Radiator Valves

What Radiator Valve Do I Need ?

If your central heating pipe is directly under the radiator valve position then it's simple you need a Straight valve. 

If you have the central heating pipe coming out of the wall or from the side to meet the radiator valve then you need Angled valves. 


TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve or Manuel ?

Manuel radiator valves you can turn the radiator on and off the heat is controlled by your house central heating thermostat. 

TRV or Thermostatic Radiator Valve has a built-in thermostatic to control the heat independently to the rest of your house. 


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Radiator valves are not at the top of most people’s bathroom priority lists. Even if they are thought of at all, they tend to take a back seat. At Bathroom City, our 30-year experience has taught us the importance of these finishing touches. 

For an entirely stylish radiator - an essential addition to any bathroom radiator installation - have a look at our huge collection of radiator towel Rail valves from some of the world’s leading brands

Radiator Valve Types - Angled or Straight Valve - Wall or Floor

What radiator valves do I need to buy?

There are two main questions you need to answer before buying your valves 

Position of water inlet pipes With Radiator Bottom water inlet. 

My pipework comes through the floor 

The Radiator has a water inlet on the bottom - Buy Straight Valves

A radiator has a water inlet on the side - Buy Angled Valves 

A radiator has a Middle inlet - Buy H Valves 

My Pipework comes through the wall at the back. 

The radiator has a water inlet on the bottom - Buy Angled Valves

The radiator has a water inlet on the side - Buy Angled Valves 

The radiator has a Middle inlet - Buy H Valves 

Thermostatic Radiator Valve or Manual Radiator Valve 


Radiator Valve Shapes - Round or Square Valves

Valves tend to either come in round or square shapes, which shape you choose will often boil down to radiator shape. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you use a square bar radiator for square valves and round valves for a rounder-shaped radiator towel rails  This shape is all about your design choice.