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Encasing your shower with a combination of waterproofing and sumptuous styling, Bathroom City’s range of shower and wet wall panelling is available in a huge range of styles, creating the best shower enclosures. If you're confused about the appropriate Bathroom Wall finishings, and can't decide between Wet Wall and Tiles, please have a look at our Wet Walls versus Tiles blog article for helpful reference.


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Why Choose Shower Wall Panels or Wet Wall Panelling?

Luxurious Shower and Wet Walls for Every Style of Bathroom 

Tiling your bathroom or shower enclosure can be a costly and time-consuming task. So save yourself time and money by opting for stylish wet wall or shower wall panelling instead.

Also known as splash panelling, these beautiful panels make a great alternative to old-fashioned bathroom tiles as they fully waterproof areas of your bathroom but are much faster and easier to install.

Hygienic & Easy To Clean

Wet wall panelling is a method of waterproofing that does not require grouting, so it provides a seamless, streamlined finish that not only looks luxurious but is easier to keep clean.

Tile grouting can harbour a build-up of bacteria as well as dirt and grime, whereas shower wall panelling is a hygienic, stain resistant alternative that looks like new for longer.

What Is MDF Wet Wall Panelling?

MDF wet wall panels provide a stylish and easy to install alternative to conventional bathroom tiles. Also known as MDF shower wall panels, these stylish hydro panels are designed to create a smooth, watertight finish that's tough, hard-wearing, stain-resistant and hygienic.

Each shower wall panel is constructed from a moisture resistant MDF core which is bonded with high-pressure decorative laminate on the front and a balancing laminate on the rear. This produces an extremely durable and hardwearing structure which can be fixed directly onto the wall as long as the wall is completely straight.

Choice Of Colours & Sizes

MDF wet wall panels come in a wide choice of beautiful colours and luxurious textures which allow you to truly make a style statement. While PVC wet wall panels are also available, there is a far wider variety of MDF shower wall panel designs so you are more likely to find the perfect splash panel for your bathroom.

MDF shower wall panels are generally available in 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm sizes although there are some variations.

So with a wide range of colours, finishes and size specifications to suit every bathroom, Bathroom City will have the MDF hydro panels to suit your needs.

Making a stylish alternative to bathroom tiles, PVC wet wall panelling is easy to install and creates a waterproof yet stylish feature in any bathroom or ensuite.

Also known as PVC shower wall panels or PVC hydro panels, these planks feature a cellular construction which means they are internally structured like honeycomb to create a strong, lightweight product. These panels can be bonded directly onto a flat wall as long as the wall is completely straight.

Huge Range Of Panel Designs & Sizes

PVC wet wall panelling is available in a whole range of beautiful designs, colours and textures that will create a truly luxurious look in your bathroom. The panels are generally supplied in either 1000mm or 350mm widths with a waterproof seal created between each one by either a tongue and groove joint or by adding a separate joining profile if required.

So with a huge selection of colours, sizes, joining profiles and accessories, Bathroom City has everything you need to complete your perfect PVC shower wall panelling installation.

To complete your shower wall or wet wall installation we have a range of essential shower wall and hydro panelling accessories.


Wide Range Of Beautiful Panel Designs

Beautiful shower wall panels are available in a wide selection of stunning colours and textures and give a high-end designer look to your interior. Choose from premium marble, granite or slate designs or make a style statement with bold high gloss colours.

Shower wall panels and wet wall panels at Bathroom City

Showerwall are a leading brand and their Black Galaxy and White Galaxy panels are guaranteed to give your bathroom the wow-factor while their White Sparkle splash panels can even add a touch of glitter. If you prefer a more traditional look there are even wet wall panels on the market that look exactly like tiles!

Simple To Install

Wet wall panels are generally available in 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm sizes although there are variations. The splash panels can come in full floor to ceiling lengths and can also be cut to size to suit your specific bathroom layout.

The shower wall panels are simple to install with either tongue and groove joints or by using additional joining profiles. Wet wall sealant and an adhesive are also required to create the seamless, waterproof finish and robust, long-lasting installation.

