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Wet Rooms

Wet Room Shower | Wet Rooms for Small Bathrooms

Sleek and stylish, a wet room manages to effortlessly melt into your bathroom suite with its superior luxury. Investing in a wetroom allows the shower to sit as a focal point in your bathroom installation, with a seamless transition into the showering area; a stunning minimalist complement to your suite.

Bathroom City's range of wet room designs allows for the ultimate showering experience, delivering crystal clear shower screens, lustrous frames and fixings that are ideal for creating a durable shower enclosure. 


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How to Prepare your Bathroom Suite for a Wet Room

Wetroom Preparation Tanking

When it comes to making the big decisions in your home the bathroom should never be overlooked. One of the major trends which have taken off in recent years is the installation of wet rooms. A wet room can be installed in a cost-effective manner on a DIY basis or you can opt for the convenience of installation service.

Wet rooms are waterproofed (or tanked) rooms usually equipped with a walk-in shower. The wet room itself becomes the shower enclosure, with a shower drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place of a conventional shower tray.

Tanking is a waterproofing procedure carried out in bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and sauna/steam rooms which protects the building against moisture migration and leaks, steam, shower spray, etc.

The essential elements for a basic wet room include the appropriate wet room flooring and drainage, the right flooring which slopes towards a shower drain, effective ventilation and sufficient waterproofing (tanking).

Providing the building is of sound structure the bathroom in most apartments or houses can be replaced with a wet room. The style of the wet room will depend greatly on your floor profile. For example, if you are hoping to achieve level access showering then the shower drain needs to be installed deeply into the floor. Of course, in some builds, this may not be possible as there potentially may not be enough space under the floor. You will need to research what is right for your home and your plans.

Aside from the structural aspects, when designing your new wet room, you need to consider aesthetics and positioning to make the most of your space. Where is the door to your bathroom? Where do you want the shower to face? Will you be putting a screen up to ensure your bathroom furniture and toilet don't get wet?

There are various ways to design a wet room - simplistically or with a touch more creativity. The key is to work with the building and end up with the wet room of your dreams.

Worth mentioning: Contrary to popular belief, all wet room flooring including tiles, adhesives and grouts are permeable and therefore can allow moisture to migrate into the structure over time causing mould growth, rot, and in some cases resulting in structural damage

See our guide below. 


The Bathroom City Guide to Wet Rooms

If you’ve ever visited either of our Birmingham showrooms then you’ll know that we’re a big believer in developing bathrooms that over-deliver in terms of luxury, style and functionality.

At Bathroom City we desperately want each of our customers to get the bathroom they desire without having to discount features because of their space or budget.

Of course, we understand that sometimes these hurdles can be an issue but we always find a solution with little compromise.

A wet room is considered a luxurious complement to your bathroom suite that can really increase the value of your home, especially in a dedicated bathroom outside of your primary bathroom suite.

There are plenty of advantages to investing in a wet room outside of the financial, making them a popular feature in contemporary homes.

Benefits of a Wet Room

If you’re in two minds about dedicating your bathroom suite to a wet room installation then it’s worth taking into account the wealth of advantages that a wet room can bring to your home.

As well as increasing the value of your home, aesthetically, a wet room delivers a beautifully minimalist finish to your bathroom suite.

The design of a wet room allows it to be an integral part of any sized bathroom suite – it can be the main focal point, eliminating the need for a bath or it can be a part of a larger bathroom suite with a number of other features.

Delivering minimalist appeal, a wet room doesn’t require a shower screen or shower tray making them incredibly easy to clean and making them a long-lasting showering solution, with no additional parts to get damaged, maintain or replace at a later date.

How to Install a Wet Room

Having prepared your bathroom suite for a wet room, it’s time to start considering the method in which you would like your wet room’s water drainage to work.

Water Drainage

Ensuring you get a professional in to develop the gradient, the gradient towards the shower waste can be executed in a number of ways.

A popular choice amongst our customers is using WBP Plywood. After creating the subtle gradient with the ply, you simply put primer followed by tiles over the top for a waterproof stylish finish to your wet room.

Alternatively, you can go for a shower former. A shower former is like a shower tray that creates the appropriate gradient to then be tiled over for a plush finish.

Waterproofing your Wet Room

Once the basic shell has been created so that the water can be channelled towards the shower waste, you need to begin waterproofing your wet room by priming the “tray” area and the surrounding walls for a watertight solution.

Following the primer, it’s the time to place sealing tape on all of the joints in and around the wet room installation using a tanking compound for an ultra watertight finish.

The final layer of the tanking compound is then laid on using a substantial brush, left to dry and then tiled as normal.

Bathroom City Wet Rooms

Despite being a sleek complement to your bathroom suite, wet rooms are most effective when coupled with a shower screen, protecting all your towels and toilet rolls from the shower’s spray.

Bathroom City is home to dozens of luxurious wet room shower solutions, including shower screens for walk through wet rooms and corner installations.

The AST GG Wet Room Shower Panel from Matki Showering is the perfect complement to a completed wet room, combining a stunning frameless design to mirror the minimalist look of the wet room.

With its stunning walk-through design, this Matki wet room shower panel is a popular choice amongst Bathroom City customers, delivering a design that could easily replace a bath with its hard wearing 10mm thick clear safety glass and high lustre Aluminium brace bar that holds the panel from the shower wall.

For a curved wet room shower screen designed for a corner installation, the ACP1200 GG Wet Room from Matki Showering seamlessly blends into modern bathroom suites, delivering a sleek versatile design that is ideal for coupling with other features within your bathroom suite.

ACP1200 GG Wet Room Shower Panel from Matki Showering

Supplied with a heavy duty brace bar and hard wearing 6mm thick safety glass, this Matki wet room shower panel stands the test of time with its sumptuous design and robust construction.

For a complete wet room shower enclosure, the 10mm Wall Enclosure from Phoenix offers a substantial walk-through design with additional side panels, ideal for standing alongside other features or as the primary feature in a dedicated wet room.

A wet room is a luxurious complement to your bathroom, especially if you have the space to dedicate an entire secondary bathroom to a wet room installation, substantially increasing the functionality of your home as well as the value.