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With a wide range of shower enclosures available at Bathroom City, we provide the perfect shower cubicles for your new home or renovation project, so you and your family can experience a blissful showering experience. You can select from our vast collection of Shower Enclosure products online or visit us in-store at our Factory Showroom in Birmingham, UK.

Bathroom City offers the Best Shower Cubicles on the market, be it walk-in shower enclosures, quadrant shower enclosures, bi-fold enclosures or even sliding shower doors. We offer a diverse range of quality shower products, made with premium materials,ideal for creating high-quality bathrooms at an affordable price. 

We focus on quality for the best price & offer some of the most competitive product guarantees on the market. Walk-in shower cubicles, Reduced Height Showers,Frameless Shower Enclosures, Corner Cubicles - no matter what your preference, we offer shower cubicles for every bathroom size & budget.


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Get the Right Shower Enclosure and Reap the Rewards

One of the most important things to consider when creating your perfect shower enclosure is the size.

Getting the right size shower enclosure is significant for a number of reasons. 

Perhaps the most obvious is practicality. If you’re tight on bathroom space, a small shower enclosure may well be your best bet as a larger enclosure could take up most of the room, leaving little space for other bathroom essentials.

On the flip side, a shower enclosure that is too small for your bathroom can prevent your home from reaching its full potential. 

Size can also affect the type of shower enclosure you wish to install.  If you have lots of space to deal with, your shower enclosure possibilities are going to be more varied. You’ll be able to embark on the possibility of a walk-in shower enclosure, a large shower enclosure and potentially a shower wall and wet room.

Buy a Shower Enclosure That Is Bespoke to Your Bathroom’s Shape

The next thing to consider when buying a shower enclosure is the shape. The shape is important as it dramatically affects your bathroom’s appearance, and also the way you logistically use your bathroom.

To get the best out of your shower experience, and your bathroom experience as a whole, it is paramount to get the right shape of the shower enclosure.

Of course, getting the right shower enclosure for your home will be largely circumstantial.

But as a rule of thumb, if you’re looking to utilise a corner space, we recommend using a quadrant shower enclosure, as they are able to offer adequate space for showering but also save bathroom space when necessary.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has a comfortable amount of space, we recommend treating yourself to something bigger, such as a large shower enclosure, a wet room, or even a walk-in shower enclosure.

The shower enclosure you choose for your home will be largely dependent on the shape of your bathroom, so pay careful attention when choosing the one you want for your home.

The Simple Beauty of Shower Enclosure Style

Once the size and shape of your shower enclosure have been chosen, you’re now in a position to look at the style of it. Naturally, shower enclosures are associated with modern bathrooms, but there are instances where traditionally styled enclosure’s work just as well.

Instead of drawing attention directly to itself, shower enclosures are often designed to pay tribute to other features like the shower, and thermostatic valve. However, the shower enclosure style is still something that should be taken into consideration if you’re looking to maximise bathroom potential.

If you’re looking to create an ultra-modern look, then we recommend looking for our frameless shower enclosures, or even our walk-in shower enclosures. This particular style really embodies a minimal and modern look and will be able to continue the already modern theme of your bathroom.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, Burlington showers are perhaps your best bet. They have created a range of shower enclosure which slides wonderfully into a traditionally designed bathroom.

We have a range of styles of shower enclosure here at Bathroom City so we’re confident we’ll be able to find the right ones for your home.

Upstairs or Downstairs?

Whether your shower enclosure is positioned upstairs or downstairs can affect the process of the installation. If you wish to install your shower enclosure on a concrete floor, you may be forced to raise your shower enclosure when installing it. The reason for doing this will be based around installing the pipes that lie underneath it. It is very difficult to install pipes underneath a concrete floor, so it is recommendable to raise the shower tray instead.

