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Small Corner Baths

A small corner bath presents you with the best layout solution for a small space. Adding these Baths is an effective way to utilise space in your bathroom. These baths can also be used as shower baths by simply adding a shower bath screen. Their advantages are that they can suit a variety of purposes such as saving space in smaller or more awkwardly shaped suites, as well as providing a premium bathing experience in larger installations. Small Corner Baths are available from 1metre (1000mm) up to the large corner bath 2metre ( 2000mm). For some helpful advise, please read our article on 5 Tips for Corner Bath Suites.

Space Savers

The unique offset and space-saver designs of these corner baths are ideal for irregular-shaped bathrooms. You can also fit whirlpool jets in your bath. Whirlpool corner baths promise you a luxurious bathing experience. If you don’t have the time for a leisurely bath every day, it’s alright. Some freestanding corner baths can be fitted with a shower, too.

Fantastic Choices

Corner Baths are available in both right-hand as well as left-hand options. Other than whirlpool jets, a matching bath panel is another optional feature in some baths. Price shouldn’t be a constraint, as you can buy a small corner bath at varying price points, based on your budget. Check out the different styles, sizes and brands below.

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Corner Baths at Bathroom City

Complementing your bathroom suite with a corner bath being a smaller bath in length and width is a sleek design choice and Bathroom City’s vast range of corner baths spans traditional, contemporary and modern classic designs, each with their own individual styling and fitting bath panels.

Our huge collection of shapes and size options on offer including space-saving Laguna 1200 corner baths and large Clio 1500 corner baths.  Bathroom City’s range of quality corner baths offset baths delivers a wealth of designs from leading brands. We offer such a variety of corner-shaped baths at more importantly we are one of the cheapest corner baths suppliers on the market.

Space Saving Corner Bath

The Benefits of a Corner Bath

In new housing development, it is often the bedrooms and living areas that we get most excited about. The bedroom is the one most personal, with each bedroom in the house saying something about the inhabitant, whether it’s state of the art technology or appealing décor, the bedroom is a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

With so much commotion surrounding the more “fun” rooms in the house, the bathroom suite can sometimes be left on the back burner, sometimes associated with the stress of fitting certain features into a tight or awkwardly shaped space.

The shape and size of the humble bathroom suite should never raise stress levels, with Bathroom City being home to a vast range of products that solve any space issue, whether it’s compact storage or corner installations, allowing customers to make the most

of the bathroom suite without affecting their blood pressure.

Why Choose a Corner Bath?

If you’re dealing with a particularly tight space or awkwardly shaped room then a corner bath installation could be the right choice for you, offering a design that tucks neatly into the corner, saving space while allowing the same generous bathing area as a standard bath.

The Laguna Plus 1200 Corner Bath from Bathroom City is a perfect example of a corner bath that can solve a number of space issues, beautifully combining an ultra-durable 5mm thick white acrylic construction and the ability to add customised whirlpool system for the ultimate luxury. 

Off course, a corner bath doesn’t just have to be used as a solution for a smaller bathroom suite, Bathroom City also offers a larger option in the form of the Nice 1400 Corner Bath from Phoenix delivers a comfortable bathing space that exudes contemporary chic in any setting.

Alternatively, for a versatile solution to bathing and showering, the Clia Left Hand Offset Corner Bath is available with bath panels and a shower screen, providing ample space for showering when coupled with a bath shower mixer, as well as a comfortable and generous bathing space.

The stylish Clia corner bath stands the test of time in both its style and construction with its 5mm thick resin backed acrylic and versatile dimensions that allow it tuck into smaller spaces as well as larger family bathroom suites.

With a corner bath for any setting, Bathroom City’s choice of stunning corner baths allows customers to find a design to suit any space or bathroom style, with a full range of corner baths from leading brands such as Phoenix and Heritage, as well as a handful of designs made right here in our Birmingham workshop. 

There is, of course, the ultimate bathroom space-saving bathtub solution,  add a corner shower bath screen and convert that small corner bath into a luxury showering area.