Basin And Toilet Sets

Basin and Toilet Sets

Basin and Toilet Sets are a great value purchase for your new bathroom. You get two products for the price of one. Our Basin Toilet sets come in a range of compact designs, ideal for small toilet room. Made from quality ceramic, these basin toilet sets will last you for years to come. Whether you'd like to fit a new bathroom or are looking to replace an old one, these 4 piece sets are sure to serve your needs well. 

Based on your bathroom decor, you can take your pick of modern or traditional basin toilet suites. Not looking for a Basin Toilet Suite? Check out our full range of Bathroom Suites for more options.

Value For Money Suites

Toilet and Basin  Sets are a budget-friendly purchase option, helping you save both time and money. We offer high-quality bathroom products in a range of sizes and pocket-friendly budgets. All our products come fully guaranteed, and our friendly sales team is available to help and answer questions at all times. So, what are you waiting for?

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The ultimate functional solution, a toilet, basin, and pedestal set delivers the necessary features for simple installation.

Toilet sink sets, consisting of a toilet, basin, and pedestal, offer a practical and functional solution for your bathroom needs. These essential components are vital for creating a successful bathroom, whether it's a compact toilet or toilet en-suite.

Positioning your toilet and basin is key, ensuring they are placed in a practical and convenient space within your bathroom. Consider the dimensions of your bathroom space to determine the suitable size for your toilet sink it maybe if you are tight on space then take a look at the space-saving combination toilet and sink vanity units.. Once you have the size requirements in mind, you can focus on the style.

Bathroom City offers a wide range of toilets, basins, and pedestals, featuring various designs, including contemporary chic, minimalist styles, timeless classics, and period-inspired pieces. Our selection includes products from renowned brands, ensuring quality and durability.

A toilet, basin, and pedestal sets provides a straightforward installation process, making it a functional and efficient choice for your bathroom. These essential sanitaryware items are integral to any bathroom, regardless of its size, and play a significant role in its overall success.