Bathroom City Pivot Shower Door & Side Panel Shower Enclosure

If you’re looking to utilise a bathroom corner space, then our Pivot Shower Doors and Side Panel Shower enclosure is a must-see. Simply sensational, this beautifully designed shower enclosure comes with chrome handles, an organically moving pivot door, and a simple yet stunning design. Built to last, this wonderful shower enclosure comes with a 25-year guarantee, meaning you can be assured this product will serve you loyally for a lifetime to come.

- Toughened Safety Glass- Made from 6mm thick glass this shower enclosure provides a sturdy quality that is seldom found elsewhere.  As well as its thickness, what makes this shower enclosure so appealing is that it comes with a clean and clear water repellent.

- Chrome Handless- Working in conjunction with the rest of the shower enclosure, the gleaming chrome handles on this enclosure enhance the true nature of its modern appeal. To add that extra quality, what lies underneath this chrome lamination is sturdy brass construction.

- Clean and Clear Water Repellent- Ensuring a clinically clean look every time you use it, this enclosure is supported by a clean and clear water repellent ensuring a glimmering image of its entire life expectancy.

-  Side Panel Is Available In Three Sizes- 760, 800 and 900mm- Adaptable around size.

-  Minimal and Modern Design- The ideal shower enclosure for the modern bathroom, this enclosure is simple, sophisticated and of high quality.


BC 900 Quadrant Shower Enclosure


The archetypal corner shower enclosure, the BC 900 uses its slimline shape and beautiful chrome handles to create and the ideal solution. Perfectly symmetrical, this organically shaped enclosure hosts two doors that perfect curve around the corner of your bathroom.

Ideal for a large bathroom or even ensuites, this shower enclosure possesses fantastic value for money and will aid you in achieving bathroom excellence.

- Contemporary Design - The beauty of this quadrant shower enclosure is closely related to its modern and simple design. Featuring nothing short of designer excellence this wonderful shower enclosure is a real head-turner.

- Frame Finished In Polished Chrome- The next thing that makes this enclosure so eye-catching is its fully polished chrome finish. Able to glimmer under the bathroom light, this wonderful enclosure aids in helping you create the ideal bathroom situation.

- Size – Ideal for a Larger Bathroom - This large shower enclosure comes with the spacious dimensions of Width 900mm, Depth 900mm, Height 1850mm. 

- Made from Strong Glass - Made from extra-strong 5mm safety glass, these shower enclosures add a supreme quality.

-  Smooth Sliding Doors with Ergonomic Handles- The enclosure’s smooth sliding doors come with ergonomic handles that add quality to the user experience of this product.

- Supplied with a Lifetime Guarantee - a 25-year guarantee on this product gives you the comfort of not worrying about another shower enclosure for a long time. Once it’s done, it’s done.

 Side Panel Bathroom Shower Enclosure

Perhaps one of the most popular of our Bi-fold Shower Enclosures, this particular enclosure ticks every box in terms of bathroom functionality. Made with a unique door mechanism, this bifold shower enclosure cleverly utilises space and design, making it perfect for a smaller or en-suite bathroom.

Featuring a clean and clear water repellent, you can be assured that this product will stay looking brand- new forever.  Strengthened by tough glass boasts a unique door mechanism making it easy for cleaning.

-  Unique Door Mechanism for easy cleaning- Ideal for utilising a smaller bathroom, this enclosure boasts a multiple hinge door system making it easy to use, and clever in design. 

- Clear Glass Side Panel.

- Chrome handles- Made of stern stuff, this shower enclosure comes with beautiful chrome handles that make this enclosure both appealing and durable.

- Supported a by a lifetime guarantee - This shower enclosure is supported by a 25-year guarantee

Given the perfect alcove it’s easy to install your shower with simple shower doors and a shower tray, saving space and tucking neatly in between the walls to make room for other features or making use of all the dimensions in a smaller bathroom suite or en-suite bathroom.

No matter what the shape is of your bathroom suite there is always a corner for a shower enclosure. Shower side panels provide the additional panel needed to complete a shower enclosure in the corner of your bathroom suite.

Available in a wealth of styles, choosing a shower side panel depends purely on the shower door that you choose, taking into consideration the size, brand and compatibility.

