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Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower and corner shower enclosures are available in a wealth of style and size options and are considered superior shower enclosures. This makes them a fantastic investment for sitting amongst other features in a family bathroom or as a focal point in smaller installations.

Complete with contemporary and traditional designs, Bathroom City’s range of quadrant showers and corner shower enclosures offer a style solution for any bathroom setting.

Bathroom City only supplies the best quality and so our range of showers enclosures include walk-in showers design from some of the world’s leading brands.

Bathroom City’s Quadrant Shower Enclosures

With a range of door styles available, Bathroom City has a solution for any setting, whether you’re tucking a quadrant shower enclosure into an en-suite, complementing a bath and furniture or standing as the main feature.

The Silver Semi Framed Compartment Quadrant Shower Enclosure from Lakes Bathrooms offers a generous showering space alongside an integral drying area within the design, making your showering experience all the more convenient.

The stunning quadrant shower enclosure stands the test of time with an anodized Aluminium finish and toughened safety glass, making it a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers.

Alternatively, this 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosure is an affordable corner shower solution that sits beautifully in a smaller bathroom site or alongside other features in a larger bathroom suite.

Combining a bold chrome finished frame and a sleek double sliding door mechanism that saves space in any bathroom suite, allowing for a self contained design that doesn’t require space outside of the shower enclosure for doors to swing into.

For a premium option, the 6 Series 1000 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure from Merlyn Showering is at the forefront of contemporary styling, providing a generous showering space and a high quality design that can be tucked into the corner of any modern bathroom suite.

Adding a quadrant shower enclosure to the corner of your bathroom suite is a fantastic way to increase the functionality of both small and large bathrooms, making it ideal for en-suites as a stand alone feature or along side other bathroom furniture and sanitaryware.

When deciding which shower enclosure will best suit our bathroom suite, the design of the shower door is often decided by the placement of the other features within the suite rather then our own personal preference. More often then not, the type of shower enclosure we choose is determined by the amount of space we have left once the essentials are in place, making the most of the dimensions of the bathroom suite.

The quintessential shower enclosure is a square or rectangular shape with one or two sides a fixed panel, one or two sides being the bathroom wall and the remaining side the shower door. Of course, not every bathroom suite is perfectly square and uniformed so that a standard square or rectangular shower enclosure will fit neatly into the corner.

A Range of Corner Entry Shower Enclosures at Bathroom City 

Corner entry shower enclosures offer an innovative entry functionality that combines twin hinged doors located in the corner of the shower enclosure that point into the middle of the room, allowing for a versatile design that can suite more awkwardly shaped settings.

A popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers due to their space-saving functionality and stylish design, corner entry shower enclosures look to enhance the ergonomics of your bathroom suite.

How much space will I need?

Simply measure up the corner of your bathroom suite, taking into account the surrounding features and which door style would best suit the space. If you’re choosing a hinged shower door for your quadrant shower enclosure then you will need additional space around the shower for the door to open into.

Which is the best quadrant shower enclosure for a small bathroom suite?

There are plenty of quadrant shower enclosures of all shapes and sizes available at Bathroom City but one key feature you must take note of when choosing a quadrant enclosure for a small bathroom suite is the door style. A sliding door is your best bet to save space, where as a hinged shower door is better for larger areas.

Which is the most cost-effective?

As with the variety of sizes and styles available, Bathroom City offers quadrant shower enclosures ranging from £249, making it easy for our customers to keep well in their budget without discounting quality.

What is the importance of buying into a brand?

Branded products are particularly popular amongst Bathroom City customers as we are an exclusive dealer, allowing our customers to get the best possible price on each of our branded products.

Buying into a brand like Matki guarantees a quadrant shower enclosure that will stand the test of time in both the style and high-quality construction, along with the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Choose a Corner Shower Enclosure

Adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom suite not only improves the functionality but also can increase the value of your home, so if you have a quiet corner available then a quadrant corner shower enclosure is the perfect solution.

A Quadrant corner shower enclosure curves beautifully around the corner of your bathroom suite, taking up little space with a variety of shower door styles and shower trays.

Quadrant shower enclosures and corner shower enclosures are a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers due to their versatile design, delivering a solution to smaller bathrooms and en-suites as well as larger family bathrooms alongside other features.

Commonly featured with a single sliding door or a double hinged door, quadrant shower enclosures deliver door styles that can suit any setting, whether you’re trying to save space or make the most of the space.

With a wealth of leading bathroom brands such as Imperial Bathrooms, Aquadart, Lakes Bathrooms and Matki Showering, each offering quadrant shower enclosures in a number of different styles for any setting.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures are extremely popular amongst Bathroom City customers and we are often posed with a few frequently asked questions regarding quadrant shower enclosures.

Corner Entry Shower Enclosures at Bathroom City

With plenty of shower enclosures to choose from, Bathroom City’s range of corner entry shower enclosures offers a number of stylish designs from leading brands such as Lakes Bathrooms and Imperial Bathrooms.

One of our most popular corner entry shower enclosures is the White Semi Framed Corner Entry Shower Enclosure from Lakes Bathrooms which combines easy to use gliding doors and a number of optional extras such as shower seats, stools, grab bars and an extensions profile.

With its gliding shower doors, this corner entry shower enclosure is the ultimate space saver, offering the versatile design of a corner entry shower along with the space-saving properties of integrated sliding shower doors.

Utilising slightly more space in and around the showering area, the Rouen Corner Entry Shower Enclosure from Imperial Bathrooms offers a stunning natural oak finished frame and beautifully hand stitched leather door straps on the double pivot doors.

Why Choose a Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosure