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bathroom mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Our range of bathroom mirrors is designed with you in mind. The mirrors are not only stylish and practical, but they have also been tested to cope with high humidity conditions. You can choose from our large variety of Mirrors to fit with your design and style. If you'd like to learn more about the different types of Bathroom Mirrors, please refer to our helpful Bathroom Mirrors Buying Guide


Wide Collection of Bathroom Mirrors at Bathroom City

Why choose a bathroom mirror cabinet instead of a basic framed mirror?

Bathroom mirrors and cabinets need to be water resistant and manufactured from a material that will withstand the steam and moisture of the average bathroom. Normal household mirrors are not manufactured with wet environments in mind.  If you have a very large bathroom with plenty of ventilation, then condensation will be a lesser issue. The smaller the bathroom the more caution you will need to exercise.

Bathroom mirrors and cabinets can also be designed with special features in mind. This can be more storage for large families looking to keep medicines out of the reach of little hands or more exotic features such as LED lights or speakers.  


Bathroom Mirror ideas

Bathroom mirror with LED lights –


Illuminated LED Lit mirrors are not only friendlier on the environment, but also your household bills as they are extremely energy efficient. As they not only reflect but generate their own light, they are perfect for Cloakrooms and downstairs toilets, which usually have very small windows, or are hidden away under dark stairs and starved of natural light. Having the right choice of lighting is just as important as shape, size and design

LED Lights can be integrated into the surface of the Mirror Cabinet glass providing a more focussed illumination, perfect for when using a shaver socket shelf or magnifying makeup mirror.  

Most lit mirrors also feature an IR or proximity Motion sensor, meaning your lights will only turn on when detecting someone in front of them and will automatically turn off when you step away.

Mirror Demister Pads

Consisting of a heated pad integrated into the glass, a demister pad gently warms the glass preventing condensation. Your mirror will always be ready for use even if stepping out of a hot shower or bath. Less condensation also means less unsightly watermarks and streaks, and less cleaning required.

Mirror Cabinet with Bluetooth Speaker

Whether catching up with your favourite podcast whilst you brush your teeth or listening to some music whilst relaxing in the bath, an integrated Bluetooth connectivity speaker allows you to connect to your bathroom mirror cabinet wirelessly.

Cabinet Shaver Sockets

An extra layer of convenience and perfect for your shaver or electric toothbrush, an integrated shaver socket keeps those everyday items charged and organised, ready for your morning routine.


Of course, mirror cabinets with amenities such as LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers and shaver sockets will require an electrical connection. For safety, they will need to be installed in an area that is referred to as Zone 2. This refers to an area 600mm around the perimeter of a water source such as a bath or shower. For a better idea of what this area looks like, please see the below diagram.


Anything installed in this area will be required to have an IP44 rating. This rating is an indication of how resistant your item is to water ingress, and so is very important.


Modern vs Traditional bathroom mirror

As it is likely to be one of the final items you buy for your bathroom refit, you’ll have already established your bathroom style.  Choosing a wall mirror that continues this theme will be the final touch to your design.

Traditional designs are decorative and ornate with scrollwork. Finishes such as a vintage gold or copper inject a splash of colour whilst evoking the period use of polished metals.

Contemporary designs feature a sleek and minimalist profile. Frameless mirrors will have glass running edge to edge. Detailing will be through the strong use of shapes.

Large families in need of lots of storage the bathroom wall cabinet has always been the medicine cabinet out of reach of little hands


Round or Square. Single door or double door bathroom cabinets. Touch sensor led lighting. Integrated digital clocks or Bluetooth connectivity. Small or large. Whatever bathroom mirror or cabinet pick will need to work with your family’s needs. Choose your bathroom mirror based on how it will work for you and buy the best mirror or illuminated bathroom cabinet for your requirements.