Stylish Bathroom Cabinets

Freestanding bathroom cabinets are stylish design elements available in both traditional and modern styles.

You can choose from various product designs that include tallboys, seating benches, filler units, drawer units, and more. The vast range allows you to choose a piece that will complement your bathroom décor and fit your storage needs.

These convenient storage units blend nicely into any layout. Hence, regardless of your personal taste, available space, and budget, you will find the right cabinets.

Our experts have put together a Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide to provide some helpful tips & advice when choosing a cabinet for your bathroom.


Since these “plug and play” cabinets don’t require wall mounting, they are suitable for bathrooms with limited wall space. They are the perfect storage pieces for oddly shaped spaces. 

While all the products are space-efficient, the miniature filler units stand out. The truly tiny dimensions of these units enable you to squeeze them into the tiniest of spaces.

The zero-installation feature of these cabinets makes them the most user-friendly furniture pieces. They offer an effective storage solution in all environments, especially low-ceiling bathrooms.  

Portable Storage

With these portable furniture pieces, you can make your bathroom as functional as possible by moving them around to suit your needs.

The freestanding nature of these cabinets also allows for easy relocation, providing you with great flexibility in changing the bathroom layout or when moving to a new home. 

If you prefer storage solutions that don’t take up any floor space, please check out our Wall Hung Bathroom Cabinets collection.

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1. What Is a Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet?

A freestanding bathroom cabinet, also called a floor-standing cabinet, rests flat on the floor without support. The advantage of this unit is it serves both functionality and aesthetics.

The variety of available styles, designs, dimensions, and storage options is endless, making it easy to find a cabinet that fits your bathroom regardless of its size.

You can pick from a reduced-depth short cabinet, broad open-shelf unit, or tall cabinet. You can also customise this unit with shelves, drawers, and space dividers, making it easy to organise small items. 

2. Can I Move a Freestanding Cabinet Easily If Needed?

Unlike wall-hung cabinets, freestanding bathroom cabinets aren’t attached to the wall. Hence, installation is simple as the wall doesn’t bear the weight of the unit and its contents.

Since this unit is not fixed, you also have tremendous flexibility in placing it anywhere in the bathroom.

Most freestanding bathroom cabinets are lightweight and can be easily shifted. Avoid pushing or dragging the cabinet on the floor. Instead, lift the cabinet with the help of another person and place it in the desired place.

Some cabinets are equipped with wheels that can be locked into position. In these models, you only need to unlock the wheels to move the cabinet to the desired place.

3. Can I Use Freestanding Bathroom Storage to Store Items Like Towels and Toiletries?

Freestanding bathroom cabinets offer generous storage space that suits your desired storage needs. You can store items like towels, tissues, shampoos, essential oils, toys, accessories, and more.

A freestanding storage cabinet gives you extra storage space. You can use the additional storage space to conceal essentials, keeping your bathroom organised and clutter-free.

A cabinet with a glass door will allow you to see all the items inside, making it easy to pick up the items you need. If you need more storage space, you can opt for a larger depth cabinet.