Bath Shower Screens

Bath Shower Screens

A Bath Shower Screen is a Glass Panel that fits comfortably between the Bathroom wall and the longer edge of your Bath. The ultimate convenience while bathing, bath shower screens give you the choice to comfortably take a bath while ensuring there is no water spillage on the bathroom floor. A Bath Screen is an efficient yet budget-friendly solution to keeping your bathroom neat and tidy.  Our Bath Shower Screens are available in a range of styles and are designed to suit any bath installation with different shapes such as D-shaped, Square-shaped, Double-shaped, Bi-fold, and more. Read our handy tips on  the three bathroom accessories you should invest in, for your new Shower Bath.  

Safety Glass

All Bath Screens we stock are made from Thick, Durable Safety Glass that will last you for years, are easy to install, and come with a definite Manufacturer guarantee. Browse through our collection of Bath Screens to find one that fits your budget and your bathroom.

Multiple Styles & Colours

Shower Screens help easily turn your bath into a Shower Enclosure. Bath shower screens are available in many different styles and sizes, from the traditional to contemporary designs. The best part is that you can install them yourself! Simply remove the old shower screen and install the new one. Browse through our collection of glass shower screens to find the best product for your Bathroom. Now available in three colour options gold black or chrome bath screen.. 

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Why Choose A Bath Screen or Shower Screen?

A curved bath and shower screen are essential to keep water where it belongs when you have a shower in a bath.

Why Bath Screens?

If your bathtub doubles as your shower area, a bath or shower screen is vital to prevent water splashes on your bathroom floor. Unlike shower curtains that can trap mold and mildew, screens offer a hygienic solution.

Stylish Bath Screens:

Bath and shower screens add a modern touch to your bathroom, brightening and expanding the space. They are a simple and cost-effective way to update your bathroom.

Types of Screens:

Choose from various bath shower screens, some with built-in handles or towel rails. Square screens bring a contemporary look, while D-shaped screens offer a softer appearance. Double bifold screens spanning wall to wall along the length of your bath completely turn your bath into a cabin providing extra protection, and bi-fold screens save space.

Extended bath screens give you one fixed panel usually around 300 wide and then a hinged bath screen which is available in black brushed gold or chrome. 

Keep Your Bathroom Dry and Stylish with Bath Screens.