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Modern Shower Bath Suites

A shower bath suite is the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds – a luxurious, relaxing bath and a powerful shower. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary L or P shaped Suite, you'll find a shower bath suite perfect for your needs at Bathroom City. Our shower bath suites are complete bathroom suites, providing you with the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

We're one of the UK's oldest Bathroom Retailers and have been selling Shower Bath Suites since 1986. Not looking for a Shower Suite? Check out our extensive collection of a range of bathroom suites.



Space Saving Design

Shower bath suites take up less room than separate tubs and showers, and they can be a great way to add value to your home. If you're considering a shower bath suite for your next bathroom remodel or for your small bathroom, we have a number of L-shaped shower bath suites and P shaped shower suites with combination basin and toilet units.

Value For Money

Buying a stylish Shower Bath Suite is an excellent investment for your money. That's because you get bundled products instead of having to buy each item individually. From timeless White Bathroom Suites to elegant Grey Suites, you're sure to find a Bath suite that is perfect for you.

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Shower Baths at Bathroom City

We offer wall hung sink units floor standing in a variety of colours including the latest high gloss grey L shape shower suite with matching wall mounted basin and drawers.  One of the latest cloakroom suites trend is in the high gloss acrylic Black toilet and sink combination suite and black high gloss matching shower bath.  If a Black L shaped bathroom suite or Grey L shape shower bath suite is not for you then take a look at the small 1500mm corner shower bath suites we have available. The options are endless and all the items with our shower bath suites are all available to purchase separately so you can of course mix and match to create a unglue bathroom suite. 

Space Saving Shower Bath Suites

Shower baths suites provide a number of benefits. Not only are they stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also incredibly functional and are the perfect tool to get the best out of your bathroom.

Utilising Space- Shower Bath Suites

The most prevalent benefit of buying a shower bath suite is based on its ability to utilise space. Killing two birds with one stone, shower baths allow you to shower and bathe in the same infrastructure, which subsequently frees up space.

L-Shaped and P-Shaped Bath – Shower Bath Suites

From a style perspective, you have two options. And that’s whether to get an L-Shaped or P shaped shower bath. The style you choose is entirely based on personal preference; both styles create a particularly modern & contemporary vigour inside your bathroom.  

Your choice of bath screen will affect the bath screen that goes with it. A P-shaped bath will have a rounded screen, while an L-Shaped bath screen will have a rectangular shape.

High Gloss Finish - Shower Bath Suites  

Aligned with their modern and contemporary feel, shower bath suites are often complemented by a high gloss finish, whether it’s on the bath itself or lacquered on to the furniture that accompanies the suite.

High gloss furniture gives your suite a sleeker, sharper look, often creating that mirrored finish that exudes modern luxury.

If you’re looking to create a contemporary suite with one of our shower bath suites, or a simple bath suite there's always plenty to choose from to save space.