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The first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night, bathroom mirrors are an essential addition to your grooming regime whether shaving or applying make up. Bathroom mirrors can be eye-catching focal points or a simple practical addition to your suite.

Bathroom City has a huge range of mirrors for bathrooms available, featuring designs from some of the world’s leading brands, with illuminated mirrors, standard mirrors, oval mirrors and cabinet mirrors each providing a variety of individual attributes and a wealth of functions. A bathroom mirror can be the finishing touch to suite your needs.

When your Buy Bathroom Furniture considered as important as the bath or sink, the bathroom mirror perhaps gets more attention than any other bathroom product.

Your mirror doesn’t just reflect you, it also reflects your existing bathroom décor, and because of this, it's vital that its style is aligned with the rest of the suite.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Suite Range Mirror for Your Bathroom 

In order to find the ideal mirror solution for your home, there are a few variables that help in pinpointing your requirements.

The first is size.

It’s important that you have a rough idea of the size of mirror you want. But unlike other pieces of bathroom furniture, the size of your mirror isn't relative to the size of your bathroom.

Although large mirrors naturally fit into larger bathrooms, it isn't unheard of to have a large bathroom mirror in a smaller bathroom, as large bathroom mirrors can create the illusion of space much better than their smaller counterparts can.

If you are looking to utilise the limited wall space inside a smaller bathroom, our range of small bathroom mirrors or even round bathroom mirrors can easily satisfy your needs.  

But were do you start.  Ask yourself the following questions :   

Do I need additional storage or just a mirror.  

Do  I need extra lighing then then best option is an illuminated mirror 

Basically 3 main styles -  Standard Wall hung Mirror with or with out illumination  -  Mirror Cabinet with storage - or Mirror Cabinet with illumination 



To Illuminate or Not?

The next variable to consider is whether you need an illuminate mirror or not. Illuminate mirrors come in a range of sizes and create much more of a bathroom ambience above your Basins

Not only can they create a higher level of user experience, they show your bathroom in a different light, therefore giving you a different bathroom perspective.


Mirror - with Cabinet or with out

Our range of bathroom mirrors doesn’t just consist of standard bathroom mirrors, we also have a range of cabinet mirrors as well. In fact, cabinet mirrors take up a large part of our mirror collection, and are perfect for storing toiletries. They also come in a range of styles, from traditional and regal to contemporary and modern. However, the true beauty of cabinet mirrors stems from their ability to combine bathroom storage space with the bathroom mirror.


Wide Collection of Bathroom Mirrors at Bathroom City

Product Reviews

Georgian Mirror Black Aluminium

If you’re looking to double the traditional beauty of your traditional designed bathroom, then this Georgian Black Aluminium mirror from Burlington is definitely the one for you.  Made with an intricately detailed frame, this Georgian Mirror from Phoenix is a real head-turner in any bathroom environment.

This black framed bathroom mirror creates an authentic and unique image within your bathroom, and helps to create a special bathroom focal piece. 

- Traditional design - Inspired by the regal patterns of the Georgian Era, the Black frame Aluminium Mirror enriches your bathroom with style, charisma, and usability

-  Large Bathroom Mirror - This large bathroom mirror is the ideal solution for reflecting your bathroom beauty.

 - Easy to install - The beauty of this beauty stems from how easily it can be installed. 5 minutes work and you’re done.

 - Interesting design- This particular Georgian mirror intrigue stems from its unique design. Its dark aluminium frame contrast beautifully against its mirror, making to both compelling and of course, useful.

Typhoon Rectangular Illuminated Mirror

If you’re looking for a mirror that will light up the room, then our typhoon rectangular mirror is the ideal solution. Featuring square lights that run across its top, this illuminated mirror creates a bathroom ambience that will make your bathroom look warm and toasty for years to come.

- Wide Design - Ideal for a wide vanity unit or even a sink or basin, the typhoon creates a minimal and metric design within your bathroom, making it both appealing and simple. With a wide design of 1000mm.

- Height - With a comfortable height of 600mm, this bathroom mirror is able to easily fill your bathroom wall. 

- Complete with frosted white light – What makes this design so invigorating is its frosted white light which is a key tool for creating bathroom ambience.  

- Easy fitting - This beautiful mirror is easily fitted on to any wall.

- Energy saving- Ideal for saving energy, this particular mirror is the perfect component.


Photec Cabinet

With its captivating design and wide range of ideal practical features, the Photec Cabinet is a beautiful and useful bathroom asset.  Featuring twin doors, two-sided mirrors and invigorating fluorescent illuminations, this beautiful bathroom mirror cabinet is useful and luxurious enough to make bathroom guests jealous.

- Modern Design- the Photec Cabinet is perfect for a modern bathroom solution as it provides a truly modern and invigorating design.

- Fitted with IR sensor switch - This mirror cabinet is fitted with an infrared sensor switch meaning that you can turn the mirror light off and on with a simple wave of your hand.  

- Soft closing doors - Soft closing doors ensure the maintenance and condition of the product  

- Vertical fluorescent illumination - This products vertical illumination are what make it truly compelling, and create beautiful ambience in your bathroom.

- Internal shaver socket - Meaning you get the best out of your bathroom experience.


At Bathroom City, we have a range of bathroom mirrors that are suitable for all kinds of bathroom styles. For more information, call today us today on 0121 753 0700, or alternatively call in and visit our showroom open Monday- Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 09:00 – 17:00, Sunday 10:00-16:00. 


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