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Vanity Units


Bathroom Vanity and Basins

Vanity Units

Bathroom City’s huge range of vanity units with sinks come in traditional, contemporary and modern classic designs, so you can be sure that we’ll have a solution for your dream bathroom suite. Shop now for Bathroom Wall Cabinets and vanity units online.

Vanity Units aren't just exclusive to the bathroom, they are equally as eligible for the bedroom too. Whichever room you’re looking to utilise, the key is to perform the correct amount of research before purchasing.

Research is important when purchasing a vanity unit with basin because it pays off further down the line.

To simplify the research process, we have broken it down into 5 categories: size, purpose, style, colour and texture.


Size is an important factor because getting it wrong can be critical.

Getting your dimensions in order at the start of the process will eliminate potential vanity units pushing forward. Although this can be occasionally disappointing, it is better to know the large vanity unit you wanted doesn’t fit earlier rather than later.


The next thing to research is the purpose of your vanity unit because not all of our bathroom vanity units are solely for storage and grooming. Others can encompass entire bathroom suites. For example, our larger vanity units have back to wall cisterns and toilets.

The purpose of your vanity unit will tie in with the size of your bathroom. So if you’re looking for a vanity unit for a smaller or cloakroom bathroom, then our small vanity units with basins or corner vanity units are perhaps your best bet. On the other hand, if you have the luxury of more bathroom space, then a large vanity unit might be more suitable.


Then there is the style of your vanity unit. As Bathroom experts, we recommend choosing a vanity unit aligned with existing bathroom decor. If your bathroom is decorated in a traditional or period theme, then our traditional vanity units will be ideal. Likewise, if your bathroom is more minimal and modern, we recommend buying something contemporary.  On occasion, some vanity units are able to adapt to traditional and modern bathroom styles.

Colour and Textures of Sink Cabinets 

The next variable is colour. Colours are important because they affect your bathroom’s mood. As any bathroom expert will tell you, a bathroom’s colour should be unified or at least in sync with existing décor.

Bathrooms are associated with white because it connotes clean and pure energy. What’s more, is that white is considered a base colour that is often complemented by a pallet of others that can range from deep reds to light pastels.

Lighter colours such as sky blues and bright lemons can create a more airy environment and can invigorate a bathroom with a fresh personality.

Traditionally designed vanity units can be coated in bright colours, but are best suited to darker and richer tones. Rich colours paint a picture of bathroom luxury.


Then there are the materials used to make bathroom vanity units. These materials can vary from stone resin to laminated oak. Naturally, textures tend to correlate with style. So vanity units with a modern style are usually made from smoother materials such as poly-marble or high-gloss ebony.

On the other hand, traditional vanity units are more likely to have a rustic and authentic feel. Lots of traditional vanity units are made from solid oak meaning they have a distinctively different texture to modernly designed vanity units.

The textures you choose for bathroom vanity units will be dependent on bathroom style. Often customers want to create a continuous theme inside their bathroom. This usually means that things like the bath, shower and other bathroom elements will dictate the choice of the vanity unit.

Texture can also affect the mindset of customers when it comes to product quality.  Heavier material is often perceived as being of higher quality, whereas lighter materials the opposite.

Fitted Vanity Units

Fitted bathroom Vanity Units with basin provide a sleek solution perfect for maximising storage space. Designed to merge effortlessly with other parts of bathroom furniture, fitted vanity units are capable of giving your bathroom a smooth and complete image.

Fitted vanity units are typically modern in design, so it is rare to find a traditionally styled one. Whereas modern vanity units are often fitted, traditionally designed bathroom vanity units tend to be separate, Single bathroom vanity unit and a free-standing toilet unit which covers the cistern, independent pieces.   

Toilet and Sink unit together in one compact cabinet is also a great option for when space is limited

Corner Vanity Units and Cloakroom Vanity Units

The ideal solution for smaller Bathroom or cloakroom is a corner and cloakroom vanity unit. Vanity units come in a variety of textures, colours and styles at Bathroom City. Corner Vanity Units maximise space whilst getting the most out of your bathroom.

Available in a variety of styles, corner vanity units are able to provide a handy storage solution as well as a basin for washing hands and brushing teeth.