You can choose to install wet wall panelling in specific sections such as the shower enclosure, around a bathtub or behind a basin, or you could make a bold impact by splash panelling your entire bathroom, wetroom or ensuite. Some shower wall panels are even suitable for installing onto the ceiling!


In order to install Hydro panel, you will need to use extrusions and adhesive. The hydro panels can be fitted directly to battens or the wall, however, it is recommended that they are fixed to battens in order to provide air space behind. Timber battens should be fixed approximately 45mm x 21mm horizontally with one at the hydro panel head and one at the hydro panel base. Additional horizontal battens must be a maximum of 500mm apart and parallel to each other. Battens should also be used behind wash hand basins, towel rails and other heavy items for secure fixing.

Preparing the Panels

Hydro panels should be cut facing upwards using a handsaw, or downwards using an electric saw. Edges should be filed at an angle away from the laminate edge. Pipes and accessories require a 3-4mm clearance so that they can be sealed. Collars must first be sealed with sealant before fitting. Splash panels must be fitted 3mm above baths, shower trays or floors with the edge downwards and all edges must be sealed 5mm up the face of the hydro panel at a 45-degree angle. Use sealant inside each extrusion profile prior to inserting splash panel in order to fully waterproof it.


The vertical edges of Hydropanel are tongue and grooved with a 5mm joint overlap in order to give it a smooth, easily maintained surface. Begin at the corner furthest from the door and fit the last hydro panel above the doorway.

Extrusion profiles are available in silver, white and antique gold, and come in 4 different shapes for different purposes. Internal corner profiles are for use on 90-degree internal corners. External corner profiles are for use on 90-degree external corners. Joining and stacking or H-trim profiles are to be used for mounting shower wall panels alongside each other or above each other. U-trim profiles should be used to cap off shower wall panel edges that do not join to other splash panels. Extrusions are very easy to install and maintain and can be cut to size.

Wet Wall & Shower Wall Profiles

Wet wall profiles, also known as extrusions, are always needed with any shower wall installation to make the edges waterproof and create a neat and tidy finish. Often made of aluminium, these profiles are available in a variety of colours and finishes to match your décor including silver, white and antique gold.

There are four main types of shower wall extrusion:

H-Join Profiles

So-called because of their distinctive shape,  H-join profiles are used when shower panels which are not tongue and groove are being assembled side by side along a flat wall.

Also known as stacking profiles, they are used to mount shower panels in a continuous run, and even above each other, and will require sealant to attach the panel to the profile.

End Cap Profiles

End cap profiles are used where a run of panels ends to create a neat, waterproof edge. Like with the H-join profiles, an end cap profile also needs sealant during installation and provides a seamless finishing touch.

Internal Corner Profiles

If your bathroom is square-shaped it will have four 90 degree internal corners. For this type of internal corner, you will need an internal corner profile to create the essential waterproof join. These internal corner profiles create a neat and tidy finish and again need to be installed using sealant.

External Corner Profiles

Where internal corner profiles are used for 90-degree angles, when the corner goes the other way then you’ll need an external corner profile. Examples of this type of corner can be found in L-shaped rooms or where a window sill receeds. Like all the other profiles, wet wall sealant must be used during installation.

Shower Wall Adhesives & Wet Wall Sealants

Specialist wet wall adhesives and sealants are an essential accessory for any shower wall installation forming a strong, secure and long-lasting bond. Adhesives are used to attach each individual panel to the wall while sealants are specially designed to create a waterproof seal at the edges.

Approximately one cartridge of adhesive and one cartridge of sealant will be required for every 800mm wide shower panel. Most shower and wet wall manufacturers recommend that only their own specific brands of adhesive and sealant are used with their panels as in some cases it will invalidate the guarantee.

Bathroom City has a wide selection of wet wall profiles and accessories available while our experts are always on hand to offer you any advice and guidance you need to complete your installation.

So bring the wow-factor to your dream bathroom with the choice of beautiful shower wall panels at Bathroom City.