5 Great Reasons to Own a Bidet

Have you seen a bidet recently?  If the answer is yes, then it is likely you were abroad at the time. Bidets are common fixtures in the Middle East, Asia and Europe – in fact, 97% of Italian households have one.

However, they are far less common in the UK. So are we Brits missing out? Here are five reasons why bidets are very practical and can provide excellent benefits to your wellbeing and finances.

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  1. A Bidet is more hygienic than Toilet Paper
  2. A Bidet will save you Money
  3. A Bidet is more Environmentally Friendly
  4. A Bidet helps with Health Problems
  5. A Bidet is great to Impress Your Friends

A Bidet is more Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

If you want to get your body hygienically clean, it makes sense to use water rather than just rub a dry piece of paper over your posterior. But that is exactly what we do every time we use toilet paper. A bidet can give you a clean, fresh feeling that goes far beyond what mere toilet paper alone can achieve.

Although toilet paper is the preferred choice to clean up after using a toilet, it’s not the healthiest. Toilet paper tends to smear around faecal matter while using water is more effective in clearing faecal matter completely. A bidet typically sprays a gentle stream of water and rinses off faecal matter efficiently.


A Bidet will save you Money

Every year, the average UK household spends over £40 on toilet roll – and this would be considerably more if you have a large family. Using a bidet means you can use a fraction of the toilet paper you would normally, allowing you to spend the money you’ve saved on something you like.

Over time, the water saved will add up to a notable amount that will reflect in your utility bill. Beyond that saving, you will need to call the plumber less often (or not at all) as the risk of plugging up your plumbing lines is reduced considerably due to the reduction in the use of toilet paper.

If you invest in one of our affordable models, such as the Santuary Back To Wall Bidet, it will have paid for itself in just a few years.


A Bidet is more Environmentally Friendly

Around 600 million toilet rolls are sold in the UK each year – that is a lot of trees! Less toilet paper is used by people who have bidets and less water is needed to flush it all away.

To those who claim that bidets waste water, the counterargument of advocates is that this amount is insignificant compared to the amount of water used to produce toilet paper. Biolife Technologies, a manufacturer of premium bidets, says a typical bidet user needs about 1/8th of a gallon during a single use while an average toilet uses about 4 gallons per flush.

Lloyd Alter of treehugger.com says that 37 gallons of water is needed for the manufacture of a single roll of toilet paper. That’s not all. Around 1.5 pounds of wood and 1.3 kilowatts/hour (KWh) of electricity are also needed. Thomas also emphasises that toilet paper is a public nuisance as it clogs the plumbing lines, resulting in an enormous load on the city’s sewerage systems and water treatment plants.

So, when you use bidets, as well as saving trees and enabling efficient use of water, you are also less likely to have to deal with the inconvenience of a blocked toilet clogged with toilet roll.


A Bidet Helps with Health Problems

People with health conditions such as haemorrhoids, rashes or those recovering from surgery may find it painful to use toilet paper.

A bidet can provide a gentle alternative to the rough abrasive feel of toilet roll, and the water may also provide soothing relief. People with disabilities may also find bidets helpful for maintaining good personal hygiene.

Bidets are an excellent choice for the middle-aged as they will enable them to age gracefully. A bidet can permit for continued self-care and personal hygiene as people age. Opting for the installation of a comfort height bidet fixture makes it easier to use for the elderly and wheelchair users.


A Bidet is great to Impress Your Friends

Everybody has a bath, toilet and shower, but not everyone has a bidet. Your friends will be impressed by the unusual addition to your bathroom and the luxurious feel it creates. 

The unique curves of the Drift Bidet from Imperial Bathrooms would make a stylish addition to the perfect bathroom.

Available in both traditional and contemporary styles, you are bound to find a model that will complement your existing suite. So if you want to create a real talking point in your bathroom, then a bidet is the ultimate bathroom upgrade.


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