end to john o'groats Bathtub challenge for charity

    John O’Groats to Lands End in a Bathtub

    Next year, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Stuart Kettell will embark on a 1000 mile journey between John O’Groats and Lands End. However, there’s a usual detail in the plan for this journey: Stuart will be making this trip inside a bathtub. Whilst a conventional bathtub would...
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  • Bathroom city help the homeless for charity

    Working With Birmingham Homeless Outreach

    Working With Birmingham Homeless Outreach In a further effort to support worthwhile causes, Bathroom City has been taking the time to assist Birmingham Homeless Outreach, a charity that has been supporting homeless people in Birmingham since its inception in 2010. Birmingham...
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  • What Bathroom Radiator design to choose for your bathroom

    Designer Radiators More Than Just Design

    Are you the type of person that enjoys a good life? Creating a comfortable and functional bathroom has to be the perfect way to getting one step closer to that life of luxury. How comfortable is your bathroom? If it isn't the most relaxing, there's perhaps a good reason to think...
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  • What is a Towel warmer and Different Designes

    Buy Heated Towel Rails Save Money & Stay Warm in 2017

    We know bathrooms like no other, and we also know just how cold they can be in the early hours of the morning or those chilly evenings. Taking this into account, showering in the coldest part of the day is something we all do and it doesn’t have to be a miserable cold experience. We...
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  • How to choose a Bathroom Heated Towel Rail

    Heated Towel Rails Warm The Coldest of Bathrooms.

    What is this trending craze where people buy towel racks that are heating up their bathroom towels? If you ask us it sounds like a good reason to take a shower and actually enjoy getting out. Nothing compares to the freshly warmed towel when you exit a shower it's pure bliss. Taking...
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  • Competition for a baby bath

    Competition Baby Bath 2017

    Enter our competition for a chance to be one of three winners of the fantastic, award winning Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub for Babies! All you have to do is Like our Facebook Page for a chance to win, but you can also claim a further 5 entries by following the simple instructions below...
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  • How to buy a shower bath

    3 Important Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Shower Bath

    Shower baths are an extremely useful tool in any home, providing the opportunity to shower & bathe simultaneously. Not only does their multi-functionality utilise space, but it also creates a better bathroom experience. But before you can get the most out of your brand new shower...
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  • How to purchase the perfect corner bath

    5 Corner Bath Suite Tips

    Premeditated in the mind of the customer, corner bath suites are a luxurious purchase intended to create elegance & prestige.   Typically, customers choose a corner suite because it will complement their bathroom’s shape.  But the simple desire for a corner suite...
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  • Bathroom City's wall Hung Bathroom Furniture Sonix Range

    The New Sonix Range

    Bathroom City is proud to announce the release of our brand new Sonix range. This range has been designed and manufactured in our Tyseley home and is now on display in our showroom.  Identified by its soft lines, open storage and acrylic fronts, the Sonix range is...
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  • mercury single ended bath with bath panel and taps with a grey tiles floor

    What's Lurking in Your Bathroom?

    Have you ever wondered what kind of germs is hiding in your bathroom? This infographic provides you with a simple insight into the consequences of not maintaining hygiene. A serious subject that is often taken far too lightly, this design is bound to hold your attention. From...
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  • periodic style bathroom suite with corner bath and a traditional toilet and basin and pedestal, the setting includes a corner bath and stylish hanging lights from the ceiling

    Our Guide to Complete Bathroom Suites

    Your bathroom is a substantial development, requiring a little more attention than other rooms in the house. It cannot be changed to suit the seasons so when developing your new installation it is best to find a suite that promises all the style, comfort and storage you will need long...
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  • buyers guide to basis

    Our Guide to Bathroom Basins and Sinks

    A significant part of your bathroom set up, a bathroom basin/sink can have a real influence on your bathroom’s overall feel. At Bathroom City, we have a wide variety of basins and sinks that are fit for every style of bathroom. Here is a comprehensive guide on both bathroom basins and...
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  • Bathroom fitted furniture setting

    Buyers Guide To Bathroom Furniture

    Bathroom furniture is an integral part of the modern suite. Whether you’re looking to develop maximum storage in a compact space with slimline fitted bathroom furniture, adding an eye-catching focal point in the form of a stunning modern vanity unit, or save floor space with reduced...
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  • The Bath Buyers Guide

    The bathroom isn't just a practical concept in each of our homes but is a place in which we want to be able to relax, unwind and enjoy the peace and luxury a well-designed bathroom can reward us with. Luxury bathrooms are becoming more affordable and achievable in the home, allowing...
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  • lady in a Bathroom city bath full of beans for Macmillan cancer charity event

    A Wonderful Day in the Wonderful World of Allens Croft

    Bathroom City Donates to Macmillan   School is out for summer at Allen’s Croft Primary School. Today meant the end of an era as the 2015-16 academic year came to an end. For the majority of the students, it meant they wouldn’t step foot on school grounds for a whole 6 weeks,...
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  • macmillan charity support

    Charity Event

    Bathroom City Supports Cancer Charity Event At Bathroom City, we consider ourselves to be local bathroom experts, and although many of our customers have been spread across the nation, the word ‘local’ is important to us. We’ve made and sold bathrooms in our Tyseley home for...
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