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What is the difference between a bathroom towel rail and a Bathroom radiator? 

  • Bathroom heated Towel Rail? - This is a radiator with space to fit your towels to keep warm. Usually a bar-shaped horizontal you have the option to have this connected to your electrical system or your hot water heating system. 
  • Bathroom Radiator - these are tubular column style or flat type radiators and generally do not have a dedicated place for your towel. These are more powerful and should be connected to your central heating system for best results. 

Vertical Bathroom Radiator Options 

Bathroom column radiators come in many sizes and colours. and manufactured from various materials steel alluminium and cast iron. The more columns in the radiator the more heat output is available. 

Bathroom Flat Vertical radiators do not have the round standard pipe shape they are very much flat plat type style. 

Heat Output and Efficiency:

  • Column Radiator: Due to their larger surface area and more intricate design, column radiators can sometimes offer slightly higher heat output compared to flat radiators of similar dimensions. However, this can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and efficiency.
  • Flat Radiator: Flat radiators are often designed for optimal heat distribution and efficiency. While they may not have the same decorative appeal as column radiators, they are generally effective at heating a space evenly.

Column  Radiator              


faye 3 column horizontal white designer radiator

Flat  Radiator 

barkah black aluminium vertical radiator


They can be made of materials such as cast iron, steel, or aluminum. Some may have a traditional, ornate design, while others may feature a more modern and sleek appearance.

These radiators work like standard radiators, using hot water from the central heating system to heat the bathroom. They are usually connected to the central heating system through pipes, and their temperature can be controlled using a thermostat or radiator valve.

Column radiators 

effendi 2 column vertical white designer radiator


Flat panel radiators 

barkah black aluminium vertical radiator




Mirrored Radiators For Every Room Of The Home 

A bathroom radiator with an integrated mirror provides an eye-catching style as well as an efficient way of maximizing the space in your bathroom suite.


Empoli 6 1800 x 750mm Radiator Grey


The Empoli bathroom mirrored radiator size 1800 h x 75mm wide is a perfect addition to any bathroom and is currently on sale and probably the cheapest vertical radiator on offer at the moment. 

Heated Towel Rail 

These are always vertical in shape the heating bars can be tubular or square by design for you to hang your bathroom towel on to warm up or dry. 

Available in many colour options and sizes  

Black Bathroom Towel Rail Glade Heated Towel Rail Matt Black (1600 x 500mm)

l  glade radiator matt black 1600 x 500


Brushed Gold Bathroom Towel Rail Jivana Brushed Brass Towel Radiator (800 x 500mm) available in all sizes. 

jivana radiator brushed brass 800 x 500

White Bathroom Towel Rail 

sultan white designer towel radiator