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Cistern Fittings and Wall frame Support


Whatever your cistern requires, Bathroom City has the effective accessories with our vast selection of cistern fittings.

Branded Cistern Fittings and Wall Frame Support at Bathroom City 

With a wealth of leading brands on offer, Bathroom City's collection of cistern fittings provide a hard wearing solution.

Your toilet wouldn't work without a cistern, but choosing the right one for your installation is very important. Cisterns come in a range of styles to suit different bathroom layouts and can even reduce the amount of water you use with each flush. 

Concealed Cistern 

A back to wall or a wall hung toilet requires a concealed cistern, which hides the mechanism that controls your toilet for a more minimalist aesthetic in your suite. A concealed cistern is usually operated using a push button flush plate which can also come as a dual flush option, allowing you to cut back on water usage and potentially save on water bills. 

High Level, Low Level and Close Coupled Cisterns 

Traditional style cisterns such as high and low level cisterns are likely to be accessorised with the classic flush lever or a chain flush. The most common modern toilets are close coupled WCs, when the cistern is attached directly to the back of the pan, and these can be paired with either a lever or a flush plate. Whichever you choose should reflect the style and décor of your bathroom and also take into account your average water consumption. 

Types of Flush

Old-fashioned style toilets often feature lever flushes or chain flushes which use a set amount of water each time they are flushed. Often these traditional types of flush are the only option when it comes to complementing the aesthetic of your bathroom. 

A more modern concept is the flush plate, which is a button often mounted directly into the wall, usually when the cistern is concealed. These flush plates require less effort to operate than traditional lever or chain flushes and come as either a single button or a dual button. A dual flush plate is an environmentally and economically friendly way of saving the planet and you money as you have two options when you flush depending on how much water you think you need to use. 


Bathroom City stock cistern fittings and wall frame support from some of the industry's leading brands, including Geberit, Phoenix, Grohe, Heritage and Saniflo. 



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