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With a wide range of shower enclosures available at Bathroom City, we provide the perfect shower cubicles for your new home or renovation project, so you and your family can experience a blissful showering experience. You can select from our vast collection of Shower Enclosure products online or visit the largest shower center display in the midlands with over 50 enclosures on display.

Flawless Quality

Bathroom City offers the Best Shower Cubicles on the market, be it walk-in shower enclosures, quadrant shower enclosures, bi-fold enclosures, or even sliding shower doors. We offer a diverse range of quality shower products, made with premium materials, ideal for creating high-quality bathrooms at an affordable price. 

Affordable Prices

We focus on quality for the best price & offer some of the most competitive product guarantees on the market. Walk-in shower cubicles, Reduced Height Showers, Frameless Shower Enclosures, Corner Cubicles - no matter what your preference, we offer shower cubicles for every bathroom size & budget.

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Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure

Selecting the correct shower enclosure is crucial for an enjoyable shower and an enhanced bathroom experience. Consider your bathroom's shape when making this decision.

Your 2 main decisions to start your search will be  : 

1  Size - what space do you have?

2  Shape - what shape of the enclosure will suit the space best? do you need just a shower door to fit between 2 walls or a door and side panel or quadrant for a corner installation?

3. Colour - shower enclosures are available in many colours the 3 main colours are; Chrome showers, Brushed Gold enclosures, or Black shower enclosures 

4. Budget -  shower doors and enclosures are available in various thicknesses of glass 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm and 12mm the thicker the glass the tougher and more expensive it will be,

5. Do you buy the shower tray separate from the enclosure?  Yes, you can buy the enclosure or a shower door on its own or you can buy a bundle that includes the tray. It is advisable to buy the tray and enclosure together it usually works out cheaper and you can be sure you're getting the correct size tray. 

6. What type of tray do I need? If you are fitting the cubicle flat on the floor and your tray waste and pipes are under the floor then you need a normal tray.  However, if your waste outlet pipe is above the floor then you will need to purchase a tray type that has a dedicated easy plumb riser kit leg and panels 


Corner Shower Installations

You have several shapes and types to choose from : 

Quadrant Curved Corner Shower Cubicle

Off-set quadrant shower enclosure

Rectangle,  square shower door, and side glass fixed panel. 

Walk-in shower or wet room. 


Flat wall freestanding shower enclosure Installation 

You need a 3-sided shower enclosure with an optional hinged door pivot or sliding door or a walk-in 3-sided enclosure


Reduced Height Shower doors and enclosures 

If you need a low 1750mm height shower door or enclosure complete then take a look at the radiant low height range. 

Shower Enclosure Styles

After determining the size and shape, focus on the style of your shower enclosure. While modern styles are common, traditional enclosures can also work well. Frameless and walk-in shower enclosures offer a minimalist and modern look.