Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures

Various Sizes

The innovative design of a quadrant shower enclosure is well suited for small, irregular or L-shaped bathrooms. These stunning shower enclosures are available in dozens of size options that range from 800 mm to 1500 mm. A frameless quadrant shower enclosure allows easy flow of light, making your bathroom appear larger. This enclosure also minimises water retention on glass and reduces the risk of mould build-up.

Modern Designs

A Corner Entry Shower Enclosure works to perfection in any small or ensuite corner of a modern bathroom. This makes these Shower Enclosures a fantastic investment for sitting amongst other features in a family bathroom or as a focal point in smaller bathrooms. The design of this gorgeous shower enclosure is unique: A curved glass door joins two shower walls. The toughened safety glass and anodised aluminium finish are the two harmonising elements of a quadrant shower enclosure. Both of them stand the test of time, making a Quadrant Shower Enclosure tough and durable.

Space Efficiency

The Rounded Front Section of a Quadrant Shower Enclosure presents you with adequate space for showering. There’s no way you’ll feel cramped. At the same time, there’s enough space for movement inside the bathroom. Even the pint-sized 900 mm quadrant shower enclosure offers you generous space for showering. The door of the shower enclosure is reversible for right hand or left hand fitting.

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Why Choose a Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosure

Choosing the right shower enclosure or bath screen can transform your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, quadrant corner shower enclosures save space while providing a sleek and modern look. Walk-in showers are versatile and come in various styles, suitable for any bathroom. Hinged shower doors offer a minimalist design that's easy to clean. Large showers with inline panels create a luxurious showering experience.

Additionally, bath screens keep water in the bathing area and add a touch of modern style. When selecting shower enclosures, consider your bathroom's size and layout. Brands like Aquadart, Lakes Bathrooms, and Matki Showering offer high-quality options. Corner entry shower enclosures are perfect for tight spaces and are available with sliding or hinged doors.

Overall, these bathroom solutions offer both functionality and style, enhancing your bathing experience and bathroom aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much space do I need for a hinged shower door in a quadrant shower enclosure? You will need extra space around the shower for the hinged door to open into. The amount of space required depends on the specific enclosure and door size.

  2. What is the best quadrant shower enclosure for a small bathroom suite? For smaller spaces, consider a quadrant shower enclosure with sliding doors to save space.

  3. Are branded products worth the investment? Branded products like Matki guarantee both style and quality, with the assurance of a manufacturer's warranty.