How Much Do Bathroom Vanity Units Cost?

White Wall Hung Vanity Unit
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The cost of bathroom vanity units varies widely, ranging from £98 to £3,568.

The material, features, size, design, and brand are the major factors that influence the price.

Our large collection comprises hundreds of vanity units in various dimensions, colours, and styles. You can find the perfect fit regardless of your budget and bathroom aesthetic.

This blog post will deep dive into the factors that influence vanity unit prices and explore options for various budget ranges.

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Factors Influencing Vanity Unit Prices

1. Materials

Plywood Material Details

Real wood is getting scarce and expensive in the UK. Hence, a variety of pre-processed boards, such as particle wood, density wood (MDF), and plywood, are used.

Particle boards are made of wood shavings, chips, fibres, and adhesives. Due to its low strength, it cannot support heavy loads. The most inexpensive vanity units are made of particle board.

Medium Density fibreboard (MDF) comprises very fine wood fibres glued together and compressed under immense pressure. MDF is stronger than particle board because it has a higher density level. Therefore, this material is more expensive than particle board.

Plywood is made by stacking several thin layers of hardwood and glueing them together. This material is much stronger than MDF and particle boards. Its advantages include durability, aesthetics, and workability. 

Mid-range vanity units are made of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and plywood. 

Solid wood (also labelled hard wood or real wood) is natural, healthy, and environment-friendly. Also, the exceptional looks of this premium material is difficult to match.

Premium range vanity units are made of top-grade materials such as solid wood and natural stone.

2. Surface Finish

Particle Boards:

Since particle boards comprise wood shavings and chips, they typically have a rough surface. However, high-quality particle boards that are slightly expensive have a smooth and attractive surface finish. 

The unique feature of this material is its surface can be laminated, veneered, or painted to achieve the desired surface finish.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF):

Since MDF has fine wood grains of uniform size, it has a smooth surface finish. Vanity units made of this material are available in different colours. You can also paint the colour of your choice on the MDF surface.


Low-end plywood can have an uneven surface finish. However, if the surface of the vanity unit is veneered, the edges will not chip/peel off.

High-end plywood has a smooth surface finish and can last for many years.

Solid Wood:

Solid wood is renowned for its durability and timeless appeal. No other material can match its sophisticated look.

Vanity units made of this material work best with a natural surface finish. 

3. Size and Configuration

The larger the dimensions of a bathroom vanity, the more space you have for shelves and drawers. That is, a vanity unit with a sizeable storage area will be more expensive.

Therefore, smaller vanities with minimal storage space will cost less compared to larger vanities, double vanities, and vanities with more storage options.

4. Countertop Sink or Integrated Basin

Countertop Sink and Integrated Basin Vanity Units

A countertop sink sits on top of the level surface of a vanity unit. 

Since the sink sits on top of the surface, it’s the most inexpensive fixture to install, as it does not require an extensive fabrication process. 

An integrated basin, on the contrary, is built into the vanity and is level with the countertop of the unit. 

A vanity unit with integrated basin/s is more expensive than one with countertop sink/s due to the intricate design and fabrication process. Customised integrated basin/s can mean an even larger price tag.

Vanity units with ceramic or porcelain basins are relatively cheaper compared to the ones with natural stone basins.

5. Features

As technology evolves, homeowners prefer to buy vanity units with innovative features. For instance, integrated lighting that illuminates the interior of shelves and drawers for improved visibility or soft-close hinges and slides to minimise wear and tear and reduce noise.

Additional cabinets, in-drawer power outlets, more countertop space, stone countertops, or mirrors can also increase the price of the vanity unit.  

6. Brand and Reputation

The superior quality of materials and craftsmanship of the vanity units produced by well-known brands often come with a higher price tag. 

New brands will take time to replicate the customer confidence enjoyed by the market leaders. In the meantime, you can buy their products at a competitive price.

Choose your vanity unit wisely – consider other factors beyond cost. 

Here are 7 Things to think about when choosing a Vanity Unit.

Bathroom Vanity Installation Cost

The installation cost will depend on the dimensions and design of the vanity unit. The average installation cost ranges between £150 and £300. But it could be much higher for a double vanity or a premium vanity with additional fixtures, such as a mirror cabinet or a matching tallboy.

Note: You might incur extra charges for removing the old vanity unit.

Budget-Friendly Vanity Units (Under £300)

1. Celeste 500mm Matte White Floorstanding Vanity Basin Unit (£169)

Celeste 500mm Matte White Floorstanding Vanity Basin Unit

The compact dimensions of this space-saving cloakroom vanity unit can fit into the tiniest of bathrooms. The 2-door shelf offers optimal storage space.

2. Pemberton Gold 600mm Wall-Hung Vanity Unit with Black Inset Basin (£198)

Pemberton Gold 600mm Wall-Hung Vanity Unit with Black Inset Basin

The sleek, wall-hung design of this basin vanity unit will revolutionise bathroom aesthetics. The single drawer offers essential storage space.

Mid-Range Vanity Units (£300 – £1,000)

1. Sonix White 1500mm Large Wall-Hung Double Sink Vanity Unit (£629)

Sonix White 1500mm Large Wall-Hung Double Sink Vanity Unit

Suitable for a family bathroom, this statement piece is designed for higher functionality and aesthetic appeal. The four drawers and a shelf offer ample storage area.

2. Jasmine 1000mm Floorstanding Black Vanity Unit (£899)

Jasmine 1000mm Floorstanding Black Vanity Unit

This versatile freestanding vanity unit is crafted for endurance and can complement any bathroom decor. The two drawers and the open shelf beneath them provide maximal storage, blending functionality with elegance.

High-End Vanity Units (£1,000+)

1. Heritage Broughton Graphite Grey Wash Stand Vanity Unit with Two Sinks (£2,099)

Heritage Broughton Graphite Grey Wash Stand Vanity Unit with Two Sinks

Made from durable engineered wood, this spacious dual-sink traditional furniture piece presents you with the flexibility to customise the unit to your bathroom décor.

The generous width of the vanity offers two spacious drawers and ample room on the integrated open shelf below.

2. Baden Haus Bellagio Black & Gold Stone Vanity Unit (£3,259)

Baden Haus Bellagio Black & Gold Stone Vanity Unit

The striking exquisiteness and timeless style of this unit can complement any contemporary bathroom.

This wall-hung, 4-drawer, 1-shelf bathroom vanity is also available with optional LED flat mirrors.

Shop Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom City’s vast collection of vanity units offers you plenty of choices in style, design, storage options, innovative features, and more. Browse through some of the nation’s top brands on our online store.

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