Towel Rings and Towel Rails

Towel Rings, Towel Rails, Towel Hooks and Robe Hooks For Both Modern And Traditional Bathrooms

Adding further convenience to your bathroom suite, towel rings and towel rails are a tidy storage solution and are available in a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs.


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The perfect accessories, towel rings and rails are a great space-saving solution in both family bathrooms and more compact suites, providing a home for your towels that ensures they won’t be left on the floor. Bathroom City also has a large selection of towel hooks and dressing gown holders.

Stop the floor cutter by using a towel hook on the back of a door or wall, and have a matching dressing gown hook or robe hook.

Towel Rings

Towel Rings tend to be one of the most popular accessories we provide, and the reason they’re desired so much is often down to their practical input inside your bathroom.

Not only do they provide a home for your towels, but they also provide the platform to enhance your bathroom’s style.  Like any other accessories, towel rings provide the opportunity to create a bathroom personality.

Towel Ring Size

The size of your towel rings will be naturally be related to the size of your towels. However, it’s always more practical to buy one that will be able to store your largest towels. That way you know that any other towel you purchase, regardless of its size, can be stored successfully when required.

It’s important to remember that your towels are malleable, and can be manoeuvred and folded to whatever shape you’d like. This means that when you’re choosing your towel ring, it’s important to be aware of this. You’re only obliged to buy towel ring that can neatly hang your towels and so on.

Towel Ring Shape

The shape of your towel rings will naturally be related to the style of your bathroom. With 30 years of industry experience, it’s important to remember that their shape should synchronise with the existing style of your bathroom. Installing a modern and contemporary design into a traditional bathroom is going to confuse your desired image. Therefore it’s always advised to accessorise according to the existing style of your bathroom.

The shape of your towel ring is often related to its style.  We tend to find that towel rails are often linked with a traditionally designed bathroom, while circular and square towel rings are perfect for a modern bathroom.

With our range of accessories, you can sometimes be stuck for choice, which is why we have created brief product reviews on items we believe stand out more than others.



A space-saving storage solution for hanging your dressing gowns and towels, robe hooks are suitable accessories. Available in a range of styles that will suit any bathroom with models made from nickel, chrome, wood or even gold.

Bathroom City’s collection of robe hooks and towel hangers not only offers a functional solution but also a wealth of unique styles from the worlds leading brands.

Rope Hooks of All Shapes and Sizes 

With both traditional and contemporary designs on offer, adding a robe hook to your suite is a fantastic compliment.

Robe and Towel Hooks

Just like any other bathroom accessory, our robe and towel hooks work on two different levels. Firstly, they provide a practical solution to improve your bathroom experience. Secondly, they should enhance the bathroom style. 

At Bathroom City, our range of robe and towel hooks is extremely diverse, meaning no matter how individual your bathroom, we’re bound to have that little something that’ll work perfectly for your home.

The Beauty of Bathroom Robe Hooks

Bathroom Robe Hooks provide an invaluable service to your home, improving your bathroom experience by adding both convenience and storage. But despite the practical value, they also come in a range of styles that can help your bathroom reach its aesthetic potential.

Like every other bathroom accessory, bathroom towel hooks should work in sync with the rest of the bathroom’s décor. Our range comes in designs that complement both modern and traditional designs, and are ideal for creating a better bathroom image.

Aside from the style of your bathroom robe hook, perhaps the other important variable is their positioning. Although this may sound like common sense, it’s important to position your bathroom rope hook, in a place that is easily accessible to the showering and bathing area.

Like we said, our range of bathroom robe hooks comes in a variation of colours and styles. If you’re struggling to choose what you believe will be the right towel hook for your bathroom, check out our product reviews for more information.