Pelipal Contea 2 Draw 2 Door Vanity Unit Glass Basin 1190 X480 RH

From German specialists Pelipal, this Contea 2 Draw wall hung vanity unit with basin is a favourite amongst Bathroom City customers. Featuring two accommodating deep doors and two cupboards, this modernly designed vanity unit manages to provide a large amount of storage space but still looks sleek and stylish. Just one of the vanity units from the Contea range, this spacious vanity unit comes with a number of different finish options. 

The beauty of the Contea range derives from its practicality/style balance. From its brass made taps straight through to its beautifully curved work surface, every aspect of this wall hung vanity unit product is designed for easy usability.

Important Points 

- 2 Deep Draw and 2 Deep Cupboards- Perhaps the Contea’s strongest asset is its storage capability. This wall hung vanity unit allows you to easily store all of the bathroom essentials safely and discreetly.  However, a noteworthy point to take into consideration when purchasing this unit is that draw space will be taken away for plumbing purposes

- Customisable Front- The beauty of this product comes from your control over it.  The Contea comes with front door options that stretch from White High Gloss through to Pine Anthracite horizontal grain. 

- Customisable Carcass- Just like the front of the vanity unit, the carcass is available in a number of colours and finishes. Check the product page for more information.

- The Contea is also a Wall Mounted Vanity Unit meaning that it can save valuable floor space when necessary.

- Luxurious Chrome Handles - One of the distinctive aspects of the Contea range are the beautiful chrome handles that go with each cabinet. No matter what finish you choose to have on your vanity unit front or carcass, Pelipal’s German carcass is ideal.



The Hacienda Vanity Unit is a well-crafted storage solution that offers a wealth of luxury and practical storage space.  Exclusively designed and manufactured in our very own factory showroom, this vanity unit has proved to be incredibly popular amongst Bathroom City customers.

 Providing the perfect balance of both practical use and visual delight, the Hacienda Vanity contains a regular ceramic basin and is available in a range of colours and soft closing doors.

The Hacienda is adaptable around both traditional and modern bathroom suites and will provide your bathroom with practical use for years to come.

Important Points 

- Striking design- With its contoured edges, the Hacienda’s striking design makes way for a compelling bathroom experience.  This two-door cabinet provides perfect symmetry, meaning it can be positioned anywhere in your bathroom and still look good.

- Available with Black, Grey or White acrylic doors- Adaptable around any style or tone of bathroom unit, the Hacienda comes with three colour options, meaning you can choose the colour that is best suited towards your needs.

- Enjoyable user experience - Featuring soft-close technology, these units doors remain intact every time you close them.

- Chrome Handles- No matter what colour you choose to finish your Hacienda with, its chrome handles will finish it off quite remarkably.

- Spacious- With the dimension of Width 805mm, Depth 365mm, Height 850mm, this unit is highly spacious and can easily accommodate for all of your bathroom essentials.


Dakota Corner Unit and Basin

The Dakota Corner Unit and Basin from Phoenix fully utilises your bathroom corner. Made from high-quality material, this doubled doored vanity unit is adaptable around both modern and traditional bathrooms and is also available in white.

The reason this unit does so well is down to its simple design. Its two symmetrical doors open centrally, giving easy access to the storage space that lies behind them.

It is also carved from high-quality material, its sink cut from smooth ceramics, and its tap welded from solid brass.

All in all, the Dakota provides everything a competent a Dakota unit and basin should.

Important Points

- Usefully Spacious - The Dakota provides a healthy amount of room meaning you can get the most out of your bathroom corner and successfully conceal bathroom bits and bobs H860mm x W510 mm x D510mm.

- Soft Close Doors - Other features that make this unit recommendable include its soft-close doors. Soft-close doors are important for maintaining the condition of the doors and the general quality of the whole unit

- Hidden Handle Design - Adding intrigue to its design, the hidden handles give the Dakota a strong sense of personality.-

- Ceramic Basin – The basin of this unit is organically shaped providing a smooth and natural look.

  • Also Available in White- For customers who are looking to keep a pure and traditional coloured bathroom, this unit is also available in white.


Vanity Units can have a significant impact on a bathroom’s success, providing extra storage space, as well as grooming space.

Perhaps not as essential as other bathroom solutions, vanity units can really elevate your bathroom experience.

It is also important to consider the four factors of size, purpose, style, colour and texture. As getting these right can really maximise your bathroom’s success.   

For more information on our range of vanity units, call us today on 0121 753 0700. Alternatively.