How to Choose Shower Side Panels

Having chosen the corresponding brand and range for your side panel, you simply have to choose the right size using the drop-down menu to the right of the product page, ensuring that you choose the same height as your shower door alongside the width you require to give you the shower space you desire. 

For example, if you choose the Elation sliding shower door from Aquadart and would like the corresponding shower side panel to fit it into the corner of your installation, then simply find the Elation Side Shower Panel in the Shower Side Panels category and select the appropriate height using the drop-down menu.

All you have to do then is choose your shower tray and you will have created your desired shower enclosure, perfect for the corner of your bathroom suite.

What is an Inline Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is an ultimate convenience, especially in the modern world where speed and practicality are particularly important, whether it’s to reinvigorate you before a busy working day or to wind down after. With the ever-increasing popularity of the shower enclosure, some customers are choosing them as the sole feature in their bathroom suites, replacing the traditional bath for a more convenient alternative.

If the shower is taking centre stage, it allows customers a lot more freedom in the design, whether it’s a more substantial showering space or a particular door style, without having to take into account the surrounding features opens up a world of possibilities for premium showering.  

With the shower enclosure now taking centre stage, the first port of call is the space which you can take advantage of and the perfect shower enclosure utilising space is an inline shower enclosure.

Inline shower enclosures offer a generous showering space thanks to their additional inline panels that can stand on one side or both side of the shower door, making for a much wider shower area that is sometimes coupled with a drying area too.

Standing in a corner, against a wall or recessed in an alcove, inline shower enclosures make the most of your bathroom’s space; particularly luxurious if you have the room to couple with a bath and other features.

How to Choose an Inline Shower Enclosure

Now you know what one is, it’s time to take a look at some of Bathroom City’s stunning inline shower enclosures, with a wealth of sizes and styles on offer to suit any bathroom or budget.

For a grand compliment to large family bathroom suite then take a look at the Aquadart 3 Sided Inline Shower Enclosure which makes a statement by standing up against a wall with 3 sides exposed.

The ultimate alternative to a bath installation, this Aquadart inline shower enclosure offers a relaxing and stylish design that incorporates a near-seamless join throughout the 3 panels and solid brass hinges from a frameless look.

For a 2 sided alternative that tucks neatly into a corner, the Aquadart Inline 2 Sided Inline Shower Enclosure delivers a sleek polished silver frame, double brass hinges and 8mm thick safety glass, providing a generous showering space that can suit a large family bathroom.   

Thanks to its increased width, this Aquadart inline shower enclosure could easily replace a bath installation, offering a substantial showering space that exudes relaxing qualities.

For an even more sizeable inline shower enclosure, the 10 Series 1200 Pivot Door Inline Shower Enclosure from Merlyn Showering is at the forefront of modern luxury, perfectly balancing a wealth of sleek contemporary features while saving space with its easy to use pivot shower door.

Combining a stylish mirror finished chrome frame and handle, 10mm toughened safety glass and the option of smoked black glass for a unique contemporary feel, this Merilyn inline shower enclosure remains a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers looking to add glamour to their bathroom suite.

Moreover, inline shower enclosures can be recessed in between walls and the IR800 GG Illusion Recess Inline Shower Enclosure from Matki Showering is a perfect example of an extensive shower enclosure that can sit in an alcove as the main feature in your bathroom suite or integrated with a bath and furniture in a large family bathroom.

Inline shower enclosures are a luxurious complement to any modern setting, delivering a spacious showering area that stands as a focal point in your suite.


Shower Enclosures are an important part of a bathroom’s success, providing distinctive boundaries within the bathroom, but also beautiful statements in terms of design. At Bathroom City, our range of shower enclosures casts itself far and wide, from a walk-in shower enclosures, frameless shower enclosures, shower enclosure with trays, double shower enclosures, and square shower enclosures through to quadrant shower enclosure. With over 30 years’ experience, we’re confident that we’ll something for you.