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Looking for a stylish and innovative bath that can stand the test of time? A 1600mm bath is the answer. This bath isn’t small by any standards. Importantly, it’s not small internally.  

The best feature of a 1600mm bath is it is functional and distinctive. This bath provides you more than enough space to stretch and relax. And it comes with an extended warranty. So, it’s perfectly designed to provide you with a luxurious bathing experience for several years. 

The design of a 1600mm bath is time-tested, too. The deep design is ideal for a deep-body immersion. And this bath drains and self-dries fast. 

We stock a selection of baths – from the most basic to top-end, premium models – that have unique characteristics. Your choice is truly varied. You can pick a timeless, ultra-modern bath that will look current during the next decade and even during the decade after that. 

Are you very particular about a specific material, colour, shape, or technology? No worries. You will find what you are looking for. Also, you will find the bath that complements your bathroom to perfection – whether it’s a contemporary or classical design. 

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